What can be pregnant from the head

Pregnancy is a special period in the life of a woman who gives her great joy. But he is also not without discomfort, and some health problems. A woman in a position often has a headache. Moreover, its causes may be completely different. However, it is necessary to deal with such a state, since it significantly impairs the well-being of the future mother. But pills for headaches during pregnancy, you can not all.

Why does discomfort appear?

During the period when the baby is born, all the organs and systems of the woman experience a double load, so it is not surprising that their functioning can sometimes fail. Before taking any medicine, it is necessary to find out the reason for the appearance of discomfort.

What can be pregnant from the head

So, there are various internal and external factors that provoke a headache for a woman during pregnancy. To external include:

  1. Tobacco smoke, as well as insufficient fresh air.
  2. Loud noise.
  3. Air temperature is too high or cold.
  1. Strong odors.
  2. Wrong diet. The menu of women during pregnancy should not include such products: chocolate, smoked meats, citrus, nuts and legumes, mature cheese. You should also not eat too many bananas, use sugar substitutes.

Natalia Alexandrovna Chukhareva, General Practitioner, Junior Researcher, Therapeutic Department, Academician Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology Research Center

Naturally, these factors can be quickly eliminated, with the result that the headache problem goes away by itself. However, there are cases in which the use of pills for headaches in a woman during pregnancy is simply necessary. Internal factors can cause severe discomfort:

  • Dehydration of the body, as well as the prolonged presence of women in stress.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Increase the amount of circulating blood.

If a woman had frequent headaches before pregnancy, then during this period they will increase significantly and will appear more often. But here the patient cannot take those pills or herbal preparations that she used before. Self-medication can harm the baby.

What remedies are allowed pregnant?

So, if a woman in position needs to take pills from her head, she needs to figure out which means are allowed for her. Not all drugs are equally beneficial for the mother and her future baby. Now you can consider in more detail which pills for headaches can be used during pregnancy. The list includes:

  1. “Paracetamol”. This drug, as well as its derivatives, are considered the safest. The use of drugs presented is allowed from the first trimester until the onset of labor. However, during pregnancy a woman should strictly observe the dosage of the drug. For example, it is allowed to drink no more than 6 tablets per day. The general course of therapy is no more than 3 days. With reduced pressure, pregnant women can use Panadol, as this drug is able to normalize it.
  2. “No-shpa” (detailed description of the drug). Presented means well reduces vascular tone, relaxes muscle tissue, stabilizes high pressure. Pregnant women with a headache can drink no more than 6 tablets per day. You should not use this drug if the patient has cervical insufficiency.
  1. “Ibuprofen” and its derivatives can be attributed to conditionally authorized funds. That is, you can drink the presented tablets only until the 30th week. Further use is not recommended, because the tool can adversely affect the activity of the lungs and heart. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 3 g. A pregnant woman should strictly follow the instructions for use of the medicine. Before using ibuprofen, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Many patients during pregnancy are interested in what you can drink to eliminate headaches, in addition to the above tablets. An excellent tool is vitamin C in powder form. Its use does not harm the mother’s body or the baby. However, the disadvantage of this drug is that it does not help everyone.

Komarovsky Ye.O., pediatrician, doctor of the highest category, broadcaster of the program “School of Doctor Komarovsky”, tells in detail about the choice of drugs during pregnancy:

What are the best ways to refuse?

What can you drink pregnant is already clear. You should also consider a list of those pills that are not recommended for use. It includes some long-known drugs:

  • “Citramon” or “Aspirin”. These drugs can cause serious malformations in the baby: pathologies of the circulatory system, abnormalities of the upper palate. “Aspirin” can slow down the speed of the birth process.
  • “Ergotamine”. If a pregnant woman does not know which pills can be used for a headache, then the list of prohibited means must be memorized. “Ergotamine” can not be used, as it provokes the contractile activity of the uterus, bleeding. Also, the fetus has a delay in development.
  • “Triptan”, “Sumatriptan”. These drugs can be attributed to a new generation. They do an excellent job with migraine headache. However, during pregnancy, these tablets can not be used. The fact is that they can provoke a miscarriage, since they have abortive properties.
  • “Amigren”, “Triptamine”. These drugs are also effective against migraines, but pregnant women are strictly forbidden to use them, as they contain narcotic components.
  • “Depakot”. The presented remedy may cause defects in the neural tube of the fetus, which is fraught with serious defects in its development.

Many obstetricians and gynecologists are sure that not all medicines are safe. We look at the plot:

  • “Motrin”. If the medicine is able to relieve pain, then it is very harmful to the baby, as it provokes the appearance of heart defects.
  • “Atenolol”, “Timolol”. These drugs should not be used in the 2-3 trimester of pregnancy. It is better not to use these pills at all. The child may experience growth retardation, heart rate decreases.
  • “Fiorinal”. These tablets contain caffeine and barbiturates. They do not affect the development of the fetus too well.

Very carefully must be applied to the use of folk remedies or herbal medicines. During pregnancy, the hormonal background of a woman, the work of her internal organs varies significantly. When using any means you need to first consult with the gynecologist leading the pregnancy.

Simple ways to get rid of headaches and its prevention

Before drinking pills, you need to try to get rid of the discomfort with the help of available tools. For example, helping a pregnant woman can:

  1. Light massage of the temporal and frontal part of the head with the fingertips.
  2. Contrast or cold shower. At the same time, it is necessary that the water temperature be as comfortable as possible, so that the patient’s state of health does not deteriorate even more.
  1. Cold or hot compress. Everything is strictly individual. For example, someone helps the cold, and someone gets easier from the heat. It is enough to hold a compress on the head for 20 minutes.
  2. Relaxation. In order not to use tablets for severe headaches during pregnancy, you need to adjust your daily routine. Since the body is experiencing increased stress, then he needs to rest more. Naturally, constantly lying on the couch is not recommended.

What can be pregnant from the head

How to do the massage will tell and show our video:

To avoid a headache, a pregnant woman needs to walk more in the open air, especially in the evening. This will benefit the baby, as there will be enough oxygen in the mother’s blood for its normal development.

What can be pregnant from the head

When should I seek medical attention?

There are situations in which the health and life of not only the baby, but also the expectant mother depend on the timeliness of going to the doctor. Urgent contact with the medical institution is necessary if:

  • Late nausea and vomiting in the patient in late periods.
  • There is a strong weight gain.
  • The flies appear before the eyes, the woman loses her sight for a while.
  • Headaches are manifested very often and are characterized by high intensity, and it is impossible to eliminate them with resolved medications.
  • A pregnant woman has a fever.

Any self-treatment with the use of drugs, is fraught with serious complications. In this case, the harm will be inflicted not only on the mother, but also on the child’s body. Pregnancy is a very important period when the patient should not make decisions on her own, because the baby’s health is at stake.

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