What to give to her husband for his birthday

February is famous for having two holidays in it at once, February 14 and 23. From year to year women again puzzled what to give to their beloved and very beloved men (boyfriend, husband, father, brother, and so on through the list) for the holiday.

It offers a list compiled by the brainstorming of the authors of the magazine “Beauty Secrets”. Maybe some of the ideas will seem useful to you, and some – hackneyed. If you have your own original version of the gift, and you have already figured out what to give for St. Valentine’s Day and the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland – do not be greedy, share your “discovery” in the comments!

Read about our gift options below and remember that the most pleasant will be a gift made from the heart, though not expensive, as well as original gifts that will distinguish your “favorite” from the crowd (we all know how unique they want to seem to be around) . A truly loved and loving person will not only be happy with the “value” of the gift, but also with the attention and time spent on choosing a gift for it, as well as unexpected gifts.

Most of the items on the list are focused on the man he loves, but some ideas can be used as a gift for a brother or dad. All the gift options presented below can be divided directly into romantic and practical. The latter will suit those couples who prefer to give (and receive, accordingly) things of a “domestic” nature for holidays, as well as home furnishing or a wardrobe.

Also select gifts based on your partner’s (father’s or brother’s) personal preferences; A gift that is perfect for one man can be rejected by the second. Who, if not you, know your boyfriend best of all, close your eyes and think for a minute what makes him happy, what are his hobbies and habits.

What to give to her husband for his birthday

Useful and practical gifts:

1. USB flash drive. 100% your loved one has a computer. You can give it in a sealed bag. And you can overtake her most beautiful photo in a bathing suit. Or a great film about love, which can be watched together, or music – depending on the tastes of the one you give to. A more costly, but at the same time valuable gift – an external hard drive. It will fit much more information than on a flash drive.

2. 5-10 massage sessions with a professional masseuse. I’m sure most men will be delighted with such a gift (and women too).

3. Subscription to visit the gym, bowling club, swimming pool or sauna. When buying such a gift, be careful, the man should not understand it as a hint: “Honey, you have grown a beer belly. It’s time to take care of yourself. ” This version of the gift can be made in the style of “gift for two” and make trips to the pool a family tradition.

4. Think about his hobbies. An excellent gift can be a trip to laser battles, diving courses (if you are going to Egypt soon), hang-gliding, horse riding, go-karting and

5. A gift can be selected based on the hobby of a loved one. Perhaps he collects paintings, rare stamps, bills or something else. Then a new item to replenish his collection will be a great surprise, which will surely please him. Although, perhaps this will cost you a “pretty penny”.

6. Certificate for photo session. When choosing this gift, be guided by your own thoughts. If you clearly know that your boyfriend doesn’t like camera flashes, this gift is not for you. And if he is a seasoned biker who likes to pose on his red motorcycle, then a certificate for a photo session will be an excellent option.

7. Modern technologies allow you to create first-class gifts in a single copy. This includes a mug with your joint photo, a T-shirt or a cap with a cool lettering, logo or pattern. If you know that your friend is a fan of Scorpions or loves Japanese anime – this gift will suit you perfectly.

8. Joint travel will also be an excellent gift. Finding exciting weekend tours is easy. But imagine how many emotions you will experience when together you make your way through an ancient cave or see firsthand the mysterious temples built many centuries ago.

If your young man is skiing or snowboarding, you can give him a weekend trip to the nearest ski center. And if you yourself love winter sports, be sure to join the boyfriend.

What to give to her husband for his birthday

9. Household appliances – gifts though banal, but very necessary in the economy. And any man is the master of the house. You can give him a coffee maker or a good water filter, electric shaver or hair clipper, hydromassage foot or a regular body massager. Original gifts for the home will be: a motion sensor (allows you to automatically turn on the light when someone entered the room or the toilet) or a remote control lighting kit.

10. Electronic gadgets will appeal to many men. A good gift can be an electronic alarm clock, a small and compact netbook, wireless headphones, an electronic reader, an mp3 player, a web-camera, an electronic wrist watch, a smartphone – the list can be limited only by your financial capabilities.

If a young man has a car, you can please him with a GPS-navigator or DVR.

If your man regularly goes on long trips by car, he probably needs a “cooler bag” for cars or thermoboxes. With it, you can keep food, ice cream and cold drinks in the summer when you go on a picnic. In winter, such an isothermal bag will allow to transport hot food without cooling it.

A gift for February 23 can be chosen depending on the profession of your beloved man. If he, for example, is a professional military man, then a marching flask of silver with an original pattern or his name engraved by a jeweler can be a great gift. And if he works in sales and marketing, you can give him a hand-made briefcase with all the necessary accessories. The organizer in this case will also be a great gift.

And here are another options that give your loved one on February 14 and 23, less expensive and more banal:

Coffeemans – delicious tea or coffee;

Kinomanam – stand for disks or a couple of movies. After all, how pleasant it is to sit together on an armchair on a couch on a cold winter evening, wrapping up in a warm blanket and enjoying the novelties in the world of cinema!

Homebody – slippers, warm bathrobe or blanket with sleeves.

Those who are afraid of avitaminosis in the spring – a complex of vitamins,

Beer lovers – glasses for beer (or other alcoholic drinks of their choice).

The beer itself (cognac, whiskey or another drink, depending on its preferences)

Smokers – a pipe or a beautiful lighter,

Business men – business card holder, office set or purse.

Motorists – a cape on the seat, an air ionizer, a mini vacuum cleaner for interior cleaning, an ice scraper.

Lovers go to nature – a roomy thermos, cooler bag, a flashlight.

Gamers – a special keyboard or mouse for gamers.

Lovers of card games – designer cards in a wooden box or rain playing cards in the rain.

On the toilet water and the next set for shaving, we just keep silent. But about socks – no. If this is a gift to her husband – I advise you to buy a package of pairs of twenty high-quality black socks and absolutely identical in design. Checked: the time of their unfolding after washing in pairs will be reduced significantly.

Romantic gifts, especially suitable for Valentine’s Day:

Day gift

Or prepare a striptease dance for him. Buy a new set of underwear, or awesome peignoir, stockings, pick up a beautiful musical composition. You can master the movement, for example, on the training disc “Striptease for Beginners” and work out while your loved one is not at home, or by taking courses on strip-making — this is now a very popular trend in many fitness centers. However, soberly assess your chances, the “cow on ice” is unlikely to please the young man.

Give romantic coupons. With the ability to use Photoshop, create and print coupons that your friend can use during the year. Variants of desires can be very diverse: from intimate dance and a candlelit bath – to a candlelit dinner or a hike in nature with tents. When handing coupons, remember that you simply must fulfill the promise.

Take a bath together with all sorts of aromatic things, candles, foam, a bottle of champagne and beautiful music … wonderful and very romantic! Bake (or buy, depending on your culinary talents and desires) a delicious heart-shaped cake or pie. And after a hot bath, try this confectionary art miracle together.

Valentine’s Day is not only his holiday, but also yours. Therefore, it may be appropriate gift for two (for him and for himself):

– Two tickets to the concert of his favorite group, to the theater, cinema or somewhere else;

– two subscriptions for dancing;

– erotic drive for sharing;

– aromatic lamp and a set of aromatic oils;

– An interesting book (you can take the read itself).

And you can give your beloved a real holiday in the broadest sense of the word – to organize a party at home or in his house.

Hopefully, after reading our long list, you come up with a gift for your beloved. Do not judge us strictly, from the proposed list every girl / woman will be able to choose a suitable gift.

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February 06, 2011

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