Vera Brezhnev gave birth to her third child

To be an attentive and caring mother of wonderful daughters, to devote enough time for creativity and career growth — all this is perfectly possible for Vera Brezhneva, a famous singer and actress. And everything else, she remains one of the most beautiful women not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia. So how many children does Vera Brezhnev have?

Vera Brezhnev gave birth to her third child

First time mom

First daughter Sofia Vera Brezhneva gave birth in March 2001. However, she didn’t have a pseudonym yet. Her name was Vera Viktorovna Galushka, and she lived in Dneprodzerzhinsk, where she was born.

Galushka’s family did not fall into the category of the rich, even, rather, they could be called poor. Parents worked in factories; in the family, besides Vera, three more girls grew up. However, with morality there was everything in order. And when the daughter, having lived in a civil marriage with Vitaly Voichenko, became pregnant, the mother did not allow her to have an abortion, although the civil husband was against the birth of the child. As a result, he left Faith with his daughter and left.

Daughter has become an incentive for achievements

Difficult tests at the beginning of independent life did not knock the girl down; maybe, on the contrary, they gave her strength and dedication. When Sonya was one and a half years old, her mother decided to begin the realization of her childhood dream of becoming an actress. After all, at one time in school, Vera worked in an actor’s studio, which worked at the local Youth Theater.

Casting group “VIA GRA” marked the beginning of a creative career as a talented singer. Because this competition Vera Galushka has stood successfully. However, the producer immediately picked up her pseudonym – Brezhnev, and she joined the ensemble “VIA GRA” instead of Alena Vinnitskaya.

Four years flew like an instant: concerts, tours, new songs. Kaleidoscope of events, people, feelings. And the singer suddenly realized that it was time to stop for a while. Especially since the daughter Sonya had to go to school, in the first grade. It is clear that the mother wanted to be near the child at this time and help him. The children of Vera Brezhnev always felt mother’s care. She intuitively felt when she needed her girls.

Happy marriage and second daughter

The marriage with the Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman initially was really happy. The name for the daughter future parents came up with together. And stopped at a very unusual name of Sarah. Probably because they considered their girl the gift of God.

In order not to encounter a negative attitude towards herself, envy, the singer did not want to advertise her personal life. For a long time there was a closed topic “Vera Brezhnev, children”. Photos of daughters also did not appear on the Internet. But it is very difficult for a public person and his family to remain in the shadow.

In creative terms, the birth of the second daughter coincided for Vera Brezhnev with the development of an acting career. However, small roles in the movie she had before. But in 2008, actor and screenwriter Vladimir Zelensky offered the singer to play in the film “Love in the big city”, in which he played a major role. After discussing the terms of cooperation with director Marius Weisberg, Vera Brezhneva began work. And although she was already pregnant, she continued to actively withdraw. The film was released on screens and was successful. A kind and witty love story won the hearts of the audience.

And the heroine of the film in December 2009 gave birth to her second daughter Sarah.

So the children of Vera Brezhnev never interfered with her creative and professional growth.

Combining movie and home roles

After the success of the first film, it was the turn of the second, and then the third and fourth – it was the continuation of Love in the City. In parallel, Vera Brezhnev starred in the comedy films “Fir Trees” and “Firs Trees”, which were equally popular.

The solo career of the singer also continued. The children of Vera Brezhnev inspired her for creative searches and finds.

Even before Sarah was born, the public was first presented with a solo video for the song “I am not playing”, a little later the movie “Nirvana” was aired.

In 2010, after the maternity leave, Vera Brezhneva sang in a duet with Dan Balan. The composition “Rose Petals” became a hit and gave an impetus to action. Soon, in 2011, the singer’s solo disc “Love Will Save the World” was released, which consisted of 13 tracks. At the peak of success, the second album, “Vera Brezhneva. Beauty secrets”. It was released on March 8, 2011.

Unfortunately, creative success did not contribute to family happiness. The marriage with Mikhail Kiperman broke up in 2012.

Daughters of the Faith Brezhnev became her support

The singer admits that it was a very difficult period for her, even had to resort to the help of a psychologist. And although he seemed to be speaking truths, Vera was feeling lighter. Indeed, life at every shock, even the most tangible, does not end: people meet, fall in love, then get married, give birth to children. It happens that they diverge if something goes wrong.

Vera Brezhnev gave birth to her third child

And Vera really felt: when her beloved children are near, it is easier to survive any difficulties. In one of the interviews, the singer told about how recently, after very hard tours, many hours of flights, she returned tired home and immediately saw the poster “Mom, with the return!” Of course, she was very moved by this. And she once again felt: what a happiness it is to have beloved children, to feel their support and understanding!

When you look at the photos of the daughters of Vera Brezhnev, you see how they look like their mother. And you think that, perhaps, between them there is the same internal understanding, as well as external similarity.

Friendly family

And this understanding is. This is indicated by many facts. Because Vera with her children is a friendly and warm family.

When mom comes home tired after work, little Sarah often tries to feed her, every now and then asking what tea mom will drink, what kind of “cookie” she can bring. The children of Vera Brezhnev are very sensitive, caring and intelligent girls.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Vera Brezhnev said in an interview: “I am happy to be the mother of my children. And that is why I want to give birth to another brother or sister ”.

So while on the question: “How many children does Vera Brezhnev have?” – you can answer: “Two daughters. But, God willing, another beloved man and other children will appear in her family. ”

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