What to do to get pregnant

Sex life by nature is created not so much for pleasure as for the continuation of the race. But I want to get pleasure, but pregnancy is not planned yet. And what to do to not get pregnant?

Now there are a large number of hormonal drugs that are able to prevent the onset of an unwanted pregnancy on time, but the situations are different. And the age of women who have sex, often simply does not allow the use of many of them – we are talking about girls from 15 to 19 years old and women over 45 years old. What do they need to do to not get pregnant?

We take care of contraception in advance.

The ideal method for contraception can be considered contraceptive drugs that need to be taken according to the scheme. The effect of each such drug is strictly individual, as is the woman’s body, so their reception should be prescribed by a doctor after all the necessary tests have been performed.

Many people incorrectly believe that after several months (or even years) of taking these drugs, when you already want to have a baby, you will not be able to get pregnant. This is absolutely not true – just a month or two after discontinuing the use of such drugs, and now comes the necessary pregnancy.

But, I repeat, everything will be so only if the drug is prescribed by a doctor according to your individual indications.

What to do to get pregnant

Just to avoid unnecessary pregnancy while helping “female condoms” – a variety of caps and diaphragms. They are as effective as possible, but very inconvenient to use; considerable experience is needed to learn how to use them correctly. The gynecologist will select the required size, he will show how to use them.

And, of course, not to do without the most ordinary, “male” condoms. Today there are many of them for different purposes, density, taste and even smell, and I don’t even talk about color. The problem is that cheap condoms are not always of high quality, they can break at the most inopportune moment and sperm will fall into the vagina. And not all expensive ones can boast of exceptional quality. But it is always better to have them, if you expect sexual intercourse.

We calculate and then avoid sexual contact on dangerous days.

This method is based on the very physiology of the female body and reproduction, but in order to use it, you need to know your cycle (if it is permanent), calculate your dangerous and safe days, keep a calendar table and strictly follow this calendar method.

All the danger of becoming pregnant falls only on the days of ovulation, while on other days there is practically no such danger (only if there was a sharp cycle failure due to hormonal imbalance).

The cycle of ovulation itself, when a woman’s egg is ready for sperm and fertilization, is only 2 or 3 days a month. This is somewhere in the middle of the menstrual cycle, so it will not be difficult to calculate. But only when the cycle is relatively stable.

This is done like this:

• The study period must be at least six months. During this period of time, it is necessary to select both the shortest cycle and the longest one.

• From the shortest, subtract 18 — we get the first dangerous day. Example: your cycle is 26 days, subtract from 26 18 and get 8 – your probability of getting pregnant becomes maximum from the 8th day of your cycle.

• From the longest cycle subtract the number 11 – we get the last day of the “dangerous” period. Example: this cycle lasted 28 days, subtracting 28 from 11 and getting the number 17 – this is the last day of the “dangerous” period.

It turns out that it is your dangerous period from the 8th day of the menstrual cycle to the 17th day – you must especially beware of these same 9 days. But the period of abstinence is not small, so you must be protected as much as possible.

What to do to not get pregnant after the act

Many try to practice “interrupted” sexual intercourse, so as not to get pregnant on “dangerous” days, but the thing is that the sperm is not only released during ejaculation, it can be released a little throughout the sexual intercourse.

The method of “interruption” – that is, the cessation of sexual intercourse before the ejaculation of men, is not very reliable. And, honestly, it is not always possible to control yourself during this process.

The second, also a fairly common option of “preservation” – to urinate immediately after intercourse and wash with urine. This, too, does not stand up to criticism or test of time. Of course, the urine is able to weaken the sperm cells a little, but they are so nimble (nature took care of this) – you just do not have time to “eliminate” this way.

How to be? There are special contraceptives for quick, even “emergency” actions, these include Postinor and Escapel, as well as Ginepriston. But the problem is that they can often not be consumed – no more than twice a month, otherwise it can damage your hormonal balance and cause big problems.

There are also spermicides, which can be used immediately after intercourse, but they have the property (rather unpleasant) to cause burning inside the vagina for quite a long time. There are also lubricants with protective lubricants that can prevent pregnancy and facilitate the penetration of the penis into the vagina, but they can not always be at hand.

All means should be used in the first 72 hours after intercourse with unplanned ejaculation, otherwise it will be too late. You can try using conventional contraceptives (if you have them), but in a larger dose than usual.

