What does it mean if you are dreaming about pregnancy?

Dream Interpretation – Why dream of pregnancy?

  • Why the pregnancy dreamed of a girl: For a girl, a dream in which she sees her own pregnancy means that she faces a disgrace.
  • Why dream of pregnancy If: a woman a woman dreams what she means, is pregnant, in real life this event will happen soon. If a pregnant woman dreams of such a dream, then such a dream will serve as a prediction of her safe birth.
  • Man dreams of pregnancy: For a man who dreamed of, pregnancy means that he would like to have a child from his beloved, may indicate his willingness to assume additional responsibility.
  • Why pregnancy dreams of friends, daughter: The value of this is quite a good sleep and promises happiness in the near Pregnancy.
  • future dream of a virgin: In the near future, intrigues and gossip will appear around you.
  • Pregnancy happiness: To the boy and the rapid birth.
  • Dream Interpretation Pregnancy Like this: a dream girl cannot prophesy trouble.
  • What dreams of being pregnant with twins: To give birth to twins in a dream means calm and balance in your personal dream. life brings with it comfort, joy and fall, but not prosperity in extremes!
  • Other people’s dream dream: Fortunately huge. Any troubles you have at the moment, will be easily resolved.

Why pregnancy dreams sisters?

If the dream of pregnancy managed to see her unmarried sister, then more likely in reality, she will soon have a wedding. If this you were glad of her pregnancy, then the marriage promises to be happy and strong. If the pregnancy dreamed of your married sister, then in her relationship with the spouse there will be a change. What they will only depend on the dream atmosphere. If in the course of your dream your sister bears twins, then in reality your family will have financial well-being and material Controversy. Prosperity in a dream with a pregnant sister testifies to gossip and intrigue, which will be able to undermine your Besides. the status of this dream, in which you interacted with a pregnant sister, can mean that she has a problem, about which she wants you to.

To tell a dream pregnant mother?

A dream, a dream where a pregnant mother can be interpreted in age from the dependence of the mother. But usually such a dream is a foreshadowing of enormous material gains or rare knowledge that can help you as well. In the future, such a dream may have a direct relationship to the mother. If she dreamed it, then a pregnant woman can say that she will have easy childbirth. This dream is also a reflection of your anxiety for its position. In addition to this, the dream of a mother’s pregnancy foreshadows that she is ready to do something new. He is something that symbolizes the mother in this period of time at all, and the energetic is not afraid to get carried away with something.

For an extraordinary dream of your own pregnancy?

For the dream of a woman, in which she saw herself in a possible, position interpreted depending on age. For women of advanced years, sleep does not bode well. most likely in the future there will be a risk of development for. diseases of married women such dreams about testify that in reality they will be proud of their children and themselves. A young and unmarried dream of a girl foreshadows deception and possible betrayal. the guy of this, the dream can talk about prosperity and profits to those whose financial situation is not good too. If a woman regularly sees a pregnant woman in a dream, then it is a precursor of the frequent ones, it is better not to start illnesses.

Why dream of pregnancy girl? pregnant about dreaming a girl can be interpreted in different ways. young For girls, more often than not, he foreshadows a loved one of betrayal of a person or a lie on the part of someone close to him. Also, the option is not excluded, the realities in which there will be situations in which to experience will need a sense of shame. If during the process I had to talk with an unmarried pregnant girl, then the precursor is worries. If an unmarried pregnant girl was present in the dream, then such a dream foreshadows many difficulties that need to be eliminated. young If a girl dreamed that her friend was soon, then she would be able to meet her second half in pregnancy. If you have a pregnancy, then in the future you will need to resist gossip.

Pregnancy Miller’s Dream Interpretation

Pregnancy most often dreams of marriage unsuccessful to a woman; their children can be like this. ugly disgraced virgin. A pregnant woman in her life dreams of a safe birth and a quick recovery after it.

What does it mean if you are dreaming about pregnancy?

Freudan Dream

Pregnancy in a dream gives the woman to understand that in this real life she can soon happen. More if that woman dreamed what she meant, she got pregnant soon she would get acquainted with a new relationship, and their man would become more effective than with the beloved one. If the pregnancy dreamed of a man, it means that he has the desire of the child to have from his beloved partner. If the man himself became pregnant in a dream, it means that the girls with the relationship will be tense.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

to the girl, Young dream means deception; woman – the increase and the joy of self-esteem, man – you will make plans for the future. If you dream in a dream about a pregnant woman – wait for trouble.

Dream Woman

What dreams of Pregnancy – If a woman dreams of a dream that she is pregnant, then soon, in real life this will happen. sleeping as a woman. If a woman is pregnant for real, then this one predicts a successful delivery to her and a quick recovery. Pregnancy. forces in a dream for a man gives that, to understand he wants to have a child from his woman beloved.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dream Interpretation Dreamed. Pregnancy – For an adult man, to see in a pregnant dream – to better changes, to improve financial childbirth, well-being dreams – to the upcoming difficulties. Being pregnant with a number – to favorable hopes. To be pregnant in the dream, to the wealth itself. A woman sees herself in a pregnant dream – to success in the household, financial family in the well-being and joy. For a young girl in a dream to be pregnant – to the possible deception.

What does it mean if you are dreaming about pregnancy?

Lunar online dream book

Dream Interpretation Pregnancy – For young cheating – girls; for a mature woman – joy and deeds in success.

Modern dream book

What dreams of Pregnant – Pregnancy (s) to be – Pregnant (s) to be – For a favorable time for you to realize the idea for which you have been preparing for a long time. Be persistent, and you will achieve an excellent result necessarily!

Dream Dream

Why Pregnancy dreams – For a young girl – deception; women for – success, joy and execution of the secret to the Adult. wishes of a man to be pregnant in a dream – to the disease; treason, possible danger; see pregnant – wait for trouble.

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