What drugs help to get pregnant

Every woman who decided to become a mother begins to take her health seriously and plan pregnancy in advance. But there are cases when a woman cannot become pregnant for a number of reasons and she is prescribed a lot of additional examinations in order to make an accurate diagnosis and fix the problem as soon as possible. If serious violations in the body of a woman are not observed, then doctors recommend taking drugs that will help speed up the process of conception.

If a woman has no health problems, and only minor hormonal disorders or a lack of some vitamin are present in the body, the doctor will prescribe drugs that will resume the correct functioning of the reproductive system.

Preparations for planning pregnancy for women: indications for administration

Even if you do not have problems with reproductive function, your body should prepare for the upcoming pregnancy. Taking medications has a positive effect on the further development of pregnancy without complications.

Before you start taking medication, you should change your lifestyle to get the most out of the upcoming course.

  1. To refuse from bad habits. Alcohol is eliminated from the body in 3 weeks, which cannot be said about nicotine. Tobacco accumulates in the body very quickly, and reducing its quantity is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, at least three months before the forthcoming pregnancy, the expectant mother needs to give up addiction.
  2. Change your diet. This does not mean that the expectant mother should go on a diet. A woman needs to enrich her diet with all sorts of useful vitamins, preferably natural.
  3. Charging or light exercise. In pregnancy, sports are contraindicated, but light loads are useful, especially if you pay attention to the upcoming delivery and the preparation of the body for such an event.

After the woman will adjust the way of life, it is worth doing one more not less important factor. To fill the missing elements in the body for the speedy conception. If, after checking the tests, no irregularities are noticed, the woman is prescribed herbal preparations and medicines that will facilitate the early conception.

If there are hormonal disorders, the doctor will prescribe hormonal medications that will lead the body to normal. And in case of difficulties with ovulation, tablets that stimulate the work of the ovaries are prescribed.

What are the drugs when planning pregnancy: classification

Modern medicine has managed to create a lot of drugs that have a positive effect on pregnancy or help its occurrence. They can be divided into 2 large groups:

  • hormonal drugs (among them, combined oral contraceptives, progestogens and drugs to stimulate ovulation);
  • non-hormonal agents (dietary supplements, vitamins and vegetable substances).

Unfortunately, many doctors are convinced that any pregnancy should be supported with the help of various medications and procedures.

But the only medicine that should be taken by a healthy pregnant woman during the first trimester is folic acid. It does not cause any harm, but rather improves the functioning of the mother’s body and reduces the risk of placental abruption or miscarriage.

Immediately before pregnancy, doctors prescribe to drink folic acid in order to replenish the necessary supply of trace elements to maintain the embryo.

For the full development of the fetus in the mother’s body must be present all the necessary vitamins A, C, E and almost all of the group B. Do not forget about the normal amount of iodine, calcium and many others.

If, before or during pregnancy, malfunctions in the body began, doctors prescribe other drugs that remove the problem and do not harm the fetus.


After the tests have been passed, a woman may be prescribed hormone preparations for the fastest conception or for the normal course of pregnancy if the woman’s hormones are not in the normal amount. They may be higher than normal or lower. To replenish or balance the hormonal balance, pills or suppositories are prescribed.

  1. For example, the drug Duphaston. He is prescribed to future mothers in the event that progesterone hormone is not enough in the blood. Lack of progesterone is called luteal insufficiency, which leads to the problem with conception. Even after successful fertilization, a pregnant woman should take this medication to keep the hormone toned. Duphaston reduces the risk of miscarriage.
  2. In case of unstable menstruation, the doctor prescribes oral contraceptives to stabilize hormones. After the expectant mother will undergo a course of hormonal therapy, the chances of pregnancy will be much higher. Mark the most effective OK: Yarin and Zhanin. After taking these pills, hormones returned to normal in women and they were able to safely get pregnant without additional preparations for conception.


Medicines on herbs are prescribed to girls who do not have severe disruptions in the body or there are contraindications to the use of hormonal drugs.

