What can be a headache for pregnant women

Many expectant mothers notice a deterioration in well-being. Changes in the body associated with the development of the fetus, cause different reactions for each woman in the position. For example, headaches are very common, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Only with the help of folk remedies can you get rid of it.

What can be a headache for pregnant women

What can be pregnant for headaches

Women who are expecting a baby should think first of all about him. The method of treatment is to choose safe. Use of many drugs is prohibited, so you should choose a folk remedy for headaches during pregnancy. In addition, it is necessary to find out the causes of the symptoms and begin treatment with this in mind. Some manage to get rid of the attack, a little nap in a ventilated dark room.

Cold compresses, herbal teas or scalp massages have a positive effect on health. You can simply wash your hair with warm water. Some use compresses from the cabbage leaf. If there is no opportunity to make a compress, you can tie a head with a scarf in order to feel pressure. Another remedy that has helped many is a decoction of herbs (lemon balm, chamomile, peppermint and rosehip). If the symptom is caused by hypertension, you can drink sweet black tea.

If a pregnant woman has a headache, then some pills are allowed to relieve an attack. First of all, paracetamol, because it is not addictive or drugs based on this substance: Efferalgan, Panadol. If they have no effect, take Panadol Extra, it additionally contains caffeine. The use of aspirin or its analogues, for example, Citramone, Askofen, or Citrapara, provokes the development of fetal defects. It is especially dangerous to drink pills in the first trimester. If you take aspirin at a later date, you can trigger bleeding.

Analgesics (Baralgin, Spazgan, Analgin or Spazmalgon) are very toxic and can be taken only on the recommendation of a professional doctor. A long course of medication can change the composition of the blood, which is very dangerous. Choose folk remedies for pain in the head during pregnancy is much safer. It is important to take preventive measures.

How to get rid of headaches during pregnancy folk remedies

If the symptoms torture you too often, it is recommended to ask your doctor about treatment options. In addition, the cause of the attacks determines that you can drink a pregnant pain in the head. There are many ways to deal with this symptom at home, for example:

  1. Short sleep in a well-ventilated, dark room.
  2. Wash hair with pleasant warm water.
  3. Massage of the head (it is better for the husband to do it) with the tips of the fingers.
  4. Compress with ice.
  5. A glass of warm herbal tea (calendula, linden, lemon balm).

How to treat migraine during pregnancy

The time until the birth of a child is different in that almost all medicines that can quickly anesthetize and improve the condition are prohibited. However, you can use folk remedies that have proven their effectiveness for many years of use:

  1. Sweet drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea). In moderate doses, this substance does not adversely affect the fetus. Glucose (it is present in sugar) is the main nutrient for the brain.
  2. Cold – another assistant in the fight against illness. Ice cubes, a plastic bottle of frozen water or a special ice bag will definitely come in handy. It is important to wrap them in a towel so as not to get frostbite on the skin.
  3. Walking helps to increase blood flow to the muscles from the brain. As a result, the pressure in the blood vessels decreases and the migraine disappears.

Severe headaches

To cure a strong attack, you can try an infusion of cinnamon. For this, 1 g of seasoning is poured with boiling water and left for 30 minutes. When the composition is infused, add a little sugar and take a few sips every hour. If the pain is intense, then chaga extract is an effective remedy. It is diluted in warm water: for 150 ml of liquid, 2 spoons. Take the solution before meals, at least three times daily.

What can be a headache for pregnant women

How to remove a headache during pregnancy with massage and compresses

Among other methods, it is worth to provide a special massage. Ask your husband or girlfriend to massage your neck and scalp. It improves blood circulation and relieves pain. Compresses can be used to relieve tension and discomfort. To do this, a wet towel is applied to the site of pain. You can hold a session before bedtime.

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