What to eat nursing mother to baby pokakal

Every young mother faces many problems in the care of the baby. When a child cannot poop, this is one of the most frequent and disturbing cases for moms. There are several reasons for this state, each of which has its own way of solving, but it is mandatory to consult a pediatrician in

Possible causes of the pathological condition

Sometimes a baby cannot show off due to the fact that it does not have enough developed communication between the brain and the intestines, this happens in the early stages of the development of children. The baby is constantly straining, but at the right moment can not relax, this does not cause defecation. With age, this situation will pass by itself.

The second situation, when a newborn cannot empty the intestines and it is considered normal, is breastfeeding. If the baby is not worried about anything else, his stomach is soft and he is not capricious, then you should not worry because breast milk is completely absorbed by the body and there is simply nothing to empty. Normally, children who eat only breast milk, can not crap up to 5 days.

What to eat nursing mother to baby pokakal

If a child does not poke at the “right time” and at the same time he is no longer just in breast milk, pay attention that you have entered into complementary foods. Most moms and doctors, of course, recommend introducing complementary foods in the form of boiled chopped vegetables. If the baby had a lack of weight and he started feeding him with cereals, then it is likely that the child will not be able to empty it, as this is too heavy food for his stomach. What to do in this case? Try to introduce porridge and vegetables at the same time, because such products as, for example, broccoli, stimulate the intestines, the child will be able to go to the toilet normally and at the same time absorb the porridge.

An infant may suffer from a lack of fluid in the body. The fact is that if the baby is constantly on artificial nutrition, then his stomach cannot fully digest food. When choosing cereals for feeding these children, give preference to mixtures that do not have iron in their composition. During artificial feeding constantly give the baby more liquid, especially in the hot season. By itself, constipation is not a serious pathology or disease, it indicates that it is difficult for the child’s body to adapt to the conditions of the new habitat and assistance is needed.

The baby’s health directly depends on the state of his mother, if on the eve of his mother used drugs, the baby will also feel it with breast milk. Constipation can cause a baby antispasmodics, antibiotics and antidepressants that his mother drinks. Even if the mother prescribed these drugs to her doctor, all medicines should be coordinated with the pediatrician.

Increasingly, doctors have noted such a state as “psychological constipation.” Most may be skeptical about such a diagnosis, but still this is not a myth. The body of a young child who has experienced stress, for example, separation from the mother, new conditions of residence, responds to this in this way. There is a situation when children can hold the chair for fear of feeling the pain that arises at this moment, this is especially true for babies who often suffer from constipation.

When a baby has caught an infection or a cold, it has a fever, namely, it leads to hardening of the fecal masses and causes constipation. Initially try to eliminate the temperature, and then begin to treat your baby for constipation.

It is very important to treat with seriousness similar conditions of children, as they may not be an independent pathology, but are a symptom of a more serious disease. As soon as the opportunity arises, you need to visit a doctor, because the constant delay of feces may indicate:

  • housing and utilities defects;
  • diabetes;
  • rahite;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • myasthenia;
  • violations of the functionality of the spinal cord;
  • liver disease;
  • food allergies;
  • lactose deficiency;
  • hypothyroidism.

What to do to help the child

If you do not know how to help your baby poop, first of all, pay attention to what you eat, this applies to cases when the mother is breastfeeding. The condition of her is directly dependent on those products that her mother uses.

  • dried fruits compote;
  • dried apricots;
  • prunes;
  • pumpkin;
  • oatmeal;
  • yogurt, yogurt, yogurt;
  • fresh vegetables.

For the time being, it is better for young mothers to exclude white bread and bakery products, bananas, nuts, rice, cottage cheese from the list of consumed products. Do not drink whole milk.

Massage for constipation in infants

Speaking about how to help the newborn, you can pay attention to the massage. Charging “bike” copes with this task. So you need to press the baby’s legs one by one against the tummy, massage it around in a clockwise direction and press it down a little in the navel area, as if moving the feces further up the bowel.

In the supine position, the baby with the problem will be uncomfortable to be emptied, so try to slightly raise the body so that the baby is in a reclining or semi-sitting position.

Before each feeding of the child, it is recommended to spread it on the belly, only after 5 minutes of such manipulation can you give the child food. With this, mom prepares his gastric tract for food intake and she will digest better.

