What to give her husband a birthday photo

Binoculars from 1900 rubles. The best optics from Levenhuk. The group of companies for the production of optical devices was opened in the United States in 2002. Title "Leeuwenhoek" directly related to the name of the founder Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, who was born in 1632 in Holland. It was he who invented the microscope with a 500-fold increase. Now the company Levenhuk is the world leader in the production of the best optics. All the models presented binoculars is the highest quality, ease of adjustment and adjustment, clear and vivid pictures. He will be 100% satisfied!

Room weather stations from 1000 rub. Wall and desktop. Consist of at least two precision instruments: a thermometer and a barometer. The third device, as a rule, a hydrometer for measuring the humidity of the air. Fishermen and gardeners are especially interested in the weather. For them, little things do not happen. Beautiful home weather station in a wooden case will be a good option. For men, for some reason, love and interest in precision instruments are much more than for women. So this option is more masculine.

TONewly purses and wallets from 1750 rub. For a father, choosing a purse is much easier: you know what purse he has at the moment, that is, a model. Purses are of three types: without additions " in the bill"with one addition or two. Buy similar to what he already has. He was used to such a model, the other is unlikely to be liked. The main thing is that it is leather, beautiful and pleasant to the touch. In the online store of men’s accessories are only the best European brands. The option for the father is just great.

Men’s bags from 1600 rubles. Wenger, Carlo Gattini, Fiato and other famous brands. Style and quality. Material: leather, textiles, leatherette. From personal experience: my father was wearing his beloved bag to such an extent that it was already somehow embarrassing that he walks with such terrible. And he does not need a new one! And this is still normal! In general, do not even ask him. If it’s time to change the bag, buy him a new one. One tip: it should be similar to the one that is. That is, shape, approximate size and material.

Men’s boxes for accessories. If he has something to put there, consider it as an option. Every self-respecting man should have cufflinks, tie clips, watches, maybe some kind of jewelry. What to put in the box he finds no problem. But it will be his personal, and in men the feeling of private property is expressed especially vividly. There are a lot of models: maybe for mom something to look at.

Men’s watch. Only the best: Qwill, Jacgues Lemans, Steinmeyer and other well-known manufacturers. Gold, silver, gilding, steel, plastic. Bracelets from different materials. A good men’s watch is not just a mechanism for measuring time, it is a lifestyle. It is watches and shoes that attract attention first of all. Father will be happy to wear them. The store presents the most famous brands.

Gift exclusive books. Leather binding. History, religion, the best works of art, encyclopedias, books about hunting, fishing and much more. All editions are issued in small editions. Excellent polygraphy, colorful illustrations and gift wrapping. Option gift, of course, not a budget. A good book is not cheap. If your father is not indifferent to such things, then you should not even doubt. Like the good old days: the book is the best gift.

Travel bags from 1000 rub. Wenger, Asko, Victorinox. From small to roomy travel bags. High-quality and comfortable, with lots of pockets and compartments. On the road, a travel bag will become an indispensable companion and helper. All necessary accessories will be collected in one place. A travel bag in French is translated as a special case for small items. This accessory appeared in the men’s wardrobe at the beginning of the 18th century. Then the men wore a small dressing bag on a chain attached to a belt. This is just a word.

Sets for barbecue and grill gift. It is possible with engraving. In suitcases and cases. Your family is going to kebabs? Who is at the brazier? Who gets the most delicious meat? That’s it. Dad can! And argue bass, and fry the meat. Firewood can also be chopped. Imagine his eyes when he sees and takes up such a small suitcase. And when will he open it? Such gifts are expensive, especially from children. There are a lot of sets. Even a case with a set of minimum items-option dad on the DR is just wonderful.

Chairs and chaise lounges for rest from 250 rub. When choosing a chair, pay attention to the size. The picture is deceptive. If your father is a big man, then a little stool will just fold under him. Let it be a model more expensive. Convenience should come first. Here you can find cheap camping furniture: tables, fishing chairs, folding furniture and more. On vacation and fishing trifles does not happen. Men know this, that’s why they gather it so carefully.

