What to wash pregnant

How to wash properly, the girl is usually told by her mother, but for some reason we forget about these rules, and we remember only when we get some disease of the intimate sphere. Therefore, every girl (woman) needs to know how to wash properly and the better to do it.

What to wash pregnant

How to wash a girl (woman)?

Here are some tips to help you keep your intimate hygiene right:

What to wash pregnant

  1. What better way to wash a woman? The ideal option would be a special gel for intimate hygiene with a neutral level of acidity (pH). Such gels will not dry out the vagina, keep its acidic environment, which will protect the genitals from bacteria. Also, intimate hygiene gels moisten the vaginal mucosa. You can not wash yourself with soap, it violates the natural environment of the vagina and creates an alkaline, and it breeds bacteria very well. If you wash off with soap, you run the risk of infection and genital disease.
  2. It is necessary to wash away only with clean hands and only with warm water. A huge number of microbes accumulates on the hands during the day, therefore before washing, the hands should be thoroughly washed. Cold water for washing is not suitable, the risk of getting serious inflammation is high. And they, as we know, require a long and unpleasant treatment. Movement must be made from the pubis to the anus, in any case not the other way around – otherwise you risk putting an infection from the anus.
  3. Do not direct the water jet directly into the vagina. This will wash away the protection needed by the body and allow the pathogens to get inside. Some experienced women will say that this rule is nonsense, because the vagina is washed during douching. First, such a procedure is of a healing nature, that is, it is carried out when the problem has already appeared. Secondly, douching is carried out by medical compositions. And thirdly, this procedure is prescribed by a doctor, although now many have begun to refuse it, recognizing the harm of washing the vagina. So wash the vagina with running water is not worth it, just harm yourself.
  4. In no case can not wash the genitals with sponges or washcloths, hands perfectly cope with this function. A washcloth you risk damaging the mucous membrane, which will allow infectious agents to get into your body. If you are already using a washcloth to treat the bikini area between epilations, do it carefully so as not to hurt the genitals.
  5. Towel for intimate organs should be separate, always clean and soft. A hard towel can scratch the mucous membrane, which, as mentioned above, is dangerous to health. Wipe intimate organs should be carefully, gently soaking them. Clean towels should be maintained very carefully – it should be washed as often as possible (ideally boil) and ironed with a hot iron to reduce the risk of bacteria from it on the genitals.
  6. How often do I need to wash? Gynecologists advise to do it at least once a day, and preferably twice – in the evening and in the morning.
  7. Few people care about the question of whether to wash before sex, this procedure, no woman will not miss. But whether everyone needs to wash off after sex? Specialists answer this question unequivocally: no matter how a woman would like to sleep, it will be right to wash her face after sex, and this should always be done.

How to wash away pregnant?

Pregnant women are recommended to even more carefully monitor their health and the cleanliness of the genital organs as well. Ideally, it is recommended to wash out after each urination or bowel movement, but it will be difficult for working women to do so. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly wash your hands and use disinfectant wipes, and fully wash in the morning and evening. All other rules of this hygienic procedure are the same as for a woman who does not expect an addition. True, pregnant women have difficulty in the process itself, so you need to choose a comfortable posture. With a short period of time, you can wash away as usual, but when the tummy is already large, it is better to wash away while sitting on the edge of a low bench or lying down.

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