What is needed for the baptism of the child godmother

The baptism is an important stage in the life of the baby, since from that day he renounces the sinful life, and is subsequently reborn in the spiritual life. Baptism involves the purification of the infant from original sin, which is due to its birth. The sacrament of baptism is performed only once in a person’s life. For sure the parents of the baby and his godparents are worried about the question how to dress for christening. We will talk about this.

How should dress for christening women?

Church dress code is very different from the styles we use in everyday life. If you have never been to christening before or rarely go to church, the following recommendations and rules will help you to get dressed adequately.

Despite the fact that the christening is a holiday that is celebrated in the Orthodox and Christian churches, the clothes at this event are of great importance, since they must correspond to the very bright day when the child joins the spiritual life. His appearance can not stand out, but the mood should be positive. Blouses with short sleeves, short skirts, tops and jeans should be abandoned. Such clothes do not correspond to church canons. Pants in any form are not allowed.

  • Low-key dress. The cross and mother of a child should not differ in their appearance. Plain fabrics and neutral colors are welcome. Since this is a festive atmosphere, which will be filled with christening, you need to wear a dress of light colors – white, blue, pale pink, peach, cream, apricot shades. There may be patterns on the dress, but they should be simple and discreet. Dress length should be below the knee. Welcome to the length of the floor.
  • Dress sleeves or blouses. In the alternative dress you can wear a blouse and a skirt. Sleeves blouses or dresses should be long. Blouse should have a simple cut. Not allowed neckline and deep cuts, fitting styles, tight to the figure. Blouse matches the color of the skirt or maybe a couple of tones brighter it. When picking a blouse, she should not hold down movements, especially with regard to the godmother’s blouse – after all, she has a difficult share on her shoulders to calm the baby during the ceremony and hold her in her arms.
  • Footwear. Must be closed at low speed. It may be dark or matched to the main range of attire. No heels and platforms. Not very high shoes, of course, is permissible, but still it is better to refuse. It is better to wear plain closed shoes.
  • Makeup. Naturally, on such a day, any woman will want to look better than anyone, but the church does not accept bright makeup and fancy dresses. Preferred natural makeup – a little powder and a little blush, neat smooth eyebrows, not brightly colored eyelashes. It is possible to apply gloss on lips, but to refuse lipstick. Tinting your lips, keep in mind that the father will ask you to kiss the cross, which means that if you gloss your lips up, then it should be barely noticeable and lasting.
  • Shawl. The head should be covered with a scarf. Naturally you should not do lush hairstyles – just collect the hair in the comet or tail, braid braid. Scarf You can have your own in the colors of the chosen attire, or take a scarf in the church.
  • Cross. Mother’s cross and mother, and, in principle, all those who enter the church should wear a cross that was consecrated in the church. Scratch can take your own or purchase it in the church.

How to dress for christening godfather?

Clothing godfather is quite simple. It is enough to wear light trousers and a shirt with a pair of brighter tones, light closed shoes. Also wear a cross blessed in the church.

What is needed for the baptism of the child godmother

How to wear a baby christening?

During the baptismal ceremony, the baby’s limbs are opened, and therefore the outfit must be free. A girl can wear a spacious dress, and a boy can wear the same spacious shirt and pants or shorts. Then the newborn child is dressed in a white diaper, presented by the godmother or in a baptismal shirt, depending on the traditions of the church in which the baptism ceremony takes place.

How to dress for christening a child under seven?

If it is necessary to baptize a child who is already over a year old, he can be dressed for christening as follows.

  • Shawl. Girls do not have to wear it until the time comes, and up to seven years. According to church canons, a child up to seven years old is considered a baby. However, in order not to embarrass church grandmothers and other guardians of church order, a headscarf can be put on. Thus, you will once again reinsure yourself, because each church has its own rules, which you cannot always tell you about.
  • The dress. Must have a long sleeve, be discreet, made of simple material. In the cold season, you should wear warm tights or pants. If baptism takes place in summer, a long dress is more convenient. If the child turns on her hands, such a dress will not embarrass anyone and will not cause discomfort. Not appropriate even for a child thin straps, cuts and cutouts.
  • White clothes. Wears after the font. White color symbolizes purity, so clothes of this color should be worn after the ceremony. Do not forget about the baptismal set – a towel, a cap, a shirt.