Picnic sets from 1300 rub. Comfortable roomy bags with the necessary cutlery for 2/4/6 persons. Many models of bags, besides the compartment with accessories, have one more: for food and drinks. The idea is really cool. Usually, when we are going to nature, a lot of stuff is taken out of the kitchen, often you have to buy disposable tableware. Having a picnic set, all these problems disappear by themselves. Option on the DR for an active father is just super.

Pedometers from 700 rubles. Pedometer is an electronic device that can accurately calculate the steps taken. Why do you need it? And then, to know: do we comply with the norm recommended by doctors or not. And this rate for an adult is 10,000 steps per day. With today’s sedentary lifestyle, this is important. Especially for older people. All family members will use the pedometer, at least out of curiosity. In the more expensive models there is one more essential function: the pedometer counts not only steps, but also calories expended. For those who watch their weight, the device will be useful. Easy to handle and configure.

External batteries with engraving. The right thing, if he is often on the road. When there is no outlet nearby, but a phone battery "at the end of", the charger will have, by the way. And he is in touch, and you are calmer. Nominal engraving is not discussed: the battery will be exclusive. All necessary wires and connectors are included. The thing is certainly necessary, but for himself he is unlikely to buy it. Expensive charger models can "self-charge" from daylight.

Car cigarette lighter Those who already have it are very satisfied! This is information from numerous reviews. So what drivers say. 1) You can always warm the cooled beverage. 2) Heat cold water for brewing if necessary. "fast" noodle or soup 3) You can not be afraid that something will spill with the lid closed. 4) Like and that’s it! And they recommend not to fill the mug with water to the top, because it is heated for too long. Volume 450 ml., Power 35 watts.

Thermo glasses (or tambler) from 600 rubles. Volume from 400 ml. The drink is kept hot for several hours. Good to take on the road. The valve on the lid allows you to drink without taking your hands off the wheel. Also, the glass is useful in nature, fishing, giving, hiking and just for a winter walk. All the models presented are of high quality, despite the low price. If financial opportunities are limited to a small amount, then a tambler for him is an option.

Thermo mugs from 640 rubles. The main difference is the pen, everything else is the same. The same sealed lid with a valve, the same volume (from 400 ml.). But there is another important difference from the thermo-cup: the design of the cover. Notice that they "with sides"therefore it is not convenient to drink from it. It is necessary either to remove the lid or pour the drink into something. Therefore, decide for yourself: what is the best choice.

Gift case socks. From 10 pairs. From class "economy" up to class "business". Dad can give everything: including socks and underwear. He is so "to presentations" rejoices, because it saves him from wasting time. And who knows better than his wife and daughter what he needs? In general, men buy gifts much easier. The main thing is to sit suit. That is, to be comfortable, warm and comfortable. Pay attention to the composition. Here and there, and 100% synthetic (nothing good), and 100% cotton. The middle is also available. Size, color, quantity, everything can be chosen.

What to give her husband a birthday photo

Barbecue sets in cases. Cool stylish suitcases, which have everything you need for outdoor recreation. The option on the DR is just great. Dad cooks meat well, and with such "gadgets" Yummy get even more delicious. Prices are quite reasonable. Men love comfort and order in everything. In general, it is useful. Take a look. The pictures are good, the description is detailed, the payment is convenient, the delivery is prompt.

Caskets for watches from 1700 rubles. Germany, Italy, Switzerland, China. Following the link, you will be taken to the page of an online store with easy navigation. Here you can set the brand, color, material and number of hours. There are excellent models of caskets in which you can store not only watches, but also other men’s accessories. Each model has a detailed description and good photos. Men, and especially fathers, like such gifts from certain children.

Shaving sets from Germany, Italy and Japan from 1500 rubles. Shaving is a ritual. The process is responsible and very serious. There are no trifles here. Dad knows it very well. "How many times. ". And do not count. The most important components in any set: machine and shaving brush. The shaving brush should be made from natural lint only. The most commonly used badger hair. Read the detailed description. In short, daddy will like your gift. Daddies prefer extremely useful and convenient things.

