What to give a child for 1 year

How to make an adventurist calendar for your child, what can be the New Year 2019 calendars, – photos and ideas are waiting in our material

New Year 2019 is just around the corner, and we offer a selection of cool ideas for adventure calendars that you can do with your own hands, to all visionary parents who love to create an atmosphere of magic and celebration for their children. Of all the festive preparations, the New Year’s waiting calendar for children stands in a special place – the cutest decoration of a festive house.

Such an advent calendar, created with your own hands, will help brighten up the expectation of the New Year 2019. After all, every day a child will be expected to have sweets, gifts or interesting tasks in the advent calendar.

30 ideas how to make an advent calendar with your own hands

Since the waiting calendar came to us from Catholic countries, traditionally the advent calendar for children consists of 24 cards or cardboard houses with gifts, according to the number of days left until the Catholic Christmas of December 1.

But since we are counting up to the New Year, your advent calendar can consist of 31 postcards (bags, sachets, bundles, bags, pockets, mittens and everything that your fantasy allows) are now also used, or 24, as in the traditional calendar waiting, just give it to the child not on the first of December, but a few days later.

Another reason to do your own waiting calendar this year is to teach a child to use the calendar and count.

Advent calendar paper bags

All you need to make such an advent calendar is paper bags, stencils, a beautiful ribbon, and small gifts for children. As gifts, there may be various sweets (gingerbread, candy, marshmallows, or marshmallows), Christmas decorations, cards or stickers, small toys or figurines, Christmas crafts (children love to do something with their own hands, and not just receive ready-made gifts).

Advent calendar for children out of the box

For this advent calendar all the cardboard boxes that exist in the house will be useful, even the cardboard tubes of paper towels. After all, gifts to children in the calendar of New Year’s expectations do not have to be large. It can be an eraser or a funny pen with a New Year’s print, new colored pencils with your favorite cartoon characters on the package, candy, which by the way can also be made with your own hands.

Advent calendar from jewelry boxes

If you do not have boxes for jewelry, then you can make boxes of cardboard for the advent calendar with your own hands according to this box-heart pattern, for example.

Advent calendar from envelopes

This is a great solution for the New Year’s calendar of waiting, if you decide to give your child cards, certificates for purchases and master classes, tickets for New Year’s shows or photos with the most significant events of the past year.

Advent calendar with riddles

Advent Calendar – Christmas Town

Simple triangular advent calendar

This adventure calendar can be without gifts and surprises. Its essence is that it will help children to navigate how many days are left until the New Year. Just remove one card each day.

Advent calendar from different boxes

Advent calendar from boxes is very simple to do. And also any gifts will be located in it: both crafts, and decorative paintings, and sweets, and tickets for the New Year’s show, and toys.

New Year’s waiting calendar "Santa Claus"

This calendar is waiting for the New Year to do it yourself is very simple. Print both parts of the picture, glue it. Santa Claus needs to decorate and attach, for example, on the wall so that the beard is free. Every day, the child will cut one division from the advent calendar with scissors -"one day". This will help him keep track of how many days are left before the holiday.

Advent calendar from mashed jars

Christmas calendar-garland

This advent calendar made of paper is perfect if you are sure that children should not give presents every day, but you also want to create a festive atmosphere of New Year’s anticipation.

Cute advent calendar for kids with beasts

How to make a winter forest for the advent calendar with your own hands, we are happy to tell. For example, here’s a guide on how to make animals from cardboard sleeves, or here are beautiful animals from cardboard. Christmas trees from paper can be made according to this scheme.

Advent calendar from clothes hangers

This is perhaps one of the easiest advent calendars that you can do with your own hands – you just cling to it, all that you have in mind to give to the child, on a clothes hanger.

Christmas calendar in the frame

To make such a waiting calendar with your own hands, you have to work hard: at a minimum, you will need to sew 31 linen bags. But such a complex frame can be replaced with a cork board.

Vintage adventure calendar in the suitcase

Another variant of the advent calendar, which you can do with your own hands on a one-two. We put the gifts in a suitcase. Or a beautiful bag.

Advent calendar of Christmas balls

If you planned to update the arsenal of Christmas balls, then such an advent calendar is just for you.

Hanging Christmas calendar with garland

Christmas calendar in pots

Rag calendar

Cones of colored felt or cotton will not only be a beautiful garland, but also a great advent calendar for children.

Advent calendar for children from cans

Watercolor christmas calendar

This adventure calendar can be used to simply count the days. Or write tasks or riddles on the back.

What to give a child for 1 year

Advent calendar from rolls of toilet paper

Cardboard sleeves for toilet paper or paper towels can serve as gift containers if you want to make a calendar of waiting for your New Year with your own hands.

What to give a child for 1 year

Advent calendar from various vessels

Advent calendar can be done literally from all that is at hand. From glass jars including.

Advent-to-Mini mini tree

Small gifts or sweets can be hung on a branch of a tree, which you first need to paint and fix in a stand.

Advent calendar with animal motif

This is a million idea! To learn the names of animals or plants with a child, you can make such an advent calendar with your own hands.

Christmas calendar on the school board

Matchbox Advent Calendar

Advent calendar of bottles of wine

Advent calendar on the Christmas tree

This version of the calendar of expectations is suitable for the most impatient – for those who are ready to put a Christmas tree on December 1st.

New Year’s calendar with clothespins

You can make this waiting calendar with your own hands once, and then use it all year round – before Easter, birthday, or any other significant holiday.

Advent calendar in the form of pockets

Advent calendar A4 print

You can print this New Year’s waiting list on A4 paper and suggest that the child simply mark the past days so that he can see how much time is left before the holiday.

We are not giving up, these ideas for the advent calendar will inspire you and you will make your own, creative and unique New Year’s waiting calendar for children!

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