What should godparents buy for christening?

To prepare for the christening of the child is not enough just to dress properly. Godparents are required to purchase certain things that they give to the child as a gift.

  • White shirt or dress for christening. In the store you can purchase a simple version or a model with embroidery. Also, such products are sold directly in the church. If you buy a shirt in a store, do not forget to wash and stroke it before baptism, in order to put a clean one on the baby. The baptismal shirt or shirt is worn after the baptismal rite as a symbol of the fact that the child appears clean before God. According to tradition, this shirt should be worn for eight days. After this period, the shirt is removed and stored for a lifetime. If the child starts to hurt, the baptismal shirt can be put under the pillow. To carry out the baptism of another baby, using the same shirt can not.
  • Pectoral cross. It must be crucified. This baptism should be bought in advance or directly on the day of baptism. The cross must be consecrated. By tradition, it is believed that the cross after baptism can not be removed. Therefore, it is better to pick up a small cross and a rope that the baby would have been difficult to remove from himself.
  • Towel. In some churches a child is wrapped in it after baptism, in other churches a white diaper is used. It will be a diaper or towel – this thing should be stored together with the baptismal shirt of the baby and not washed after the baptismal rite.
  • Kerchief or bonnet. It can be purchased separately or purchase a set with a baptismal set, in which there will be a cap or scarf.

The cost of the baptismal set, which includes a towel, cap, diaper and shirt can be 700-1500 rubles.

What else is needed for the child’s christening?

To be absolutely prepared for christenings, take the following things with you:

What is needed for the baptism of the child godmother

  • Duvet cover. After the child is undressed and dipped into the font, it can become cold. A blanket will provide the child with warmth and comfort.
  • Small package. It will be possible to fold a strand of baby’s hair into it, which the priest will cut. A strand of hair should be stored with a baptismal shirt, diaper or towel.

How should godparents prepare for the rite of baptism?

In addition to clothes and gifts for the baby, godparents need to prepare for the rite of baptism. What exactly should be done or not?

  • Communion and repent of mortal sins a couple of days before the rite of christening.
  • Do not eat or have sex on baptism day.
  • If the godparents baptize the boy, the godfather will read the prayer “Symbol of Faith.” If the parents participate in the girl’s baptism, this prayer will need to be read to the godfather.

What are the duties of the godmother?

Before you agree to become a godmother, you must understand whether you can fulfill these obligations, which are presented below.

  • Vouch for the child before the Lord
  • To be responsible for the spiritual upbringing of the child.
  • Take part in the upbringing and life of the child along with his biological parents
  • Caring for the child in case the biological parents can no longer fulfill their obligations to the child. The godmother can become a full custodian of the baby.
  • Pray for the godfather, be caring and loving godmother
  • Come to church with your child if their parents cannot do it
  • Be an example for a child.

What is required on the christening of the godmother?

  • Please note that the godmother should be baptized and follow Christian laws exactly like the godfather. If the godmother is not baptized, then from the beginning they baptize her, and only then the baby. By the way, biological parents may not be baptized at all or act as supporters of another faith.
  • The godmother must be present on the christening of the child, unlike the godfather, who may attend the christening in absentia.
  • The godparents should remember about the day of the child’s baptism and every year on this day – the day of the Guardian Angel of the godfather – go to church every year, give thanks to the Lord and light a candle.

When agreeing to become the godparents of a child, one should remember not only the dress code, but also the obligations that you must fulfill before the child and before God. Christening is an important rite for the child, his parents and godparents, and therefore it is necessary to prepare for it thoroughly.

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