Vitamins for immunity for children

In the autumn-winter season, daylight hours are very short, and there is practically no fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet. Because of this, we are all very vulnerable to viruses that cause respiratory infections. This is especially true for people from high-risk groups for colds: pregnant and lactating mothers, children and people suffering from chronic diseases.

Unfortunately, a truly effective means to combat viruses has not yet been invented, but there is still a way to reduce the risk of infection. Let the vitamins to improve immunity and are not a panacea for all diseases, but it is fully capable of providing additional protection and reduce the likelihood of colds.

Vitamins for adult immunity

Vitamins for men and women in principle do not differ. However, for representatives of the stronger sex it is better to choose multivitamin complexes, which contain vitamins B, D, E, calcium, phosphorus. Men do not need a lot of iron – in contrast to women who lose his menstruation time (especially with heavy discharge).

Vitamins for immunity for children

To achieve the beauty of skin, nails and hair, ladies should pay attention to the complexes containing liposoluble vitamins A, E, F. The vitamins of these groups are involved in the development of their own hyaluronic acid (natural skin moisturizer), which plays an important role in maintaining an attractive external appearance and youth for many years.

Important: before you start taking vitamins, you should review your diet. Before taking artificial counterparts, it is worthwhile to ensure that fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat and fish, cereals and greens are always on the table. After all, “natural” vitamins from food products are absorbed much better than “vitamins from a test tube”, which are in multivitamin complexes.

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Do vitamins need pregnant?

Vitamins for women awaiting the baby

The waiting period of the child is exciting and painful. Every woman is puzzled by the question: “What else can I do to ensure the baby develops correctly and is born healthy?”. Because of this, many women are convinced that throughout the pregnancy, you must take at least some vitamins. However, doctors are skeptical of this statement: it has been proven that for the health of the fetus, only folic acid is definitely needed, and even then only in the first trimester of pregnancy.

If a woman is healthy and the pregnancy is uneventful, there is no need for a special intake of vitamins. If you drink a multivitamin during the entire pregnancy, there is a risk that the fetus will weigh a lot. Because of this, problems may arise during childbirth.

Important: during pregnancy, vitamins should be taken only when the doctor decides that there really is a need. And not all 9 months, but only 1-2 courses for 2-3 weeks, no more. Most often, pregnant women are prescribed Elevit Pronatal, Pregnaca, Multitabs Prenatal, etc.

Vitamins for baby’s immunity

It is worth the child to go to kindergarten, as the life of the family changes completely. The kid starts to hurt almost continuously: for a year, the child can suffer up to 12 episodes of colds infections. Parents’ nerves often pass, and they go to an immunologist for a doctor in the hope that he will prescribe a magic remedy for them, so that their child can no longer get sick, and their mother can safely go to work.

Sadly, the universal pill from children’s “sores” has not yet been created. And it’s not just about the limited possibilities of medical science. The fact is that colds are a kind of simulator for the immune system: it encounters various viruses and produces protective antibodies against them.

Since the child’s immune system is learning, in 1-2 years the baby will still be sick quite often, but not as hard as in the first year of visiting the kindergarten. By the first class, schoolchildren already have enough luggage from cold suffered, which flow in the form of a small rhinitis and cough, which does not interfere with their studies and full-fledged life.

Vitamins for immunity for children

Attention: it is impossible to protect a child from viruses, because he himself must go through the path of adaptation to diseases. However, there is a way to strengthen the immune system and, at least in part, reduce the risk of infection. These are vitamins for immunity.

For children, they are sold in the form of syrups, effervescent tablets, candies and marmalade sweets. Among them are such well-known as Supradin, Vita Mishka, Baby formula, Multivit, Pikovit, etc. Before buying, be sure to consider the child’s age, because at each stage of development he needs his own individual combination of vitamins.

Immunomodulators: to drink or to score?

Should I take something other than vitamins?

Immunity is a very complex mechanism, which doctors do not recommend interfering with without special need. Drugs from the group of immunomodulators (immunosuppressants or immunosuppressants) affect certain parts of the body’s natural defense, regulating the work of the immune system.

Therefore, seemingly harmless at first glance, the drugs of this group should not be taken independently: at a minimum, a general and biochemical blood test is necessary, an examination by a physician, and even better, by an immunologist.

How to be those who want to take care of their health, but do not want to take medicines? Vitamins for immunity can come to the rescue, which, on the one hand, do not change the work of a complex and extremely sensitive immune system, and on the other hand, compensate for the deficiency of the most important and essential compounds in the body.

Vitamins for immunity for children

Vitamins affect the flow of a large number of biochemical reactions, and indirectly – the body’s defenses that resist viruses. Due to the intake of vitamins, the disease can either not occur at all or it can be less pronounced without causing serious bacterial complications.

Multivitamin complexes are very widely presented on the windows of pharmacies, but it is difficult to figure out what to buy. When choosing a multivitamin complex, remember that most of them are universal and suitable for a wide range of customers. However, there are various nuances – therefore, it is recommended to consult a pharmacy employee.

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