Men’s gift sets. Everything is extremely necessary and useful. Who is the most practical person in the world? Of course, dad. In any situation, make a quick and correct decision. Well, if something needs to be repaired, that’s definitely for him. Although there are exceptions. Here are the men’s sets and for men who "crazy hands", for natures creative and for romantics. In general, look and decide. For your beloved dad, there will surely be something interesting. Will accept with gratitude, especially from you.

Birthday gift to dad

-Ale, Dad, take me away from the institute!

-Well, pa-pa! Oh please!

-No, I said! Did you buy Labutees yesterday for 3 pieces on a heel of 15 cm? How did you say: they are super-comfortable and the heel is not felt at all? That stamp is now on foot! And smile, daughter, smile!

-Dad! I am writing an essay about the winter. How correctly: in the winter in the store a lot of polts or coats are sold?

Rewards dad

Order "The best dad ever". You can add your text for an additional 200 rubles. On the timing of the order is not affected, because the inscription is applied within 10 minutes. Now imagine the expression on his face when he sees the order and reads the inscription. Our fathers smile with happiness not so often, because we deliver them, mostly problems. This situation is easy to fix! DR occasion. Order he will not remove until the evening. And also: besides you, no one will ever give him such a wonderful reward.

Diploma-plaket nominal "Best dad in the world". With Honours. A4 format. Text and drawing is made not on paper, but on a thin metal sheet. The basis is wooden. Your father probably has diplomas of any educational institutions. And they lie somewhere far, far away. But this one!? This will hang in a prominent place. Here are a few items on which he has "fine":

► The ability to answer the questions of your child with an incomprehensible nod

►Professional teacher who teaches everything that he can (and cannot) do himself

► Optional round the clock "Dad can do anything"

And everything else is in the same vein. You need your full name, date of birth, and member names "family" commissions Everything else is a matter of technology. The order will be completed within one day.

Newspaper "true". Archive room with an article about him and a photo. For dad who is far away "behind. " .. The older the person, the more relevant the gift. So, you set the date of birth of the father, upload his photo (one or several), choose the appropriate finished article or write it yourself, decide on the format, color of the aged paper, frame and so on. Then very good people start working with your order. On the first page of that very archive number the article will be posted. "Urgently in the room"about your father. Great? And how. He will definitely like it.

Book "true". Personalized Gift option, which will be released in a single copy. Here it will be a surprise! Almost 100 colorfully designed pages: his photos, important dates from his life, interesting facts from the biography, newspaper archival materials "true", Soviet posters and many more interesting things from the history of the USSR. Book size A 4, gift box. In general, he certainly does not expect such a gift from children. Imagine his reaction, and then doubts will disappear by themselves. Be sure to watch the video presentation.

Inexpensive birthday gift for dad

Cup "Golden dad". 300 ml. Already have a favorite mug? There will be one more. For demonstration to guests and friends. Well, from whom, apart from your beloved child, can we expect something like that? And most importantly, my mother will not be offended. That she chose you dad!))) So, I was not mistaken. The option on the DR is inexpensive but touching. And he does not need expensive gifts, especially from children. In general, the mug is not simple: this mug is golden!

What to give her husband a birthday photo

Cup "Tree planted". Cool and cool! He will like it. By the way, if he has no son, then do not let him calmly drink tea! Or maybe he hasn’t built a house yet? Let him do all the work first, and then he will rest. Joke, of course! But you can just laugh. Such a mug, most likely fit grandfather. He certainly did everything. Grandfathers are responsible.

T-shirts and sets especially for dad. Inexpensively. Be sure to take a look! In order not to offend my mother, there are cool paired T-shirts. For him there are good sets. The main thing is to guess with the size, and everything else is the little things in life. Will wear with pleasure and pride. If not every day, then in the company of friends will praise for sure. In addition to T-shirts, there are other clothes: hoodies and sweatshirts. In general, a lot of things. Do not pass by!

Keyfobs to search for keys and ordinary Bluetooth-keyrings to search for anything. Work through a free application to your smartphone. You can attach a Bluetooth keychain to anyone or anything. Even to mom. Joke. All key chains are inexpensive. It seems to be a trifle, and brings benefits. You can order a few pieces, so that all at once to bestow all these things. Ordinary key rings to search for keys respond to the whistle. For men, this is not a problem.