Drugs that can be used to eliminate constipation

Glycerin suppositories can make the intestines work normally. They irritate the intestinal mucosa, and peristalsis is stimulated. If the feces hardened, then the candles will be able to make it softer, and it will come out. You can simply make a small pea from a candle (if the child is too small), that is, do not use all of it, and introduce the child in the ass.

The pharmacological industry today produces a huge amount of drugs that can eliminate constipation and stool retention in adults, but for infants and newborns these drugs are very few. In principle, this is not strange, because in a child at such an early age, all vital processes must occur by themselves, and the use of synthetic substances is the last thing. If it so happens that drugs of chemical origin are indispensable, then there are a number of syrups that will help solve the problem. Among such funds can be noted:

Each of the funds has its own characteristics. For example, Prelaks is made on the basis of lactulose and is an excellent preventive drug for problems of gastrointestinal dysfunction. Children who are on artificial feeding, you can give a small amount of money just to avoid constipation. Duphalac is made on the basis of natural ingredients and is a good laxative agent. As for Normolak, it also belongs to laxative drugs. Its feature is the form of use, first give a large dose, then it is reduced. It is required to say that the tool does not cause side effects and allergies, so it can be used for a long time. Helping a child be emptied can be done with Diclofenac syrup. It should be used with extreme caution, as it causes flatulence. Before use, be sure to read the instructions and consult a doctor.

What to eat nursing mother to baby pokakal

Enema and other treatments

To use the traditional method of treating constipation – enema – you need to last. In young children, the enema washes away all the necessary and beneficial substances from the body. In this case, the enemas reduce the natural reflex function of the intestines of the child and the tone of his muscles. Instead of an enema, the intestines can be irritated with a cotton swab smeared with cream. It is enough to insert and rotate the wand in the baby’s anus several times. As a rule, this is quite enough to cause emptying. For similar procedures in the pharmacy, you can purchase a vapor tube. Remember that during the insertion of the tube and stick, there is a risk of damaging the intestinal mucosa, so it should be done very carefully. The slightest sudden movement can cause serious injury.

If you can’t do without an enema, and this action was approved by the doctor, then you need to prepare a decoction of chamomile. Do not use soapy water, it will help only adults. Such soapy water burns sensitive intestinal walls. A 20-30 ml syringe is administered to the child in the ass no deeper than 1.5 cm. Use the not too warm chamomile decoction, as it is quickly absorbed by the intestinal walls and will not give the expected result. The decoction should be at room temperature. The analogue of the traditional enema is the drug Microlax, which is intended for such cases. This is a water-salt solution with glycerin. Enema with this solution is introduced into the anus of the baby and after 20 minutes gives the result. Of course, you first need to familiarize yourself with the instructions that are included in the kit, and exclude possible contraindications.

Do not listen to the advice of grandmothers, who “always know” how to help your child poop. Sometimes they advise absurd things. For example, in no case should you insert a piece of soap in a child’s ass. His guts and so are in tension and can not release feces, why even overwhelm them with a piece of soap. Beet juice, which always helps adults, even in small quantities, can harm a baby. Beet juice is injected only after 7 months, until this time the baby’s stomach is not adapted to such food.

The only method from traditional recipes of grandmothers that you can really try is a decoction of oatmeal. It is necessary to boil oatmeal and strain well. After allowing the mixture to cool to room temperature, the liquid is given to the child. As they say women who tested this tool, it gives the result after the first use. Well helps and dill water. Dill grass is used to make unsweetened tea for the child and is given to drink before each meal.


Now we know why the baby can not poop, and how to help the child with constipation. Mom will be able to quickly recognize the constipation and eliminate it or identify another cause that does not require treatment and worry in vain.

Summing up, I would like to note that each child is special, and you should not compare it with the children of your friends. The body has its own mode and algorithm for performing physiological processes, and it is impossible to say exactly how many times a child should go to the toilet. One baby per day can poke 10 times, and then 2 days not empty, and the second one poops 2 times during the day. What is normal for one baby is not acceptable for another.

Moms need to monitor their baby and understand its biological regime, and also not to ignore such seemingly trifling process as constipation. It is important not to miss the moment when it is possible to fix everything with a simple action than to deal with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and their consequences.

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