Vitamins for children 7 years

Six-year-old children move a lot, learn about the world with interest and are actively growing. They are preparing for school entrance or start going to the first grade. All this causes the increased needs of the child in vitamins, which should come either from food or from vitamin complexes. Which vitamins are most important at 6 years of age and which vitamin supplements are considered the best choice for a six year old child?

Special features

Vitamins are important for the work of the child’s body of the substance, most of which are not formed in the human body, so they must come from the outside. For a child, daily consumption of 13 vitamins with food or supplements is of paramount importance, since the lack of any of the vitamins worsens development and growth, and various health problems can appear.

The requirements for vitamins and their effect on the body of a 6-year-old child can be seen in the table:


The main influence in the children’s body

Norm is 6 years old

Regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Participates in the formation and strengthening of teeth and bones.

Stimulates the growth of the child’s body and the work of the immune system.

Very important for the vision and condition of the skin.

1600 IU (500 mcg)

Strengthens the body’s defenses.

Important for vascular walls and collagen synthesis.

Participates in metabolic processes.

It is important for the nervous system.

Affects digestive function.

Participates in the production of energy and other metabolic processes.

It is important for the mucous membranes, skin and health of the organ of vision.

Participates in cellular respiration.

Important for skin condition and digestion.

Participates in fat metabolism.

Important for the synthesis of hormones and the production of antibodies.

Strengthens the body’s defenses.

Important for blood formation processes.

Participates in metabolic processes.

Affects the condition of the skin, nails and hair.

Important for liver function.

Participates in the processes of cell formation and blood formation.

Participates in the nervous system.

Important for blood formation processes.

Affects the work of the heart and the state of the vessels.

It is important for the regeneration of tissues, the state of the mucous membranes and skin.

Affects blood clotting.

Six-year-olds are recommended to take vitamin complexes in such situations:

  • The child feeds incompletely due to an irrational diet or intolerance to any food.
  • As a result of a prolonged deficiency of a vitamin or several vitamins, a child developed hypovitaminosis. His appearance can be suspected due to the child’s lethargy, poor appetite, sleep disturbances, skin changes and other signs.
  • The child lives in a zone with a poor environmental situation.
  • The body needs to be maintained at a time when there are fewer vitamins in food (winter-spring).
  • The child has very common colds and viral infections.
  • The child is forced to take medication for a long time.
  • A child has diseases of the digestive system that interfere with the production of vitamins from food.
  • The body of the child needs to be protected from overwork with increased mental or physical stress.


Avoid the appointment of vitamin preparations at 6 years of age should be when:

  • Hypervitaminosis diagnosed in a child.
  • Severe kidney disease.
  • Intolerance to the components of vitamin supplements.

Should I use to strengthen the immune system?

The load on the immune system of 6-year-old children can be called quite high, because at this age children attend various public events, go to children’s institutions and actively communicate with their peers.

Vitamins for children 7 years

To prevent frequent viral and catarrhal diseases, a child with disturbing symptoms can be given vitamin complexes, in which there is a lot of ascorbic acid, vitamin A, and also vitamins E and D. These vitamins are most important for strengthening the protective forces of a child’s body. There are also special vitamin preparations to support immunity, for example, Multi-tabs Immuno Kids, Pikovit Prebiotic, and VitaMishki Immuno +.

Forms of release

Children are prescribed vitamin supplements in:

  • Liquid form (syrups or drops).
  • Gel form, which is applied to the cookies.
  • Powder that is dissolved before use.
  • Solid form (chewable tablets or lozenges).

What vitamins are better to give: a review of popular

The greatest demand from parents of 6-year-old children are such vitamin complexes:


Release form

Daily dosage for child 5 years

Features and benefits of the drug

Syrup in a bottle of 250 or 500 ml

In addition, there are basic vitamins.

Syrup tastes good and is easy to swallow.

Restores the deficiency of vitamins in the diet.

Chewable tablets of 30 and 60 pieces in packs

1 tablet (4-5 times a day)

In the formula of the drug is 10 vitamins, calcium and phosphorus.

