What happens in the 16th week of pregnancy

At the 16th week of pregnancy, the most severe and addictive toxicosis should stop, as if someone had turned it off. Baby under the heart of the mother continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Weeks and months

The term of 16 obstetric weeks is four lunar months. For more information on calculating the term, see here.

Confidence and stability

The second trimester is a time of peace and confidence. The threat of losing a baby occurs only in the most acute and difficult situations: a serious illness, a traffic accident. A full figure is not annoying, but happy. The main thing is to increase the weight was normal, that is, up to 400 g per week. Mood swings are now remembered with a smile and thoughts like “Was it really me?”

They can still be very individual for each woman. In addition to toxicosis and emotional instability, now painful sensitivity of the chest and / or nipples can completely disappear.

  1. Appetite much better. Food whims may be preserved, but not so acute. For example, you might want to eat a serving of ice cream. But this desire will not bring you to tears. You calmly wait when you can go and buy what you want.
  2. The uterus slightly presses the diaphragm. Sometimes it makes it hard to breathe. Just make sure that when you choke your hands are not cold, the tips of your fingers do not turn blue and there is no feeling that you are about to faint.
  3. The physiological rhinitis of pregnant women can not get through to the birth. Do not use vasoconstrictor agents. Carry a small spray can with seawater.
  4. Tunnel syndrome may occur, that is, pain and numbness of the wrist.
  5. Another specific sensation is itching in the palms and feet.
  6. Hands, feet, and face may swell slightly. It is safe if it happens only sometimes and passes quickly.
  7. Constipation occurs almost always, it is worth only slightly weaken the diet.

And the most important thing! Mom-thin, especially those who have not the first pregnancy, can feel the first movements of the baby! Be sure to check your feelings, because the light, barely noticeable shocks of your crumbs can be confused with the manifestations of flatulence. In any case, the female consultation doctor will certainly ask if you are mistaken. Are you sure the baby is moving? Write down the date, it is important.

It happens in a different way. Mommies are worried and complain to the doctors: “For almost four months now, but I don’t feel a stir.” This is just fine. The practice of obstetrician-gynecologists shows: most often the first movements of the fetus are felt at 20 weeks in women who are expecting a baby for the first time and at 18 weeks in subsequent pregnancies.

What can hurt

Quite a bit, almost without interruption, from time to time it hurts almost everything:

  • the loin is due to the restructuring of the body;
  • ribs – if you have been sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long time;
  • legs – after a long walk or long standing;
  • stomach below or on the sides – with a sharp change of position;
  • head – in the case of overwork, any experience.

If the pain, even small, almost never stops, tell the doctor about it. Do the same with severe pain.

What happens in the 16th week of pregnancy

What does your body look like

You are beautiful! Do not look for flaws in yourself and do not think that you have become unattractive. Yes, the body is changing noticeably, but this is the norm.


She looks more complete. You feel its heaviness. The skin around the nipples is probably darkened, and yellowish-white bumps are visible on it. Under the skin of each breast, dark veins can clearly appear. Ensure that there are no stretch marks. For their prevention, use any special cream or good olive oil.


Your waist is rounded and your tummy is visible in any tight-fitting clothing. You should already have comfortable pants for pregnant women and, perhaps, special blouses and sweaters. Depending on the season and the climate in your area, special tights may be required. And in the heat, choose beautiful and comfortable sundresses.

In pregnancy, the twin belly grows faster and sooner becomes noticeable.


The thin strip between the pubic hairline and the navel is still clearly visible. Pigmented spots may appear. But often you can just marvel at how amazingly tender the skin becomes over the entire body. Due to the increase in blood volume, it may acquire a special pink tint (instead of the original light shade).

Photos of tummies:

What’s going on inside you

Your body, if you are healthy, copes well with the load. The heart pumps increased blood volume, the muscles and the spine adjust to weight gain.

The uterus has grown up so that it weighs a quarter kilogram. Interestingly, about the same weight – in the amniotic fluid.

To properly judge your vaginal discharge, wash your face every morning, and then check the state of your underwear. If you feel the humidity, the discharge is more abundant than it should be. If at the same time there is an unpleasant smell, yellow color or a cheesy consistency of discharge, be examined by a doctor.

It seems to you that water is released from the vagina? This may be a leakage of amniotic fluid. Let the doctor conduct an additional check. Pharmacies have special pads that change color depending on the nature and composition of the vaginal discharge. They can be quite expensive.

The most unpleasant thing is brown smears, blood or real bleeding. Contact the doctor urgently.

Future mothers often ask the question – is it necessary to have a special tool for intimate hygiene? Decide for yourself. If you are accustomed to something specific, there is no point in changing hygiene skills. Trying something new is hardly worth it – during pregnancy, unusual hygiene products can be poorly tolerated by skin, especially sensitive.

