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Recently, a number of automakers recall cars from owners. Why do they do this and what to do if they ask to return your new car?

Previously, the purchased car was the personal property of the owner. No one was going to withdraw it and deprive the driver of the sacred right to independently repair the car in the garage. Now the situation is different. A personal car is considered as a future product with a residual value, which will later serve as a contribution for the purchase of a new car. Machines after the warranty pass in the trade-in and buy a new car. Based on this sales scheme, the residual value is calculated, maintenance programs and service campaigns are launched to keep the cars in good condition.

Wheel painting

LADA brand announced that it immediately recalls 41,507 Vesta cars due to problems with wheel disks. According to a press release from Rosstandart, “the reason is the identified vehicle equipment with tires of the main dimension 185 / 65R15 Pirelli Cinturato P1 and spare 185 / 65R15 Formula Energy, which was not certified.” A tire with a different tread pattern and under a different name when used could cause a disturbance in the adhesion properties of the wheels of the car and undesirable consequences for the handling. In this case, the quality of tires Pirelli no complaints. The company supplied a certified product, however, Togliatti people themselves began to mix them in complete sets, which is not recommended.

In addition, the observation of inspection structures caused the coloring of the spare wheel. Under current legislation, the color of the spare wheel should be different from the color of the main wheels. This reason was used to launch one of the largest service actions of AvtoVAZ. Car owners will receive calls or messages asking them to drive to the nearest dealership at any convenient time in order to receive a free service. During the day they will replace the wheel and paint the disc. Cars sold from July 2017 to December 2018 are subject to recall.

“Of course, a review is not taking a car out of service or sending it to a factory, but simply repairing it at the expense of a manufacturing company at dealership facilities,” says automotive expert Igor Morzharetto. – There is nothing terrible in the reviews, but there is only benefit. It would have been much worse if the manufacturer would hide the flaws and began to shield themselves, as it often happened. ”

What is given for 5 children

Hatch leaks

Then, their revocable company reported in Volkswagen. The new Tiguan crossovers revealed the flaws in the lighting of the panoramic sunroof. According to the Volkswagen Group Rus representative office, water can penetrate into the backlight module of the lift-slide glass hatch of Volkswagen Tiguan cars, which will cause damage to the electrical circuit. In other words, there is a risk of a short circuit and subsequent temperature damage to the upholstery. This probability is extremely small and can happen only with 0.5% of cars. However, Volkswagen informed Rosstandart and published a press release about the upcoming service action regarding Tiguan. 4.1 thousand cars sold from 2017 to 2018 in the territory of the Russian Federation are subject to recall. On cars will install new cable adapters with built-in fuse between the LED module lighting the panoramic sunroof and the center of the power supply.

Owners of problematic crossovers will be sent e-mails or SMS with information about the timing of the repair. But the reviews are not just for nothing. In December, it was announced that Mazda was about to replace the airbags for the 2,810 Mazda RX8 and CX-9 sold in Russia, released from February 2006 to September 2012. This review was an echo of the big scandal associated with the products of the Japanese supplier of components TAKATA.

Exploding pillows

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the USA (NHTSA), TAKATA, at least since 2000, has been hiding the results of airbag tests that revealed problems with the squibs. Independent US attorneys accused three former TAKATA managers of falsifying the test results of new gas generators, who from time to time exploded and shot drivers in the face with metal fragments. Often a shot at close range led to death and serious injuries to people. Problem cushions were used by almost all automobile brands in Japan, which sold cars all over the world, including in our country.

What is given for 5 children

A US court ordered TAKATA to replace explosive pillows with almost 33.8 million cars of various makes and models at their own expense. Their detailed list is provided by NHTSA. Many cars have changed owners for a long time, resold to countries in Asia or to Russia, so the owners will not receive SMS or email alerts. Owners of such machines must independently contact the brand representatives and figure out how to get a referral for free repair. Although not always it can help. TAKATA pleaded guilty and filed for bankruptcy.

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