Original birthday gift for father

Terry robes with personalized embroidery. White and blue. 100% cotton, with a belt. All sizes. If you stop your choice on embroidery with a name, then right now you can see how it will look. "Embroider" yourself online. You’ll like it! And for both parents there are bath robes. Do you remember the movie "Red viburnum"? Episode, where Shukshin goes to the guests in a bathrobe? Like this! Bathrobe was a symbol of the aristocracy and high society. This is me, by the way.)))

Nominal wallets and wallets for men. It is not necessary to write a name, you can write, for example " Dad from. " or "Dear dad". In general, think. Pay attention to the purse with a strap. Very convenient, by the way. Money and documents are near, and hands are free. Eco-leather wallets are cheaper than leather. But recently the quality of artificial leather has improved markedly. Distinguish skin from "not skin" can only be on the cut. All presented purses have many, many pockets and compartments. Everything you need will fit without problems.

Zippo lighters with engraving from 2190 rubles. The best lighters in the world, and men know it. The thing is in the design, which was invented by the founder of Zippo George Blaisdell in 1932. But it was like this: having decided to earn some money, George bought a batch of Austrian lighters to sell them at a higher price. Lighters were terrible, and simply no one bought. With a natural mind and a gift of invention, George "brought to mind" design and mechanism. As a result, he got something that for almost 100 years has no competitors. Now Zippo produces lighters for all segments of the population: from the most budget options to the elite with diamonds. Regardless of the price, all lighters are reliable and "not killed".

Cufflinks unusual from 1000 rubles. On any topic: cars, equipment, games, musical instruments, sports, music, zodiac signs and more. At least one, but they must be in every man. It somehow elevates, regardless of its status. A bit of history. Initially, the sleeves were tied with ribbons. When Louis 14 in vogue glass buttons connected by a chain. Privilege of the highest aristocracy: diamonds instead of buttons. In 1882, a machine was invented that put the production of cuff links on the stream, and in 1924 a new mechanism with a rotating leg was invented. In general, cufflinks have not lost their relevance in the modern image of a man.

Set "Belt plus cufflinks". Italy. Belt length 125 cm. A wonderful option for the father, because he himself is unlikely to buy this. A little about the manufacturer. Famous brand "La geer" has an interesting story. She is bound by the name of a rich Italian girl. In the 18th century, one young Frenchman was sent to Italy to study jewelry. There he fell in love with a beautiful aristocratic woman named La Geer. Alas, unrequited. But all his jewelry, he invariably called her name. Now it is a world-famous brand.

Personalized shoe care set "Little chest". Case dimensions: 22 x 11 x 11 cm. Consists of 8 items: three brushes of different sizes, two jars of cream, a horn, a sponge and a polishing cloth. Men who watch their shoes command respect. For a person who is not indifferent to what his shoes or shoes look like, the set will come in very handy. All the more personal. Only good reviews. Such things hand joyfully and pleasantly. And get doubly.

Globe bars from 5500 rubles. Floor or desktop. How do men like such things! There is always something to boast in front of friends and get a bottle of good wine or brandy. "Bosom" land will not be empty. Not everyone has a globe bar at home, but we would like to! Outwardly, it resembles an ancient globe that attracts attention. Not immediately you can guess that he "a secret". In general, the idea is good. And you decide!

Slippers from 300 to 5000 rubles. The most famous manufacturers of slippers. Convenience, quality and lightness. As you know, men do not like discomfort. If you don’t like something right away, then you never will. Daddies quickly get used to comfortable slippers and are not going to part with it for a long, long time until they fall apart at all. In general, do not hesitate. Choose the best. Intuition will tell.

DVD Cards "Video from the past" by year of birth. (1941-1990 gg.) He was born in what year? Everything that happened in that distant 19. year he sees on the screen. The USSR has long been gone, but the past is not erased from memory. Nostalgia! In a 20-minute video, your father and the whole family will see the main events of that very year. They will remember everyone: politicians, musicians, athletes, TV presenters, and so on. The gift is very inexpensive, but so cool! Your father will be happy to watch this video from the past.