The same Rigevidon must be taken for two days 4 tablets – in the morning and in the evening. This is not suitable for everyone, as it can cause severe nausea with profuse vomiting. Therefore, all of the above drugs are used most often in cases of violence or spontaneous sexual intercourse.

And in all other cases, each girl (woman) should have in store funds for emergency “contraceptive care” in her first aid kit. Then the question “what to do after intercourse so as not to get pregnant” will disappear by itself. If there is no medication for this, folk remedies can always come to the rescue.

Folk remedies not to get pregnant

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used these tools, and they were tested not only by time, but also by many generations of women. In those days, there was not such an abundance of means to prevent pregnancy at the level of medicine, especially its hormonal components, as it is today. But they themselves invented ways that allowed them to avoid pregnancy at the wrong time.

• Acid solutions for douching. Sperm are very afraid of the acidic environment in the vagina, so one of the most common folk remedies was considered “acidification” of their internal environment, either before or after intercourse.

To do this, it was enough to introduce a small piece of lemon (or other acidic fruit) into the vagina before sexual intercourse. Or it is good to undermine or syringe after sexual intercourse with a solution that is made of water and lemon juice, or water and vinegar. Only often it can not be done – the acid can damage the walls of the vagina.

• Douching with a decoction of water yellow lily (nodules). It is better to prepare the solution in advance and keep it in your first-aid kit. For 1 liter of boiling water take 50 grams of water lily roots (dried) and cook for no more than 15 minutes. After cooling to body temperature, it can be drained and used for douching after intercourse.

• Hot bath for men (or sauna). Sperm cells do not withstand high temperatures and die, so if a man sits in a sauna for half an hour before sexual intercourse or lies in a hot bath, he will not be able to fertilize a woman, so an unwanted pregnancy does not threaten.

• Seated bath with hot water. This method was used earlier not only in Russia, but also in many other countries. In a well heated, almost hot water, in which a little mustard powder is diluted, a woman should sit down immediately after intercourse.

Mustard powder should be diluted as follows: 1 full tablespoon to 1 liter of warm water. Then this solution is added to a hot bath. The system here is almost the same as in the case described above – the spermatozoa simply “cook” in such a steam room. But a man must do this before intercourse, and a woman immediately afterwards. And the faster, the more reliable.

• Ordinary laundry soap – a unique method of protection. A small piece of this soap – only the soap should be old-fashioned and without bleaching – is inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse. The increase in the alkaline environment inside due to the “work” of the soap completely kills the spermatozoa.

• Marjoram. This spicy plant in Asia has long been used as a contraceptive. During menstruation, you should drink tea from one teaspoon of marjoram brewed with a glass of water at least three times a day. You can add honey there. But before intercourse, it is necessary to mix a teaspoon of marjoram (dried) with a teaspoon of the same honey, soak any tampon with this mixture and introduce it into the vagina.

• Grass “shepherd’s bag.” This herb, in dried form, must be taken every day with one tablespoon of powder, washed down with cold water. It can not be used during menstruation (and even better a couple of days before it) and in the form of tea or tea. When hot, it can provoke uterine bleeding, also in the form of powder on menstruation days.

• Ginger root – a cure for a hundred ills. If every day to drink one teaspoon of fresh ginger, finely chopped and boiled water boiling in a glass, there will be no conception. And you should drink at least three times a day, as a medicine.

• Pineapple – a woman’s best friend. From time immemorial this tool has been used in Malaysia to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and it also made women slimmer and more resilient for hard enough work on the household.

No wonder that pineapple is considered to be an excellent “burner” of subcutaneous fat even today. To prevent pregnancy, you should drink a glass every day at a time (and you need two or three of these) juice of a slightly unripe pineapple. Moreover, the juice should be freshly squeezed and not subjected to heat treatment.

• Good old potassium permanganate. For one liter of boiled and slightly chilled water, add one teaspoon without a potassium permanganate slide and then inject it into the vagina with a syringe or Eysmarch mug after intercourse. This will wash the sperm and destroy the activity of the remaining sperm.

Any means – folk or drug – best to check in advance for allergies and susceptibility of the body. Unwanted pregnancy, of course, is bad, but getting a health disorder due to improper contraception is also not very good.

And this is all general advice, but the best thing is to consult with a gynecologist in advance. This is his specialty – to take care of the sexual health of a woman and to monitor her genital function!

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