What posture is best to get pregnant

Correct selection posture intercourse sexologists pay much attention. The change of position serves not only to erotic sexuality and a variety of intimate relationships, but also makes it possible to eliminate many of the hindrances in sexual life, both anatomical and physiological, and psychological.

In addition, correct sex posture helps to correct the discrepancy between the anatomical parameters of the genital organs, introduce a weakly erect penis into the vagina and prolong sexual intercourse.

Sexual relations do not like monotony and monotony, as a result of which the usefulness of sexual life is lost. Sexual games and posture change on the initiative of a man may be aimed at igniting a partner.

The search for the optimal position in the first place needed cold women who do not receive satisfaction from sex.

Sometimes a woman can reach orgasm only in a certain position, for example, when there is a penis contact with the clitoris, or when the head of the penis is in tight contact with the cervix, or when the anterior wall of the vagina is stimulated, or vice versa, when the posterior wall of the vagina and anus is stimulated only that position, when the partner can stimulate her main erogenous zone – in most women this is the clitoris, but there can be various options – breast nipples, skin between the shoulder blades and the wandering erogenous zone.

There are also therapeutic (therapeutic postures), for example, if a woman cannot become pregnant due to the bend of the uterus, leakage of semen from the vagina after coitus, painful intercourse, and inflammatory processes in the female genital area. Certain poses are necessary for sex therapy – the treatment of various sexual disorders.

There are sex postures in which the activity of one of the partners is minimal, which is important for people with cardiovascular diseases, after a serious illness, in old age.

Properly chosen posture can help solve psychological problems, in particular, when a woman has powerful, oppressive character traits, seeks leadership in the family – in these cases, sexual intercourse in the “woman from above” position in all its variants allows the woman to dominate, how all the activity belongs to her, and the activity of the partner is minimal. By thus fulfilling her need for leadership, a woman gets rid of the desire to suppress her husband in ordinary everyday situations.

Changing the position of sexual intercourse is one of the distinguishing features of human sex life from the mating of animals.

The constant search by partners for the optimal posture for sexual intercourse in itself gives spice and ecstasy when making love.

During the preliminary stage of erotic caresses and sexual intercourse itself, partners need to use only those positions that are pleasant to both and are not degrading to anyone.

Men should know that not all women can tell a partner that they are unhappy with any sex pose or monotony of sexual intercourse. If a man likes a certain posture, then this does not mean that he should use only her, even if his partner is silent and does not show his displeasure.

If their relationship is trusting and relaxed, then the partner can offer the woman to try new positions or take the initiative if the woman does not mind. But this does not mean that a woman’s body should be treated like a rag doll, forcing her to take uncomfortable pretentious poses only in order to demonstrate her “sexual erudition” and much experience.

It also happens that the technique of sexual intercourse is of paramount importance, and he turns into a semblance of a sporting event. For example, when a partner, having read old or modern manuals on the technique of sexual intercourse, begins to practice coitus in unusual exotic positions, in which it is inconvenient to him or his partner, and both do not get satisfaction.

In many manuals, where various pictorial and sometimes quite complex works are presented. poses for intercourse, It does not emphasize that each couple should approach them creatively, using all the power of their imagination, but adapting them for themselves, choosing only those that are comfortable for both partners.

In ordinary life, a loving couple should improvise and experiment with poses themselves. It is hard to imagine that spouses will take a book to the bedroom and try it for one or another position. This can offend one of the partners and even cause cooling if he is not psychologically ready for this.

In addition, not everyone can exactly reproduce the recommended poses from the drawings or their descriptions. If the partners look into the manual in order to properly position their arms, legs and body, this will deprive sex of all its romance and reduce it to a mechanical process.

Attempting to mechanically copy sex poses from manuals on sexual techniques can lead to embarrassment, disappointment, and even comic situations. On this subject there is a humorous miniature of Yefim Shifrin, in which spouses who do not know the basics of sex, tried to “experience unearthly bliss” and “learn the joys of sex” according to one of the eastern guides using unimaginable poses.

If the partner is the initiator of the change of positions, he should prepare in advance by examining these poses and showing the partner, not referring to what has been read in the book, so as not to offend and not embarrass her by mechanically copying the pose recommended in the manual. If the partner is shy, then the fewer words and commands, how she should lie, the better. Everything can be shown without words.