Colostrum can be extracted from your nipples – clear, whitish or yellowish liquid, the future nutrition of the baby. Do not decant the droplets and use special liners in the bra.

Do you wear a bandage?

On the Internet, you can find this advice: wear a bandage for back pain, but only if the child is positioned correctly. There is some truth and delusion.

True: a bandage will really help support a growing tummy. Especially with multiple pregnancies. Due to this support, the load on the back is also reduced.

Misconception: on the 16th week it is still impossible to talk about the right or wrong position of the fetus in the uterus. The baby inside you is not at all crowded, and he may even turn around more than once during the day. The problem of the incorrect position of the child occurs after 32-36 weeks of pregnancy.

What do doctors prescribe

Laboratory and other medical tests your doctor will prescribe according to your general condition. For example, if there is reason to suspect the development of pathologies, it is possible to test the amniotic fluid. It is taken under local anesthesia through a puncture of the abdominal skin over the uterine cavity. The sample is investigated in the laboratory. Such ways revealed up to forty potential defects and infections.

What happens in the 16th week of pregnancy

The procedure is not 100% safe. In very rare cases, it provokes a miscarriage of the fetus.

Ultrasound is appointed for special reasons. You may have a dopplerometry. This study is a test of blood flow in the umbilical cord. If it is broken, then the child does not have enough nutrition. Then the doctor will identify the causes of poor blood circulation and prescribe treatment.

Fetal development

Now the baby is actively growing up from the head to the heels. Besides:

  • the skeleton is actively stiff;
  • legs are extended;
  • all muscles are improved;
  • Some systems work quite “grown-up”: for example, the baby swallows the amniotic fluid, it turns into urine and is excreted;
  • heart pounding about twice as often as mothers, and perfectly pumps blood;
  • new blood bodies are formed in the baby’s blood; a special fetal hemoglobin begins to be produced;
  • genitals develop, and if the baby turns around successfully with ultrasound, an experienced doctor will tell you if you are waiting for a girl or a boy;
  • the eyelids are almost finished their development and are ready to open;
  • the baby moves its limbs, sucks on a finger and makes faces.

In addition to the overall size of the small body, with ultrasound, the doctor checks the individual parameters. For example, baby’s forearms have a length of 12-18 mm, and the head circumference is 11-13 cm.

All fetal movements are unconscious, spontaneous. The face of the baby is already quite human, only the eyes look too convex.

The umbilical cord now has a length of about half a meter and a diameter of 20 mm. It is flexible and durable.

Fading Pregnancy

In adverse conditions, the fetus may die in the uterus. Main reasons:

  • infections;
  • severe developmental abnormalities;
  • rhesus conflict;
  • other negative factors (unhealthy lifestyle, unfavorable ecology).

What happens in the 16th week of pregnancy

When pregnancy stops fading, the dead fetus remains in the uterus and creates a threat to the life of the woman. If the development of pregnancy stops, the doctor will write out the referral to the hospital. There, with the help of special preparations, artificial labor will be caused.

Women who survived a frozen pregnancy are advised not to plan for conception within the next year.


On the 16th week of pregnancy, follow the same nutritional guidelines:

  • frequent
  • in small portions;
  • hearty breakfast, but light dinner;
  • 30% of vegetables and fruits;
  • meat – lean, but fatty fish (for the sake of important organic acids);
  • porridge – every day;
  • Choose bread with bran, whole grain.

Nutritionists advise to abandon now soft and processed cheeses because of food additives in them. Exotic, new and unusual products are not recommended. All food must be fully prepared: no Japanese cuisine with raw fish, steaks with blood and drinking raw eggs.

Other tips:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that never rubs or crushes. Linen – only from natural fabrics.
  2. Wash your breasts with cool water and leave them naked for 1-2 minutes. It is useful for skin and muscles.
  3. Try to avoid smoking areas. From your own habit of cigarettes, if it was, you should have long been abandoned.
  4. Sleep on your side, putting a pillow under your stomach. This is the best posture to sleep.
  5. Forget about heels for the coming months.
  6. If you have ever had kidney problems, be careful. It may be worth further examination. Sometimes during pregnancy pyelonephritis occurs (kidney disease).
  7. Watch your blood pressure. When it is lowered, the baby may receive less oxygen, and with an increased level, you may feel bad.
  8. Even with good health, do not go to the sauna and / or the bath.
  9. Walk every day when the weather permits.
  10. In the hot season, do not be long in the sun.
  11. For sex, choose such positions in which you can control the depth of penetration.
  12. If you are still forgetful and distracted, get a diary.

In the sixteenth week, you can fully experience how strong, beautiful and happy you are.

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