Posters, modular panels or watches on the subject "Bathhouse". The price depends on the size that you set yourself. All other nuances are also determined by the customer. In the bath should be not only clean, but also comfortable. And it is wonderful that our men go to the bath not only on December 31! If the bath in your father’s life does not occupy the last place, then a photo poster on this topic will be to his liking. Moreover, if there is where to hang it. You choose a picture and try what will be better: a poster, modules or a clock.

Posters, modules and watches on the topic "Fishing". A lot of beautiful photos from which you can create a great gift. How do real fishing women get bored if they don’t get out for a long time !? What about gear and accessories? This is a whole fishing ritual. By the way, this is also a science. But among the laws there are exceptions. "Not pecked, although it should have been". And I also like one phrase about fishing:" Good bite yesterday, tomorrow and over there away." In short, think for yourself, decide for yourself.

Portraits from photographs on canvas. Here it will be a surprise! He certainly does not foresee such a gift. Anything but a portrait. And the idea is so cool that you should think about it. The image is absolutely any. The main thing is that the original photos were of good quality and, preferably, several. All the nuances you will discuss through the mail with your personal designer. Layout will be given to work only after your approval.

Vinyl record clock. Just take a look! The era of vinyl ended in 1993, just then the last records were released. The idea of ​​the authors is simply brilliant: to bring them back to life. It has long been not in the apartments of the players, and there are no records for a long time, but the memory of them remains! If any old record falls into the hands of the father, he immediately smiles. Well, if you ask him about it, he will tell a lot of interesting things. Well, if he loves music and listens to old songs with pleasure, this is his version. The artists depicted portraits of the most popular bands and musicians at 30 centimeters in diameter, and there are still different countries and cities.

What to give dad, father for an anniversary

Wine sets from 900 rub. So that the process of communication with a glass of wine was not only beautiful, but also correct. Wine etiquette is an ancient science. Each device is not just invented. Main "tool", of course, a corkscrew. If it is not at hand, open the bottle the whole problem. In any wine set necessarily includes a knife sommelier. It consists not only of a corkscrew, but also of a knife for cutting the foil and the opener for corks. Such a thing he likes. That’s for sure.

Wine boxes with engraving. Unfortunately, without a bottle. Available in boxes of one or two bottles. Specify the dimensions when ordering. That is, for a standard bottle the box will be smaller in size, and bigger for champagne. String-handle is also available. Any text. If you want to write a lot, look for the right box. For example, on the lid "Congratulatory" You can write 7 lines. Most likely, nothing like your dad has not yet been handed. Empty case will not. There is always a bottle of good wine or brandy, which will be there waiting for their turn.

Named beer mugs. Cheap. Of the 90 engravings presented for the father, approximately 15-20 will do. Read the names and you quickly decide. Heavy mug: weighs 1 kg., 0.5 liters volume. The glass is thick, the handle is large and comfortable. Want to give him a memento? This is the best variant. He will use it, of course, but rarely. In companies for sure. To show your friends what they don’t have. If in doubt, read the reviews. You will write the text yourself online. Try it!

Glasses for whiskey with engraving. Specifically for Dad there are several inscriptions. Personal rox is great! Today whiskey glasses (rocky) are the most popular dishes. Bartenders are happy to use this dish, because you can put a lot of ice into it. It is not necessary to write an ordinary glass ode here. He and in Africa a glass. The secret of singularity in personalized engraving, which will be written specifically for him. That’s all. Decide!

Original inexpensive ware with an engraving. Gift sets, beer mugs, brandy glasses, thermoglasses, flasks, glasses for whiskey and champagne. The choice is, look. Pay special attention to the set "Strf and 4 glasses". A very beautiful 0.5-liter burette stove with a dense cork and small stacks of 50 g each. You can write the inscription right now, that is, you will have a layout. Steel personal flask is also good. In general, there are options.

