What soothing nursing can be

Stress, fatigue and inability to sleep often make the young mother nervous and irritable. We will tell you what sedatives can be used during breastfeeding to help a nursing mother and not harm the baby.

Before we talk about sedatives for nursing mothers, let’s try to understand why women after childbirth often become nervous. The fact is that during childbirth in the body of a woman endorphins are released in huge quantities – the hormones of happiness. They start the natural mechanism of anesthesia and help the woman to adapt to her new role – mothers, and contribute to the fact that she has an all-consuming love for her child.

However, then the level of endorphins returns to normal, and the woman feels the so-called “withdrawal syndrome”, which causes a state of depression of nervousness.

The best medicine in this case will be a full sleep (if the child does not sleep well at night, sleep with him during the daytime sleep to fill your need for sleep) and rest (bring your husband, grandmother and other relatives who can help you to take care of the child) . Also, a nursing mother should definitely monitor her diet (do not skip breakfast, even if you think you don’t have time for it) and spend a lot of time in the fresh air (your child will only benefit from walks).

If this is not enough, and you still need sedatives, choose only those that can be used during breastfeeding.

Their list is very small, because everything that a nursing mother takes is fed with breast milk to a small baby. Consider what sedatives can be with breastfeeding.

Breast Feeding Soothing: Herbal Teas

What soothing nursing can be

Nursing aids for nursing mothers: Herbal teas

Many mothers believe that herbal teas are a safe sedative, so they can be consumed just like regular tea. However, it is not. Medicinal plants can cause allergic reactions and other side effects in a baby, so you should consult your doctor before taking any herbal tea. – naming of medicinal

Also, some medicinal herbs can adversely affect the production of breast milk. For example, these properties have all your favorite mint.

But verbena and fennel will not only help the nursing mother calm down, but also increase lactation.

A good sedative for breastfeeding is chamomile tea, nettle tea and lemon balm. Connect equal parts of these herbs and fill with boiling water (three teaspoons of herbs per liter of water). Drink tea throughout the day.

Breast Feeding Soothing: Valerian

Breast Feeding Soothing: Valerian

Quite often, nursing mothers as a sedative is recommended to use valerian. This is a natural sedative that is prepared from the roots and stems of valerian. Medicinal plant valerian contains essential oils, amino acids and tannins. It can be used in the form of tablets or independently preparing infusions from valerian roots.

Before taking valerian, be sure to consult with your doctor. He will give you the right dosage, which you should definitely follow, because taking valerian in a dosage that exceeds the norm increases nervousness and can cause insomnia.

The maximum daily dose is not more than 9 g of the drug or 2 g of dry extract of valerian root.

The duration of use of this sedative should also be minimal.

Breastfeeding sedatives: Motherwort

Breast Feeding Soothing: Motherwort

The motherwort tincture has an excellent sedative effect; however, during breastfeeding, it is better to choose this remedy in tablets or to brew tea from motherwort, since the alcohol that is part of the tincture inhibits lactation and adversely affects the child’s nervous system.

Also pay attention that during lactation it is impossible to use Motherwort Forte.

The sedative effect of taking motherwort occurs slowly, as a rule, you will begin to notice it no earlier than the third week of admission.

Breast Feeding Soothing: Glycine

With the appearance of increased nervousness, the doctor may prescribe a nursing mother the drug Glycine. It will help normalize sleep (for insomnia), cope with stress and improve mood. In contrast to this drug is not specified lactation period. However, it is still not worthwhile for mothers to take this prevrvt on their own, since studies of its effects on the child’s body have not been conducted.

What other sedatives can a nursing mother use when breastfeeding? In addition to these sedatives, various homeopathic formulations, aromatherapy products, herbal baths and massages will help to calm down during breastfeeding.

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What soothing nursing can be

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