What games can you think of for your birthday

When a person organizes a holiday for any reason, he wants everything to be at the highest level. And it is not surprising, because any person wishes goodness and happiness to his relative. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are more serious in organizing the holidays of their relatives than in holding their own celebrations. This is especially true of organizing events for really close relatives, for example, a brother or sister. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are interested in games and contests for the birthday of a sister, with which you can make any celebration truly memorable and fun.

Find your sister!

The competition is held for brothers or sisters of the hero of the occasion. If the birthday woman has several brothers and sisters, then the competition for each person is held separately. The contestant is blindfolded. After that, the host invites several girls to the gym, including the participant’s sister. The girls stretch their arms, and the participant should approach each of them and touch their hands. The essence of the competition is that a person needs to guess which hands belong to his sister. The competition is quite fun and can be held at the very beginning of the holiday, while all the guests are not yet ready to fully participate in mass competitions.

Everyone who wants to take part in the competition takes his chair and puts it in the center of the hall. The result should be a circle of chairs. The birthday girl takes her chair and places it in the center of the circle. After that, the presenter sits her in a chair and blindfolded her. Guests sit in a circle, and the show “Voice” begins. However, participants do not need to sing, as in a popular television show. Instead, they should alternately shout random phrases without turning everything into a farce. The task of the birthday girl is to try to guess who the voice belongs after each shouting. If she succeeds, the facilitator removes the bandage from her, and the lady sits down to all the other participants. Well, in her place sits the man whose voice she guessed.

Without synonyms

Pretty funny contest for my sister’s birthday. For its implementation will need to prepare in advance. It will be necessary to prepare a sufficient number of cards, on each of which you need to write any synonym, for example, a sport, the name of a profession or the name of an actor. Cards with folded words should be put in a hat or box.

What games can you think of for your birthday

Absolutely everyone can participate in this competition, since it can be held right during the feast. The presenter comes up to one of the guests, asks him to pull out his card and read to himself the word written on it. After that, a person needs to describe this word as accurately as possible, without using explicit synonyms. For example, if a person came across a card on which Johnny Depp’s name was written, then he could call films in which the actor was filmed. But at the same time a person can not be called famous characters played by Johnny Depp. That is, the participant may say “Pirates of the Caribbean,” but he should not say “Captain Jack Sparrow.” If a participant pronounces such an obvious synonym, then the moderator removes two points from him. The task of the guests is to guess the word written on the card. The winner is the person who needed fewer attempts to describe the synonym.

Do you know your sister?

Another contest in which only the birthday girl brothers or sisters can participate. Before it is held, the presenter must speak in private with the hero of the occasion, who needs to be told about herself. The birthday woman should tell the facilitator about such facts that even her brothers or sisters may not know about. After that, the presenter must complement these facts with obvious fictions. When everything is ready, the leader calls the brother or sister of the birthday girl, and begins to read the facts, mixed with fantasies. The task of the participant is to guess when the truth sounds, and when – fiction.

What games can you think of for your birthday

This is a pretty fun contest that will amuse not only relatives, but also all the guests present. Well, so that they do not get bored, you can hold the same competition for them. Thus, it is possible to identify who knows the birthday girl best of all.

Blind artist

It’s no secret that a deaf composer can write music. But can a blind artist draw a picture? This is exactly what proposes to find out this contest, which is ideal for the birthday of a sister.

For the contest “Blind Artist”, you need to prepare two easels and a few markers. The presenter calls those who want to participate in the competition, and asks them to draw the hero of the occasion. The task is complicated by the fact that each participant leads the blindfold. For drawing a portrait each is given three minutes. After this, the contest ends, and the birthday girl must identify the winner.

This competition will surely cause a storm of emotions and fun, because the “artists” will have portraits that Picasso himself would envy.

Find a soul mate!

This competition does not offer participants to find a mate for themselves, as the name suggests. For its holding, it is necessary to cut out portraits of men and women from old magazines in advance. After that it is necessary to cut each portrait into two parts. Some halves are given to the birthday girl, and the latter are mixed and poured onto the table. After this, the birthday girl puts a part of the portrait on the table, and the task of the participants is to find the second half of the full image from a pile of pieces of paper. The winner is the one who managed to do it faster.

Patter contest

Why not hold a patter contest for your sister’s birthday? Such contests always look fun and funny. Therefore, with its help you can accurately entertain all the guests present. However, to conduct it, it will be necessary to prepare in advance a list of modern tongue twisters, about which very few people know, so that the process could be more fun.

Another contest that is associated with patters. However, it is a bit more complicated than the previous one. It is complicated by the fact that the participant must repeat the saying that has passed through several people.

For the competition it is necessary to divide the guests into two teams and sit them in two parallel lines. After that, the leader approaches the first participant and says a whisper in his ear in a whisper. The participant’s task is to memorize the patter and play it in the ear of a member of his team. That is, the competition resembles the classic game “Corrupted Phone”. However, it is complicated by the fact that participants must pass each other not just words, but tongue twisters. The task of the last participant is to get up and clearly pronounce the patter heard. Whose option will be closer to the original, the team will win.

Festive horoscope

If you are organizing your sister’s birthday, then you probably know the guests she invited. But even if you do not know them, ask your sister to tell you about these guests. After that, you need to come up with each guest a horoscope, which will need to be read during a feast. You can be sure that guests will like it.

What games can you think of for your birthday

Happy birthday voice greetings to your sister

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