  1. Cyclodinone – pills that improve the reproductive system. This medication contains only herbs that contribute to the production of missing hormones. Also, cyclodinone is prescribed if the girl has an irregular menstrual cycle. Even without taking hormonal drugs, it is possible to “equalize the menstruation” and get pregnant safely.
  2. Herbal preparations – they contain sage, plantain and Adam’s root. In order for herbal medicine to be effective, you need to contact a herbalist.


Stimulation of ovulation is prescribed if the girl’s ovaries do not cope with the desired task. Due to a lack of hormones, the egg does not have time to mature, or else it cannot mature at all. The ovaries contain follicles, within which the egg cell begins to mature.

On a certain day, the follicle must break so that a mature egg can reach the uterus and wait for fertilization. If this follicle cannot break, drugs are prescribed that contain follicle-stimulating hormones. If everything is good with this part, but there is not enough progesterone to mature the egg, the doctor prescribes luteinizing hormones.

Drugs that fill the missing hormones:

Hot pricks for conceiving a child

Calcium gluconate set for planning a pregnancy, if the girl has no apparent reason for the absence of pregnancy.

Hot injection helps to remove inflammatory processes in the body, which interfere with fertilization.

Most often injections put no more than 3 pieces. Then the pregnancy safely comes.

What drugs help to get pregnant

Hormone therapy: indications and list

Hormonal drugs help prepare the uterus for pregnancy and carrying a child without complications. It happens that the problem with conception may not be a girl, but her partner, in which case a man should be examined.

Hormonal medications are prescribed for:

  1. Disorders in the hormonal system of women. In this case, she just needs to drink a course of pills that will adjust her hormonal levels and restore normal reproductive function.
  2. Poor ovulation or lack of it. In this case, drugs that stimulate the production of the necessary hormones FSH or LH are prescribed. Without them, pregnancy is impossible, since ovulation does not occur at all, or the egg does not have time to live until fertilization.

The list of drugs prescribed by the doctor for hormonal disorders:

  1. Utrozhestan. The composition has the necessary progesterone. It is this hormone that helps prepare the uterus for carrying a baby and for successful attachment to its walls.
  2. Duphaston is prescribed if the girl had a spontaneous miscarriage, or if there was a shortage of luteinizing hormone. Also, this medicine is prescribed for endometriosis and unstable menses.

Drugs, with a lack of FLG, LH or prolactin:

  1. Klostilbegit – this medicine is used most often. It fills in the body and prolactin and the missing FSH and LH.
  2. Menogon – the drug is released in ampoules. Promotes the production of FSH and LH in the body.
  3. Puregon is suitable for natural and artificial insemination. But when taking the medication it is worth considering that there are contraindications:

What drugs help to get pregnant

The efficiency of hot injections

Doctors say that after such a procedure as a hot injection, pregnancy sets in pretty quickly. It is enough to put three injections – and the girl will have a long-awaited conception.


For each of the drugs have their own contraindications that need attention. For example, some hormonal drugs are contraindicated for girls who have allergic reactions to one of the components. Or there are serious diseases of the kidneys and cardiovascular system.

Possible negative effects of taking drugs

If a woman does not have any diseases that could provoke a worsening of her condition while taking medicine, then there should be no consequences.

The consequences can be, if:

  1. Medicines are taken more often than prescribed by the doctor. In this case, there is an overdose.
  2. Allergic reaction in the form of a rash. It is necessary to stop taking the medication.
  3. General deterioration. The patient is not suitable prescribed drugs.

When can pregnancy occur

Pregnancy occurs when all problems with reproductive function are eliminated and the woman is completely healthy. Immediately after the body has adjusted its work – fertilization of the egg occurs.

What drugs help to get pregnant

Doctor’s recommendations

Doctors recommend to pass examinations in advance to both partners, so that conception comes as soon as possible. In case of detection of abnormalities, treatment is prescribed, which will optimally solve the problem with impossibility of conception.

Even if there are any problems with conceiving a child – do not despair. Modern medicine can fix almost any problem. The main thing is to take the diagnosis seriously and undergo a mandatory course of treatment.

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