Named piggy banks for wine corks. And again, the wine theme.)) There is a piggy bank specifically for him. Although, frankly, cork is more female than men, because men prefer drinks stronger than wine. Well, this is not so important. The idea itself is very good! Each traffic jam is a consequence of some event: holidays, birthdays, meeting with friends, and you never know what? Piggy bank for traffic jams is a piggy bank of joyful moments. And let them be as much as possible. And dad and do not mind!

Whiskey Set "Anniversary" with engraving on the glasses and the box. Whiskey is not included. Whether he will use it or not is his business, but he will definitely admire it. Usually these things are given to superiors and managers. Isn’t dad a director in his family? Who is in charge? Even if equality, he doesn’t care "head of the family"because there would be no family without him. Here is how! The set looks very impressive. The engraving will be "made" You right here and now.

Fun and Entertainment Games. This is the last on the alcoholic topic!))) These toys begin to play when the company is mature enough. So, what normal board games turned into: roulette, golf, sea battle, darts, checkers — everything is drunk. Horror. And the books? You open the book, and there is a flask with glasses. Well, beer helmets are the height of brilliant thought. This is all a joke, of course. But if he is a cheerful and unconvinced sober person, maybe there will be something cool for him.

Watch with any photos. From one to six. The dial is 35 x 24 cm. You yourself will create a layout. You can right now, if you have the right photo at hand. You will see the result of your work immediately. Photo hours appeared recently and immediately became popular, because the surprise is what you need. Those who give them, experience a light shock, for joy, of course, the same. For him there are some good models. Surprise him!

Nominal aprons. For real dads who cook rarely, but aptly. Everyone has long known who the best cooks in the world are. That’s it. And dad can do anything: breaststroke, roast meat, chop wood. This is all a joke, and the option is very good for him. Imagine how proud he would wear your apron? His friends have no such beauty. Just take a look! There are some cool inscriptions that, perhaps, you decide to buy him an apron.

Nominal sweets. Belgian chocolate. "Thank you dad!". For sweetheart. There are such. But they are good. Dad will be much more pleased with the beautiful name box than the content. Factory "Belgian chocolate" keeps the mark and the bar does not lower. All ingredients used in the production of candy, only natural. Cocoa varieties are only elite. "Paradisaic delight"is about these very candies.

Gift nominal set of honey "The world’s best dad". 4 jars of 130 g. Honey is different: the usual flower, with mint, with walnuts and a new cream honey. For honey in the older generation, the attitude is more trusting than for candies. Everyone knows about its healing properties. Honey sets are very popular. The box itself is wooden, very neat. You just have to enter a name or any other phrase. Signs enough. Would you like to see? Try it now.

Personalized wine set with your text. Favorably differs from other models with a long text engraving, which can be written on the box. And the box itself is more strict. A good person should have everything on a level: a good company, and wine, and a set for wine. Inside there are 4 items. Everything you need and nothing more. For a man, it is the personalized inscription that will have more value than the contents of the set. So, write, experiment and feel free to give!

Engraved pens from inexpensive to Parker. If he occupies a leadership position (any), then this is his option. A good pen has not prevented anyone. In general, pens at work tend to fade. Often this happens by chance. Well, so: the pen with an engraving will not go anywhere. Here you can find about 7 different Parker models. This brand does not need advertising. A good gift to a business father. Will attract success and good luck.

Unusual diaries. Many and different. Not all men use them. If your father does not have a diary, then he does not need him. Do not buy. Will lie and gather dust. But if he still uses the diary, let it be another one. All presented models are undated. The cost of engraving is already included in the price. Either it will be a metal plate on the cover, or an inscription. And for more father’s joy, you can write a few words for him on any page. Get a surprise!

Named cheap mugs. Lot. You will need to search for the right one. Slices, of course, for him small: 300 ml. Daddies love big ones. But given as a child, even if small, will also become beloved. Here you can have a mug for a fisherman, a fan, a driver, an athlete, inscriptions happy birthday and just your beloved father. "Chameleon" worth a little more. At first glance, it is black. The picture will appear only when heated. This option is suitable if you want to make him a surprise doubly.

