What can you drink to get pregnant

When a couple for many months trying in vain to get pregnant, sad thoughts creep in: what if someone of the partners has a physiological problem that will not allow the miracle to happen!

Every woman wants to experience the joy of motherhood, so it becomes very disturbing to the soul when trying to conceive a child does not bring success. In such a situation, girls with an active lifestyle do not give up and prefer to act.

The first and main recommendation for the couple is a visit to the doctor with a subsequent study of the partners’ state of the organism. This is the only way to determine with certainty the true cause of infertility or to confirm that there are no obstacles to conceiving. Sometimes, lovers just need to “try” a little longer – and an important event will occur.

How else to help yourself in this situation? What pills to drink to get pregnant? Are there vitamins and herbs that can be used to increase fertility?

We supply the body with vitamins

A woman’s fertility is directly dependent on her daily diet. What are the vitamins worth drinking to get pregnant?

Proper balanced diet, in which the female body receives the normal amount of minerals and vitamins, is the key to success for conceiving a child. It is worth knowing that women need to drink vitamin E in order to become pregnant. Both partners are recommended to take medicinal complexes containing vitamins A, D, K2, B2 and B12.

  • maintain hormone levels up to the mark;
  • stimulate the production of sperm in men;
  • normalize the ovaries;
  • positively affect the production of eggs;
  • prepare the female body for fertilization;
  • prevent miscarriage.

A healthy diet, taking vitamins and enriching the body with iron, zinc, proteins and fats will definitely benefit you.

How to fill the shortage of vitamin E?

Vitamin E can be found not only in the pharmacy in the form of tablets, but also in the grocery departments of stores.

What can you drink to get pregnant

This substance perfectly stimulates sexual function in men and women. Its greatest amount is contained in the petals of flowers of roses, pumpkin, berries and sea buckthorn oil.

These products not only increase fertility, but also have another positive effect. For example, the benefits of pumpkin is to reduce the risk of toxemia in expectant mothers, as well as to assist the body in making milk during lactation.

Folic acid to help expectant mothers

Talk with your doctor about which pills to drink to get pregnant, because the individual appointment will depend on your diagnosis. But there is also a universal remedy that contributes to an increase in fertility – folic acid.

In addition to helping the female body prepare for a long-awaited pregnancy, folic acid in combination with antioxidants is useful for the growth of the embryo, and can prevent congenital anomalies of brain development and spinal defects. This substance is necessary even for adults in order to maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Where to find such a useful tool? The fact that folic acid is the best friend of all those planning and pregnant is not a secret. To get pregnant faster, you need to get the approval of the doctor and drink this drug daily in pill form.

Folic acid and antioxidants can also be found in food. Traditional medicine recommends eating cereals, beans, green vegetables, berries and mushrooms. Pay attention to papaya, corn, spinach, eggplant, carrots and cauliflower.

Folk secrets

You do not like to take medicines from the pharmacy and trust the traditional medicine more? Let’s see which herbs the healers recommend drinking to get pregnant easily and quickly.

Herbal decoctions will help you to grow your family. An excellent reputation for increasing fertility is:

A decoction of this herb was used in ancient Greece to combat female infertility. After years of war and the most severe epidemics in ancient Egypt, women, no matter how healthy they seemed outwardly, were obliged to drink tincture of sage seeds in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Folk remedy can be taken every day for two to three months, taking breaks during menstruation. If during this period the pregnancy has not come, pause for one cycle, and then use the tincture again.

Cooking a decoction is very simple: 1 tbsp. A spoon of sage poured a glass of boiling water and insist. Drink a tablespoon twice a day.

The herb contains a phytohormone, by its properties similar to the female hormone estrogen. Due to this, sage decoction has a good effect on the condition of the cervix, and it becomes easier for sperm to pass through it to the egg cell.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of positive reviews about this tool, the mechanism of its effect on female fertility has not been significantly studied.

Nevertheless, in the struggle for healthy offspring, one cannot neglect ways that are very likely to increase the chances of pregnancy. Borovoy uterus is often used to treat diseases on the gynecological part.

In order to prepare the decoction, you will need to get leaves and flowers. Prepare the tincture in a water bath, drink a tablespoon 4 times a day.

A decoction of this weed will help get rid of the ills of the reproductive system, and will also be an excellent prevention of gynecological troubles. The tincture is prepared in a water bath.

Take 1 tbsp. spoon 2-3 times a day. The course can last up to one and a half months, after which at least a short pause should be made.

The benefits of decoction of the petals of the most ordinary roses is the increased content of vitamin E. As discussed above, the deficiency of this substance can interfere with fertilization of the egg. For the same reason, folk healers recommend women and sea buckthorn decoction.

In the fight against infertility, you have another helper – the grass of the highlander bird (goose / bird buckwheat, knotweed, desert grass, chariot). This plant has a positive effect on the state of the uterus and ovaries, and therefore, increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Drink tea (teaspoon knotweed per liter of water) or strong broth (2 spoons of herbs pour 2 cups of boiling water) infused for 4 hours. Strain the agent and take 4 times a day before meals. To achieve a positive effect, it is enough to drink half a glass at a time.

In this case, for the treatment of female and male infertility is not used a decoction, and fresh juice. Drink it 30 minutes before a meal in half a glass twice or thrice a day.

  • Coltsfoot in a complex with other herbs

Are you having difficulty conceiving due to inflammation of the ovaries? To overcome this difficulty will help you a decoction of coltsfoot.

Take 50 grams of this grass, add chamomile, sweet clover, calendula flowers and pour boiling water (0.5 l). Let the broth stand for three hours and drink half a cup 5 times a day.

The course of treatment lasts about 1-2 months. The peculiarity of treatment is that at this time it is necessary to refrain from sexual acts.

To solve many women’s problems in the field of gynecology, as well as increase fertility will help one-sided dispute. This plant – flowers and leaves – is taken in proportion to 2 tbsp. spoon 30 ml of water and boil for 10 minutes, insist half an hour and pereezhyvayut.

Drink 1 tbsp. spoon 4 times a day. But how long to take this tool will depend on the severity of the disease with which you are fighting. The short course will last several weeks, and the longest – up to four months.

What can you drink to get pregnant

Both doctors and healers give their valuable recommendations on what to drink, so that the long-awaited pregnancy is successful. Do not neglect them!

Take vitamin E and folic acid, undergo treatment with healing broths of sage, knotweed or coltsfoot – and you will greatly increase your chances of becoming a mother!

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