No book can recommend perfect poses for any couple. It is impossible to find two pairs that are completely identical in constitution – the structure of their body and its proportions, weight, height, and also the size of the genitals.

In the chapter on the anatomy of the genital organs, it is not for nothing that the differences in the genitals of different people are described in such detail. Especially there are many differences in the structure of the genitals in women – dozens of parameters, the combination of which allows gynecologists to say that it is very difficult to find two absolutely identical women. And even more so the combination of the parameters of the male and female genitalia can be so diverse that it is simply impossible to find two absolutely identical pairs.

Sex poses described here should be regarded only as a basis, a hint, a starting point for eliminating any difficulties in the sexual life of partners.

And then the partners themselves must constantly experiment, discover new positions for themselves and pick up some of the most optimal poses and alternate them. Spouses with fantasy can invent dozens of positions based on those offered below.

If you have selected several suitable sex positions in which your sensations are most pleasant, and if both of you attain satisfaction in these positions, then practice them as basic, and the rest can be used only for a change to revive sensuality. And if one of the partners is good in one position, and the other is in the other, then the basis should be taken those that are optimal for both, and from time to time use more favorable for each of the partners.

Frequent change of poses is also important because lovemaking will not lose its charm due to repetitions of the same posture, and this allows you to diversify your sex life.

What posture is best to get pregnant

In the book of the famous Latvian sexologist Janis Zalitas “Erotization of marital life and sex therapy”, which is recommended to read to all adults, as well as young people before marriage, describes the most acceptable postures for sexual intercourse. The book was published in Riga in 1992, it is difficult to find it now, so I will give the recommendations of Dr. Zalitis.

6 basic sex positions are recommended:

one. The man is on top.

2 Man below.

3 Side position.

four. Pose man behind.

five. Sitting and facing the partner.

6 Cross positions.

Those poses in which the partners are facing each other are called human. But this does not mean that other postures are unacceptable. It is simply a historical name that does not have any negative meaning.

Traditional posture – a woman lies on the bottom, a man lies on top

Sexologists also call her the norm-pose or the pose of Queen Victoria. She was recommended by her as the only acceptable “human” pose (obviously, unlike the knee-elbow, in which other mammals mate), and therefore received her name.

In this position, sexual tension is directed to the front wall of the vagina and the rear vault. The position is inconvenient for many women whose main erogenous zone is the clitoris, since the penis does not touch it, and the partner cannot use the arm to stimulate. In this position, the leader feels a man.

All variants of the norm-poses are suitable for prolonged intercourse. In addition to the frictions of a man, a woman can also take part in sexual intercourse – not only with body movements, but also with the help of squeezing and relaxing the muscles of the vagina, the orgasmic cuff, the muscles of the thighs and the abdomen – this speeds up the woman’s orgasm.

What posture is best to get pregnant

This position is not recommended for men with a small penis, in addition, it does not save a woman from an overly long penis.

Variants of the traditional posture: to strengthen mutual pleasure, a woman can bring her legs together or cross them. This makes it possible to compress a member of the partner and his own clitoris with the muscles of the hips.

The second version of this pose – A woman can put a pillow or a roller under her lower back.

Third option – A woman puts a pillow or roller under the lower back, lifts her legs and presses her feet on the partner’s lower back, and puts her hands on his back or hips. At the same time, she can actively participate in sexual intercourse with the help of arms, legs and body movements, determining the desired rate of frictions to achieve an orgasm. This posture is necessary if the strongest erogenous zone is located deep in the vagina and in the cervix, as well as at a certain inclination of the genital tube.

Fourth option – the position for coordinating the rhythm of movements – differs from the traditional one in that the woman puts bent legs on the partner’s lower back and the roller under the sacrum (and not under the lower back, as in the previous two options). Due to this, the penis will irritate the front wall of the vagina, which is very sensitive. The cervix receives enough stimulation. Since the clitoris is weakly irritated in this position, special attention is paid to it in the prelude.


  • Leadership in a man, he fully directs the act.
  • This position is good if a man has a very small penis.
  • Good for women with a wide pubic bone and a “sharp edge”.
  • Pose helps pregnancy occur in a woman.

Disadvantage It is that a woman can do little to help a man, because she cannot use the muscles of her hips and perineum.

Pose “woman upstairs”

There are many options. A woman from above can be in a sitting and lying position. ”

In all cases, the leadership of a woman, she manages the rhythm of frictions, acts the muscles of the vagina, orgasmic cuff, thighs.

