What fish can a child up to a year

Fish is a valuable and useful food product, which has all the amino acids necessary for a growing body.

In any fresh fish, sea or river, a lot of easily digestible protein, which is necessary for a child for full development and growth. In addition, fish contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary for the normal formation of nervous tissue, as well as minerals and vitamins for the formation of bones and teeth.

These valuable components help your baby grow up healthy, strengthen its immunity. But we must not forget that some varieties of fish are very allergenic, and besides, fish products can be a source of infection by various pathogenic organisms. Therefore, for baby food it is necessary to choose only fresh fish and expose it to a thorough heat treatment. Today we will talk about what kind of fish can be given to a baby up to a year, what kind of fish can be given to a one year old child.

What fish can be given to a child?

To answer the question of what kind of fish to give to a child, we first recall what kinds of fish are there.

What fish can a child up to a year

We list three main categories:

  • low-fat varieties (not more than 4% of fat) – haddock, silver hake, river pike perch, navaga;
  • moderately fatty varieties (not more than 8% fat) – Baltic herring, grouper, catfish, carp, catfish;
  • fatty varieties (more than 8%) – pink salmon, stellate sturgeon, chum salmon, sturgeon, mackerel, saury, herring.

What fish can be given to a child under one year old? Babies younger than a year can be given low-fat varieties. Older crumbs can be prepared from moderately fatty fish dishes, but the amount of fish products in the diet should be limited. It is better to refuse fatty fish, since the one-year-old baby’s stomach cannot cope with this product.

You can not give children up to the year caviar, fried and smoked fish. When choosing which fish to give to a child, you need to take into account the method of its preparation. The fact is that in fish there are extractive substances (carnosine, purine bases, creatine), which, when cooked, turn into broth, stimulating the secretion of gastric juice and giving it a specific taste. Excessive stimulation of the digestive glands can lead to their overstrain, so pediatricians advise you to enter fish broths after 3 years.

What fish can a child up to a year

What fish products to start feeding on?

If you answer the question of what kind of fish to give to a child who will try it for the first time, I must say that it is better to offer him fish puree in jars without spices and starch. Children from year can give fish pieces. Children under three years old should not salt the fish, because salt is found in fish in its natural form.

If you prefer to cook for your baby by yourself, remember that the value and safety of the dish depends on the correctness of the preparation and storage of fish. If you decide to use frozen fish, then it must be fresh.

To prevent the fish from defrosting lose its beneficial properties, it is necessary to thaw it in brine (10 g of salt per liter of water). Rinse lightly thawed fillets in cold water, put into boiling water and cook for 10-15 minutes on low heat. Rub the fish fillet through a sieve and add a few drops of sunflower oil. The finished fish puree is stored in a closed container in the refrigerator for no more than two days. Before serving, you can mix mashed potatoes with foods that are already familiar to the baby (with cereal or vegetables).

Like any new food, fish in the diet of the baby should be introduced gradually, starting with half a teaspoon. Parents should carefully monitor the child’s response to a new product. A new dish is better to offer crumbs for breakfast or lunch, and if the sample passed normally, then in a few weeks you can bring the amount of complementary foods to the age limit – 50 g per day of lean fish or 100-150 g of fish and vegetable puree:

  • up to a year – 30-60 g per day;
  • in a year and a half – 70 grams;
  • for a child of two or three years old – 80 grams.

In the future, meat puree once or twice a week can be replaced by fish.

What fish can one year old child?

After the baby is one year old, it is already possible to cook various fish fillet dishes. Think about what kind of fish to give to one year old child? It is worth paying attention to low-fat and low-fat varieties of fish. You can cook cod, trout, zander, navaga, perch, pollock or hake. You can not cook dishes from bony fish, as the bones can damage the baby’s mucous membrane or get stuck in the throat. Choose varieties of fish where there are few bones or they are large.

If in the diet of the baby already had a meat dish, the fish is better to cook the next day. For older children, this combination is acceptable, but not in one meal.

When you decide what kind of fish to give a one-year-old child, put it out or steam it up, as in this form the product will retain all its beneficial properties. You can make pudding or fishballs.

What fish can a child up to a year

If the child did not like fish dishes, you should not force him to feed him. We need to take a break, and then try again. It is possible that the baby will later evaluate the new feed positively.

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