What can be pregnant for headaches

Headache is not uncommon during pregnancy. However, doctors rarely recommend medication for treatment in this case. Therefore, women always have an urgent question: what can you drink from a headache during pregnancy, and what is prohibited?

What can be pregnant for headaches

What can a woman drink from a headache during pregnancy?

Preparation No. 1 – Paracetamol (Panadol)

The most harmless drug is paracetamol, as well as drugs that are based on it, such as panadol. Its use is allowed from the first hours until the onset of labor, but there is one condition: use only the recommended dose. You can not take more than three grams of the drug per day (6 tablets), and it is not recommended to use paracetamol for more than 3 days. With a pressure that is below the norm, panadol is recommended for women, since this drug can increase it.

Among the medicines that will help to escape from a headache, no-shpa is allowed. This drug will reduce vasospasm, relieve pressure and relax muscles. Daily dose – 6 tablets. Contraindications include cervical insufficiency.

Ibuprofen (Nurofen, Pentalgin, Tylenol) – conditionally allowed

The use of ibuprofen is allowed only until the thirtieth week of pregnancy, it can affect the functioning of the heart, as well as the functioning of the lungs, can cause the closure of the arterial flow in the fetus ahead of time. Daily dose – 3 grams. The drug is taken only strictly on the advice of a specialist.

What can be pregnant for headaches

  • Citramon contains Aspirin, the use of this medication can provoke various pathologies of the circulatory system in a child, the development of a teratogenic effect, for example, a child can be born with an anomaly of the upper palate, and for a woman this is fraught with sluggish childbirth.
  • Ergotamine – this drug causes uterine contraction, bleeding and delayed fetal development.
  • Triptan, Sumatriptan – a new generation of drugs, but during pregnancy, they have an abortive effect.
  • Tryptamine, Zapigren, Amigren – these drugs are strictly prohibited, as they consist of narcotic substances.
  • Depakot – this drug causes defects in the nervous tube of the fetus.
  • Motrin – this drug provokes heart disease in a child.
  • Propranol, Timolol, Metoprolol, Atenolol — these drugs, when used in the 2 nd and 3 rd trimester, cause neonatal hypoglycemia, which slows the growth of the child and reduces his heart rate.
  • Fiorinal – this drug contains caffeine and barbiturates, which are hypnotic and sedatives.

If a woman often has headaches, then you need to contact your personal doctor and ask such an exciting question that you can drink from a headache during pregnancy, as self-medication is fraught with serious consequences.

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