The first option is the pose of “little Faith” (named after the film of the same name). A man is lying, a woman is sitting on him facing a partner, sweeping the body of a man, raising himself up or swaying slightly back and forth.

The second option – a woman sits on a partner on his heels, rising and falling.

In both cases, the woman should use the muscles of the vagina and the orgasmic cuff, lifting and squeezing it, as if trying not to let the penis out of itself.

These poses, as well as the “horsewoman” position, have a psychological meaning – they are good for women who want to dominate their husband. Leadership during intercourse allows them to more flexible to behave in everyday life. A woman can speed up intercourse or slow it down if she wants.

This sex pose – one of the most optimal for the prolongation of sexual intercourse. In order to prolong the sexual intercourse in these postures and delay the man’s ejaculation until the partner is satisfied, when the orgasm approaches, the man must tell her or give her a signal. The partner is released from the man’s penis, sits on the hips and presses his fingers on his penis until a slight pain in him, after which the partner’s orgasm moves away (the Masters and Johnson squeezing technique described in the chapter on prolonged sexual intercourse). Reception can be repeated several times, until you enjoy your partner.

These are the most important poses used in sex therapy to eliminate the husband’s impotence and prolong sexual intercourse if the man has ejaculation.

With these postures, it is possible to introduce a weakly erect penis of a man into the vagina, in order to later cause an erection during the movements of the woman.

Positive is the fact that the partner has the opportunity to admire the naked body of the partner, her breasts, to see her face, which reflects her erotic experiences. When she rises, he can see her genitals and the interaction of the genitals, and all this excites him even more.

Pose is indispensable for men, slowly reaching arousal, with a delayed orgasm. During the time that the partner needs to reach the peak of pleasure, the partner also gets satisfaction, or the orgasm comes earlier if she herself speeds up her body movements and muscle contractions of the orgasmic cuff.

You can put a mirror behind the partner’s head, and then the woman also sees the contact of the genitals during coitus.

In addition, in these positions, the partner or the partner herself has the opportunity to stimulate the clitoris with a hand, finger, or vibrator.

These poses are indispensable for men who are contraindicated exercise. They are suitable for those couples where the husband suffers from cardiovascular diseases, since he does not need physical exertion, as well as if the husband is significantly older than his wife and is no longer so active.

In families that practice these positions, there are no frigid women, because a cold woman will not use these poses, where she has to make all efforts herself, she prefers the traditional, where the leader is her husband, and her role is passive.

These positions are difficult, if the entrance to the woman’s vagina is low, that is, closer to the anus (anus), and also if the woman is heavy or inexperienced.

If it is difficult for a woman to carry out frictions herself or she doesn’t have any experience, a man can help her by meeting her movement halfway, or he can press her or lift her up, putting her hands on her hips or waist depending on her height.

Women with an ugly figure do not like these positions – too thin with an undeveloped chest or vice versa, very full with a deformed figure and too big breasts, warns

In the position of “woman on top” you can go from the traditional and alternate them during intercourse, if the partners want it.

The third option is the “horsewoman” pose – a woman sits on top, with her back to the man’s face.

The advantages are almost the same as in the previous versions, except that the partner does not see the breast and face of the woman, but sees her back and buttocks. In addition, it can not stimulate the clitoris, but it can be stimulated by the partner herself, while caressing the genitalia of her husband. When using a vibrator, simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and penis is possible.

So that a partner can see the entire naked body of a woman, you can put a mirror in his legs.

The fourth option – “a woman lying on top”.

Here the partner’s movements are more limited, and many of the positive qualities of the previous version are lost. It is described in more detail in the chapter on the Tao of Love.

This position is recommended for women aspiring to leadership, if for any reason they do not have the opportunity to practice the “woman sitting upstairs” position, for example, an overweight person, physical disabilities, lack of experience, an ugly chest, middle-aged age and, accordingly, reduced activity, and others.

It can be used as an intermediate if the woman is tired. A woman can smoothly move from a “sitting on top” position to a “lying” position, without breaking off the contact of the genital organs with a partner, in order to avoid the risk of a man losing erection – at first, the woman lays down on the man and can move in that position, and then slowly straightens the legs and can continue to commit coitus in two versions – tightly covering the partner’s hips with the legs or vice versa, moving the legs and placing them between the man’s legs.

