What to eat nursing mother

Stroke is one of the most serious and, unfortunately, common vascular diseases. One of the causes of a stroke is a poor diet that destroys the body. And if you have not listened to recommendations for a healthy diet for prevention, and a stroke has already occurred, you need a diet after a stroke. Only with strict observance of the conditions of nutritionists is it possible to optimally restore health and prevent the risk of a recurrent stroke.

Features of a diet after a stroke

The main rules are to minimize the consumption of animal fats and salt. If you are not able to completely abandon salt, try to reduce its amount to 5 grams. per day – this is the maximum allowable measure. Remember that excess salt contributes to the development of hypertension, which is especially dangerous after a stroke. Salted and pickled products are not recommended, which contain not only a large amount of salt, but also spices and vinegar, which are also contraindicated in vascular diseases. Restricting the diet of animal fats will help reduce blood cholesterol levels, clear blood vessels from plaques that interfere with blood supply.

Sugar intake should be eliminated or limited to 50 grams. per day. Keep in mind that it takes into account not only the sugar in its pure form, but also contained in other foods. Therefore, closely monitor the composition of the purchased products.

Your daily menu should be rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals in combination with a low-fat diet, mostly of plant origin. Of course, many foods and dishes after a stroke are banned. However, the list of approved products is large enough to provide a varied menu. Some products, doctors recommend to use “sometimes” – that is, 1-2 times a week.

Eating after a stroke is necessary in small portions at least 4 times a day. The last meal should be moderate and no later than 3 hours before the night’s sleep. The total amount of products per day should not be more than 2 kg. The volume of fluid consumed is recommended within 1 l.

Prohibited products after a stroke

Pork, poultry skin, all kinds of sausages (especially salami), fried and smoked meat.

Unacceptable fried, smoked fish. Fat varieties of fish are limited.

Cream, condensed milk, sour cream and other high-fat dairy products.

Cereals, bakery products

Biscuits, pastry – under the ban. Not recommended semolina.

Excluded fried potatoes, chips. Legumes (peas, beans, etc.), radishes, turnips, rutabaga are not recommended. It should abandon spinach and sorrel.

Strong coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, sweet nectars, fruit drinks.

Ice cream and other types of ice cream, cream, chocolate, fudge and toffee.

Banned all types of mushrooms in any form.

Allowed products after stroke

Veal, chicken and turkey, rabbit. All dishes – boiled or baked. Sometimes, lean beef, lean lamb pieces are acceptable.

What to eat nursing mother

Cod, walker, flounder, other low-fat varieties of fish in baked or boiled form. Sometimes it is allowed to use herring, sardines, salmon, tuna, mackerel. (But not canned!)

Cheese (low-fat varieties), yogurt, ryazhenka, kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, milk. Sometimes melted cheese is allowed. Butter is permissible only occasionally and not more than 20 grams.

Eating egg white is allowed. Sometimes you can eat a whole egg, but not more than 1 per day.

Cereals, bakery products

Oatmeal, unpolished rice, buckwheat, millet. Bread is preferably consumed saltless, rye or wholemeal flour. Allowed crackers, biscuit cookies. Sometimes you can allow some white bread, sweet cereals. Sometimes pasta is acceptable.

Boiled, baked or sometimes stewed potatoes. Cabbage – white, cauliflower, other species. Zucchini, eggplants, pumpkin, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers are useful. From these vegetables, you can cook side dishes, casseroles. Useful garlic, onion, horseradish, parsley and dill, fennel.

Dried fruits and berries, sometimes candied or jam, jam, jam. In the absence of allergies – oranges, other citrus fruits. Apricots, dried apricots and bananas rich in potassium are very useful.

Compotes, savory fruit drinks, jelly, kvass. Fresh juices from fruits and vegetables. Broth hips and herbs, weak tea or tea with milk (without sugar). Sometimes you can drink cocoa.

Jelly, marmalade, puddings, diet treats with sugar substitutes. Sometimes they can be used marshmallow, jam, honey.

Vegetable vegetarian soups are welcome. Borscht, beetroot, soup, cooked in weak meat or fish broth. Cereal soups. Sometimes you can use milk soups.

Such a diet after a stroke will not only prevent the risk of developing the disease, but also get rid of excess weight. And it is also useful for the heart and blood vessels. Doctors have long known: the slimmer a person is, the less he has the risk of a stroke. Useful and fresh air, moderate exercise. But remember that the load must be coordinated with your doctor.

Important: Before you go on a diet after a stroke, consult your doctor.

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