What to give a child for 2 years

When thinking about what to give a child for 2 years, you first need to decide on the cost of a present. Five universal gifts!

It’s pleasant for everyone to give presents, but choosing them is not easy, especially for children. After all, their interests are changing so quickly, and it can be difficult to guess what will attract the attention of a baby. People who already have children are well aware of how strongly one-year-old toddler differs from two-year-olds. In just one year, the baby already perfectly mastered the skills of movement, learned to dress, go to the potty, and most importantly, he already perfectly understands the speech of adults and speaks himself well. What to give a child for 2 years so that the gift was useful and liked by the crumbs?

At this age, children already understand their gender, respectively, and toys for them are chosen differently. What kind of gifts on the birthday boys prefer, and which girls are very detailed in our other articles.

What to give a child for 2 years

Gifts “afford”

Any purchase depends on how much money you can spend on it, so let’s stop on a specific list of presents, based on their value.

What to give to parents

Mom and dad are the only ones who know the best interests of their child. They are ready to spend any amount in order to please their child. From here and large expensive gifts.

Children’s furniture – a plastic table with a chair for games and feedings, an inflatable chair or a sofa toy. At the age of 2 years, you can donate and bed. For sure, the baby has already grown up and often comes out of it, and a small, with a protective side, the bed will become his new bed.

Transportation – from 2 years old the child is already learning to independently ride a tricycle or scooter. You can give a birthday and a car on the management, which will be an exact miniature copy of a real car, but it will be quite expensive.

Congratulations grandmother

Grandmothers and grandfathers even more than their parents are eager to spoil the child and are also ready for any amount. How to please a granddaughter or grandson on his birthday?

A 2-year-old child can buy a mini-trampoline, inflatable slide, wall bars or a “dry” pool with balls.

Often grandmothers care about the comfort and health of their granddaughters, so they prefer to give on their birthday:

  • warm clothes (knitted sweater, overalls or a hat with a scarf, it is better to take them for growth or just in age to get into the season);
  • bed linen (natural, not bright, and necessarily with your favorite crumbs characters);
  • elegant clothes (a beautiful dress to a granddaughter or a real suit to a grandson, such things will always be useful for a photo shoot, a children’s matinee, or just a trip to visit)
  • bath robe (warm terry set of towels and bathrobe or a towel with ears is always a useful gift for the baby).

Godfather gift

Spiritual parents can give a baby some birthday religious items (a cross with a chain) or a gift for development. For example, a large set of designer type “Lego”, cubes (wooden, soft, large building blocks), double-sided drawing board, “talking” book with fairy tales or teaching material, lacing.

If you rarely see a birthday man and do not know what to give to a child at 2 years old, present your parents with an envelope with money for which they can buy a gift themselves. And give a birthday boy an inexpensive set for creativity (paints, plasticine, dough, a set of pencils an album with stickers).

5 more universal gifts two-year

Children 2 years already clearly differ from each other in character and temperament. Some people prefer puzzles, long puzzling puzzles, others and minutes can not linger on the spot. It is great if choosing a birthday present you know the birthday boy well. If not, you can buy a gift that will appeal to any kid 2 years old.

Educational music poster

This manual with electronic filling, made of water-repellent material. Training takes place in three stages:

  • introductory – the baby clicks on the picture and learns the name of the object;
  • training – crumb bugs a little story about him;
  • control – the announcer calls the word, and the child finds the corresponding picture.

The most popular are posters that teach the alphabet or numbers. But a 2-year-old child is still too early to find out. Now he needs to replenish vocabulary, so look for manuals introducing the names of body parts, wild and domestic animals, musical instruments.

For example, a poster with geometric shapes will be a good birthday present. The drawings depicted on it (house, flower, car, etc.) consist of various figures. By clicking on them, the baby will get acquainted with the name of the figure, its color, and what parts the drawing consists of.

From the “Merry Zoo” allowance, a 2-year-old child learns how animals speak, where they live, what they eat and what they look like.

Board games

At two years old, kids are already playing with puzzles and lotto. These universal toys teach to think, analyze, promote the development of visual memory.

For children 2 years old, choose simple and large puzzles. The child is just beginning to master them, and if it does not turn out to add up the picture, he will simply give up this business and do something else.

Lotto for this age grouped by themes “edible-inedible”, “mother-baby”, “animals”, “birds”, “figures”, “colors”, “wardrobe”, etc.

A set of toys with domestic or wild animals

And the marine inhabitants, amphibians and animals of Africa. Figures can be rubber, plastic or wooden. Usually they are small and easily fit into the hand of a child.

Doctor’s recruitment

In two years, the kids are just starting to master the role-playing games and so far have a poor understanding of the professions. But who is a doctor, they already know well. They will gladly “cure” the father or the teddy bear: they will measure the temperature, “listen” to the lungs and look at the neck.

Many kids such games help to lose the situation when they are really afraid to go to the doctor.

Wooden knocker

The essence of the toy is to drive a nail, peg or ball into the hole. Teaches a crumb to hold the hand, control the force of the blow, and develops an eye meter. Especially like active and restless children. In the game, the baby will relieve tension and calm down.

What to give a child for 2 years

According to the manufacturers, knockers can be used only from 3 years old, in fact they are interesting even for 1.5-year-old toadstools. Make sure that it does not contain small details, and boldly present a two-year birthday.

Musical instruments or other gifts that make a sound can be given only after consulting with the parents of the birthday person. Many adults immediately remove the batteries so that the baby does not make noise, turning a rather expensive present into an ordinary toy.

And what did you give your baby in two years? Share in the comments!

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