It is recommended for poor diet and poor appetite.

It is prescribed after treatment with antibiotics.

Separately, there is a form for children with overweight or diabetes (Pikovit D 4+).

Chewable tablets in packs of 27 pieces

The formula has 12 vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium and iodine.

It is recommended for poor appetite and underweight.

It helps with asthenic syndrome.

Gel in tubes 175 g

Gel form is very easy to use.

Vitamins for children 7 years

The additive has a pleasant smell and taste of fruit.

The drug is completely safe for children.

Vitamins in this supplement supplemented with lecithin.

It is recommended to stimulate appetite, increase energy levels and strengthen immunity.

Chewable tablets in packs of 60 pieces

Formula supplements include 12 vitamins and 10 minerals.

The tablets have a pleasant strawberry flavor.

It is recommended for the harmonious development of the skeletal system, the formation of the correct bite, the development of intelligence and increase the protective forces of the child’s body.

Chewable lozenges in packs of 30 pieces

Such lozenges have a pleasant taste and eye-catching shape of bears.

Formula supplements include vitamins, iodine, inositol, choline and zinc.

It is recommended to stimulate intellectual activity, improve memory and attention.

In addition, there are no synthetic additives for taste and artificial colors.

Alphabet Kindergarten

Chewable tablets in packs of 60 pieces

The formula includes all vitamins and 9 minerals.

All components of the supplement are combined in combinations in which they are optimally absorbed by the child’s body.

Every day, the child must take in any sequence 3 tablets with different flavors.

It is recommended to increase the body’s defenses and stimulate mental development.

The additive does not contain synthetic dyes, preservatives and flavors.

Chewable tablets of 30 and 60 pieces in packs

Formula supplements include 11 vitamins and 7 minerals.

Tablets have a raspberry-strawberry or fruit flavor.

The drug has a high dose of iodine to stimulate immunity and intellectual development.

In addition, there are no preservatives and artificial colors.

Chewable tablets in packs of 30 pieces

There are 13 vitamins and 5 minerals in the supplement formula.

It is recommended for lack of calcium, general weakness and anemia, as well as to stimulate mental development, strengthen the immune system and the skeletal system.

In the product there is no sugar and dyes.

Nature’s Plus Source of Life Animal Parade Gold

Chewable tablets in packs of 120 pieces

The additive is animal figurines.

Its formula contains vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes, bacteria and other valuable compounds.

It is recommended for strengthening bones, increasing appetite and enhancing the body’s defenses.

Nature’s Way Alive!

Chewable tablets in packs of 120 pieces

The formula contains vitamins C, A, E and D in high doses, as well as minerals and extracts from vegetables and fruits.

It is recommended to improve the digestive system, strengthen teeth and bones, improve vision.

Chewable tablets in packs of 30 and 100 pieces

The additive is animal figurines.

In addition, there are basic vitamins.

It is recommended to improve the immune system, strengthen bones and improve vision.

Chewable lozenges in packs of 20 pieces

There are 11 vitamins and calcium in the supplement formula.

Lozenges have apricot or chocolate flavor.

Recommended for the prevention of hypovitaminosis.

Nutritional correction as an alternative

Since the child receives almost all the vitamins with food, the increased attention to the diet of children will help to avoid the use of pharmaceutical preparations. In order for the six-year-old to get all the vitamins important for development, there must be in the children’s menu:

  • Eggs
  • Milk products.
  • A variety of vegetables.
  • Meat, poultry and liver.
  • Butter.
  • A fish.
  • Cereals and bread.
  • Vegetable oils.
  • Different fruits and berries.

About the menu of the child in 6 years, read another article.

Opinion Komarovsky

The popular pediatrician emphasizes the importance of vitamins for the growth and development of the child’s body, but recommends getting them from food, paying attention to the variety of food in the children’s plate and the usefulness of the diet. The need for the use of pharmacy multivitamins, according to Komarovsky, appears only in the case of the development of hypovitaminosis. You will learn more about this by watching the transfer of Dr. Komarovsky.

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