How to originally congratulate dad happy birthday

Posters are nominal "Happy Birthday". Self adhesive 42 x 30 cm. Want with a photo? You are welcome. From one to fifteen. If you sit for a while and load photos, you’ll have a real masterpiece. Here he is surprised! Right from the morning, in his DR, before he had time to wake up properly, he should see a surprise! That is the guarantee of a good mood for the whole day. Ask him what you want while he is kind. This is not greed is diplomacy! And the idea is cool.

Name Calendars, the beginning of any month. Do not be lazy and create a photo calendar for it. It will take 13 photos in total: the cover and 12 months. The whole process will take place with your direct participation. The layout is created on-line. Please note that there are several formats. If you do not want to mess with the photo, try to see how it will look just nominal. Enter your father’s name and wait a bit. A surprise for him will be super.

Sets of kebabs in cases. Look necessarily! Namely: gift cases with all the necessary accessories, leather covers with barbecue and skewers. If your father is a sociable person, loves good companies, accepts guests, gets out of nature from time to time, goes on business trips — these things are for him. Men themselves indulge with such gifts very rarely. DR is a good reason to make your father happy with a cool set.

Russian and Russian gift knives. Kizlyar, Ryazan, Pavlovo, Zlatoust, Vorsma, Krasnoyarsk, Volgograd and others. About each manufacturer, you can write a separate large article, because everyone has their own interesting story. And the secrets of making too. Men have a special attitude to weapons, and especially to knives. Good knife pride and joy. Older people treat things very carefully, and even more so. The option is just great.

Fishing knives. A knife for any fisherman, an item no less important than any major gear. A professional fisherman’s knife is needed for everything: cut off a branch for a ragber, cut a fishing line of any thickness, clean and cut fish, and so on. The knife should always be at hand. And not pen-and real. If your father likes to fish, make him "royal" present. Here you will see a huge assortment of the best knives. And so as not to get lost and make the right choice, listen to your heart. Appearance matters. All knives have a detailed description.

Gifts for hobbies. Fisherman, mushroom picker, hunter, traveler, summer resident, collector, smoker (great hobby!). The largest selection is offered for fishermen. They, it turns out, very, very much. And all the best. That’s right: I caught one fish, now a fisherman. For mushroom pickers, too, many interesting products: to get lost with comfort (just kidding). From the forest you need to go with a whole basket of mushrooms, and not a bunch of dangerous adventures. In short, everything is for an enthusiastic dad.

Keyboard gift in the form of paintings and murals. From 3900 rub. Made of natural wood, supplemented with brass fittings, inside decorated with velvet. Class Key "Suite" will be an unusual interior solution in any hallway. It looks very solid. To pick up the next present to dad is not an easy task. There is always a fear: how not to hand "take two". But you know for sure that he doesn’t have one like that! So let it be! And inside you can put some surprise.

Travel kits in complete set. From 1 to 6 persons. From budget to class "Suite". There are also shoe sets. This is for those who care and who looks after their appearance. By the way, sometimes this leads to unpredictable consequences. (Scene in the train "Moscow does not believe in tears"). It was a lyrical digression.) So, travel sets. What they have depends on the purpose and equipment: knife, razor, toothbrush, corkscrew, fork, spoon, cup, board games. Choose the most necessary, it does not need extra.

Sets of skewers in leather cases. From 5500 rub. More expensive kits are equipped with folding braziers, knives and hatchets. The blades of the skewers are made of very durable stainless steel, that is, they do not bend and, moreover, are easy to clean. Handles is a separate song. The unique design of an expensive tree is complemented by metal casting in the form of animals, birds and people. The title is already laid theme design. Leather cases are made in the form of quivers or rifle covers. Just imagine Dad’s face when he takes this beauty in his hands.

Gift sets for alcohol. More specifically: for vodka, whiskey, brandy and other spirits. And also sets of accessories. Lots of class gift sets "Suite" with printed state symbols (coats of arms, ministries’ emblems), thematic images (fishing, hunting, weapons), decanters included. In general, you need to study more closely. If dad likes to sit in good company for a glass of good vodka or moonshine, brandy or whiskey, then let everything be at a high level. Appropriate dishes will be presented!

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