Position “behind” – also has many options

The first option is a woman on all fours (knee-elbow position or a woman relies not on her elbows, but on her palm, or lies down on the bed).

Some women only in this position are able to reach orgasm, if the back wall of the vagina and anus (anus) is the erogenous zone, as well as if the wandering erogenous zone is between the shoulder blades and the partner must kiss her during intercourse.

This position contributes to the onset of pregnancy with certain features of the anatomical structure of the female genitals, for example, when the uterus is bend back. In addition, this position prevents the flow of sperm after coitus, which is also important for the occurrence of pregnancy.

The advantage of this position is that the appendages of the uterus and all organs of the abdominal cavity are shifted forward, and the woman does not feel pain during coitus, if she has inflammation of the appendages.

The advantage of this position is that a man can freely stimulate the clitoris.

This posture is pleasant to a man because he can see a woman’s buttocks, which act as a reliever, increasing his arousal. The breasts, buttocks and genitals of the woman are the most powerful releasers.

The second option – a woman stands on the edge of the bed on her knees, and a man stands on the floor.

The advantages are the same as in the first version. Pose comfortable for men.

The third option – a man lies on a woman from behind, his legs between her legs apart. The position is not very comfortable, because it is difficult to hold the penis in the vagina. It is recommended to put a cushion under the belly of a woman.

It is of little interest to a woman, since a man can only caress her back, but not other erogenous zones. You can use it for a change.

Fourth option – the same as the second one, but a woman can move her legs.

Fifth option – A man puts a hand to a woman under the belly or on the clitoris and stimulates it.

Sixth option – a woman leans on an object (furniture, wall) slightly or strongly tilts the upper part of the body, and the man stands and inserts the penis into the vagina from behind.

The advantage of this posture is that sexual intercourse can be carried out in a small space, for example, in the bathroom and even in the toilet, if the partners do not have their own room (for example, they live in the same room with the children). Partners may even be completely undressed if they use “quick sex” in clothes.

Positive is the fact that the partner can stimulate the clitoris.

Lying on the side

These positions are good because they do not require a lot of effort from partners, none of the partners weigh their body on the other with the weight of their bodies.

It is recommended during pregnancy of the woman or if one of the partners has recently been ill and weakened or has a cardiovascular disease.

In this position, the woman has the ability to use the muscles of the thighs, vagina and orgasmic cuff. The husband has the ability to penetrate deeply into the vagina of the woman, which is important if the erogenous zones are deep in the vagina and in the cervix.

Good and the fact that the partner can stimulate the clitoris with his hand. The partner may have a wandering erogenous zone in the area of ​​the feet, then the partner has the opportunity to stimulate them.

There are many options for this pose – face to face, the woman’s legs are shifted and stretched to effectively use all three muscle groups, or the leg is bent and held by the partner or placed on the partner, and also the man behind the partner.

Option – A woman has her upper body at a 45 degree angle to her partner.

Option – heads of partners are in opposite sides.

Sitting pose

They are good for men with weak erection. In a sitting position, sexual intercourse can be carried out on the floor, on the edge of the bath, on a chair, on a low pouf. The options are varied depending on what sits on a man or a woman.

In the face-to-face position, the front wall of the vagina is stimulated, which in most women is more excitable than the back.

In most variants, the penis does not penetrate deep into the vagina, therefore it is convenient for couples, where the man’s penis is longer than the woman’s vagina by more than 3-4 centimeters.

If the parameters of the partners’ genitals are optimal, then for a deeper penetration of the penis a woman can lean back, which is a bit like the pose of “little Faith”, but does not require such tension from a woman as in the “woman sitting on top” position.

If a woman wants to use the previously mentioned three muscle groups to enhance her arousal, then she should sit between the legs of a man with her legs moved.

Convenient for those spouses who live in the same room with their children or parents. They can retire in the bathroom.

First option – a woman is sitting with her legs bent and putting her feet on the edges of the pouf, a man kneels between her legs.

Second option – the same, but the woman covers the partner’s legs at the waist.

Third option – A woman sits on a very low pouf, legs on the floor, a partner between her legs, his legs on the floor.

Fourth option – a man sits, a woman sits facing him (this option will be described in more detail below).

Fifth option – a man sits on the floor, stretching his legs forward, facing his back partner, his partner back to him, her lower leg parallel to the floor, legs covers partner’s legs.

