What should my 3 month do

So, the child is 3 months old. In appearance, this is all the same crumb, only gained 2-3 additional kilograms and plus / minus 10 cm of height. However, the development of a 3-month baby is very different from the helpless baby who came home from the maternity hospital. What should a baby be able to do at 3 months? Let’s look at the main points of development that the baby may have already reached by this age.

1. At 3 months, children begin to get more and more familiar with their body in the surrounding space. First of all, it can be expressed in the fact that the baby begins to spend more and more time lying on the tummy. He no longer just keeps his head up, but more or less confidently rests on his arms and elbows, raising his body. Sometimes children can do

2. Gradually by the age of 3-4 months, the baby begins to slowly move, lying on his stomach.

However, do not be surprised if you leave the child turned in one direction, after a while you find it unfolding 180 degrees or more. In this regard, be extremely careful when leaving the child on a bed, developing a rug or other surface with which he may fall. Be sure to insure in one way or another (we are wrapping around the baby with dense pillows, through which he will not crawl).

What should my 3 month do

3. The baby swims well. At least, if there is no opportunity for him to swim, then bathing ceases to cause him fear or displeasure. Now the problem is to remove the screaming and smiling child from the water.

Our baby almost never took a bath as such until that age. I didn’t lie on my back at all, I went in a scream. But, at the same time, almost all the time swimming was swimming (with my mother’s help). Recently we bought a special bathing circle for him, which is fixed on the baby’s neck, thanks to which he can move independently in the bath. From that moment on, everything changed. The kid laughs, smiles, swims (on his own!) On his chest and back, pushes his legs from the bottom and sides of the bath, sometimes he turns over from his back on his chest and back. The main problem now is to take it out of the bath.

4. The child is actively developing conversational speech. Here, probably, the main role is played by mom and dad. The more conversations on any topics are conducted with the baby, the more verses, songs and

In one of the articles on the site (What a child should be able to do at 2 months), I wrote that our baby almost didn’t say “agu” no matter how much we asked. But now everything has changed. Put the cam in the mouth and chat without ceasing. There are “aha” and “bo”, and many more that can not be described, but it is very pleasant to hear.

5. Probably one of the most pleasant skills of children of 3 months of age is the ability to laugh. Previously, the child only smiled, and now he laughs, if he likes something very much.

Here we should mention a less pleasant, but probably the necessary ability to squeal. It is interesting to observe how the baby is consistently better and better at mastering this matter.

At the moment, our baby is learning to do it in a very high voice (wife jokes like a peacock from the Munchausen cartoon). Not yet, but persistence is worth envy.

6. This month, children are becoming increasingly familiar with the surrounding space. That is why it is believed that the baby should prefer to lie on the tummy. In this position, “scan” surrounding objects is much more convenient than lying on your back. And that is why you should be wary if the baby prefers to be supine.

Our baby (unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look) used to be often on the hands of their parents. And he loves when you turn him back to yourself and bring him to the window. I do not know how far he is able to see, but he seems to be able to observe on the machines moving below, infinitely. I have to endure (in the sense of me).

7. In 3 months or a little later, the baby can already (of course, with support) stand on a full foot, without pressing fingers on the legs. In general, he no longer tries to “walk” (raise the leg) as soon as he touches the surface with his feet. It is possible that your baby is already excellent and right on its feet. It seems that let him go, and he himself will stand, but of course this cannot be done,

8. Perhaps your baby does a lot more (or a little less) of that. I was and remain on the position that the child owes nothing to anyone. Not learned now, learn tomorrow.

However, there are some points in the development of babies that should alert their parents. In this regard, they propose to get acquainted with a short video, in which, besides the general skills of children aged 3 months, the main points are mentioned that parents should pay close attention to.

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