Standing pose

Quite difficult, but their advantage is that sexual intercourse can be carried out when spouses are not completely undressed. For example, the desire came over them suddenly, when they were ready to go to visit or to the theater, and the attractiveness of his wife in evening dress and the presentation of her body under the dress so inflames her husband that he cannot cope with himself. This is one of the options for “quick sex”, which you read on. “Quick sex” in clothes develops the imagination of a man, and when his wife in the same evening dress walks through the foyer of the theater, he presents her naked body under the dress and her recent sensations. This stirs his blood, and the expressive look worries his wife, and on returning in the evening, the spouses can fulfill their desires with the help of “slow sex”.

Sexual intercourse in clothing, in whole or in part, is irreplaceable in those cases where one of the spouses has a body defect, for example, a scar after the operation, the woman has her breast removed.

First option – both partners are face to face, slightly leaning back the body of the body.

Second option – A man is standing, holding his partner by the hips or buttocks, the woman clasps his body with bent legs.

The standing position also includes sexual intercourse in water. But this is possible only in those cases when the reservoir is ecologically clean, since during coitus the water enters the woman’s vagina, and if the water is dirty, the woman may develop inflammation. Pure sea water has a healing effect.

The woman holds her hands over the shoulders of her partner, throwing the body back. A woman submerged in water becomes weightless, and it is easier for a man to hold her by the hips and move in the rhythm of frictions.

Cross positions

In them, the bodies of the partners are perpendicular to each other or somewhat obliquely (the axes of the bodies intersect).

First option – cross stance – a woman lies on her back, legs bent at the knees and spread apart. The partner is kneeling between her legs, on the bed.

Second option – the woman lies with her legs raised on a low sofa so that her pelvis is on the edge of it, the man on his knees opposite. When to apply this position, said below.

The advantages of this pose are that sexual tension is directed at the clitoris, which a man can stimulate during an act with his hand or a vibrator. Sexual tension in the vagina can be adjusted with a pillow under the waist or under the sacrum, depending on which wall of the vagina – the front or back – it is desirable to direct the stimulation during frictions.

The treatment option is a woman lying on her back, one leg raised and lying on the shoulder of her partner, he is on her knees. It is recommended for inflammation of one ovary in a woman. In this case, the woman raises the other leg, for example, if she has pain on the left, then she raises her right leg, while the tension goes to the right, so the pain in the left side will be less. The same recommendations regarding clitoral stimulation.

Depending on the topographic anatomy of the genital organs of women

Genital slit high (“Queen”) – intercourse in the traditional way, that is, the man above, the woman below, is not effective enough. Other ways are recommended – intercourse on the side or woman upstairs. Knee-elbow method is completely ineffective.

Genital slit low (“Sipovka”) – sexual in the traditional way is of little use, as a man, even with a long member, penetrates into the vagina only half. In this case, the woman most often blames the man for having a small penis, although with another woman, for example, having a “palm”, he feels good.

The following methods are recommended: knee-elbow, in which the penis freely enters the vagina. It should be remembered that in itself the knee-elbow position will not give a woman the sensation of orgasm, if this partner does not stimulate the clitoris.

The pose is “officer-like” – the woman lies on her back, and raises her legs up and puts the man on her shoulders. She is called so because the legs of a woman lie on the shoulders of a man like epaulets. In this position, the same recommendations for clitoral stimulation.

His type: a woman lies across the bed or on a low couch, giving the pelvis tilting down with the help of a cushion planted under the pelvis, legs taken in hands, the man kneels by the bed, the movement of both partners towards each other. Plus clitoral stimulation.

Another way – a woman sits on the penis of a lying man and slightly bends over, rests on the bed with arms outstretched, during the sexual act, spins down and pulls the vagina over the man’s penis.

Another way – the woman lays her belly down, slightly exposing the pelvis, the man lies on top. A woman should be active too, making movements towards a man.

With the central position of the genital slit (“lad”) – any means are suitable. You can vary the usual posture:

A woman sits down on her partner’s knees facing him. A man sits on the edge of a chair or bed, while the vagina is as if put on the penis – tight, up to the labia majora. The slightest movement gently tickles the cervix and leads the woman into ecstasy. This is the only way of the closest contact of the genital organs of a man and a woman, and the contact of the head of the penis with the cervix brings the highest pleasure to both men and women.

Guy de Maupassant called this mode of intercourse a “sweet jump together.”

Women should learn to direct the penis to the cervix, otherwise it will rest against the vaginal fornix, not bringing anything but pain.

Sexologists consider this way of intercourse to be one of the most physiologically correct and rich in sensations.

These positions can be used by people with a wide range of acceptability, not constrained by prejudices and complexes, who are not ashamed of the beautiful nakedness of their bodies. They can give a lot to strengthen the bonds of marriage, not allowing intimate relationships to turn into “marital duty”, allowing imagination and avoiding many interferences in sexual relations.

People brought up on Puritan or sanctimonious principles, with a small range of acceptability of sexual games, using only traditional, norm-posture out of modesty, suppressing natural desires in themselves, create the basis for stress and internal discord. Most importantly, men should know that the traditional norm-pose, which is often practiced monotonously by many couples for many years, is one of the most unfavorable for a woman, and besides, is not suitable for many men.

In the initial stages of marital relations, when the wife has not yet lost her shyness (some women cannot get rid of her even after many years of marriage), the man should not immediately demand that she be completely naked, allowing her to remain in her nightgown or pajama jacket. Over time, she will get used to and become more relaxed, because when changing positions, she will not be able to completely hide her body, and this will no longer confuse her so much.

Keeping a piece of clothing on a partner may even be attractive to a partner, since it is well known that total nudity is asexual. There must always be something on a woman that a man would like to take off. The part of the clothes that covers the body of his beloved, worries the man even more, stirring his imagination.

Men should be aware that women are more conservative about poses, if they are good in a certain position. Frequent and abrupt changes in the position of sexual intercourse can cause a negative attitude in the partner, because it destroys the stereotype. Men always crave more novelty than women, who believe that “they don’t seek well”.


Although satiation in marriage is not only due to the monotony of the posture – many factors are involved – but the very change in the position of sexual intercourse has already laid erotic motives that can bring freshness into intimate life, cause a desire to improve relations between partners, and Overall – have a positive impact on marriage. If the spouses are spiritually very close, then a change in posture will provide an opportunity for new experiences and an opportunity to learn a partner from an unexpected side, and family life does not mean everyday relationships in such couples.

In addition, a change of position is necessary during a long married life, when with age, in the second half of life, the sexual activity of the husband decreases more and more, and the wife reaches the peak of her sexuality. In these cases, the positions of “woman on top” and others, where the woman is most active, are simply irreplaceable.

The choice of posture should take into account the interests of both partners. If one likes it, but does not suit the other for any reason, then we must look for another, which would suit both.

In an inconvenient position, a man cannot perform prolonged sexual intercourse, cannot use different types of frictions, which will not only prolong coitus, but give the greatest sensations to both partners.

The opinion that a man and a woman will automatically be in the best position if they have no experience is wrong.

Even having a lot of sexual experience in the past, men and women, being together for the first time, will not be able to immediately select the optimal posture. If a man knows the parameters of his erect penis, then he cannot know the parameters of the genitals of his new sexual partner. And a lot depends on it, not only for a woman, but also for a partner.

They will need a lot of time to get used to each other’s bodies. But, having found the optimal positions, they will be able to discover for themselves all the best and best poses if they constantly experiment.

Therefore, those men and women who often change partners are often poor lovers, who replace the quality of their sex life with a quantity of love affairs. For one or more love dates, no one even an experienced lover can try out all the positions of sexual intercourse. The long list of love “victories” of such “smoothies” is not dignity at all, but evidence that they are not capable of high tech sex, do not satisfy their partner (or partner) and remain unsatisfied themselves. A person who is satisfied with a sexual relationship with a partner (or partner) will not look for new love adventures.

Certainly, a mechanical change of position, if there is no love and spiritual intimacy between the spouses, if a woman remains constantly unsatisfied, will give nothing. No technical nuances will not be able to captivate a woman if her partner is unpleasant, if she has an aversion to sex, if there is no sincerity, goodwill, tenderness and warmth between the spouses. Spouses who know each other well, instinctively feel the slightest changes in their relationships, and are able to restore family harmony with their attention and tenderness.

Therefore, do not overestimate the value of posture of sexual intercourse. There are spouses who feel great in one sex pose, since it is in her that the fullness of their feelings is maximum.

The main thing in an intimate life is sexual harmony. And in what position both spouses reach orgasm, if he is a constant companion of each sexual act, it does not matter.

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