Valeria is pregnant

The best TV series of 2013 according to most critics. Valery Todorovsky’s TV retro-drama with the telling name “Thaw”. Viewers are transferred to the Soviet past of the behind-the-scenes world of cinema and see the past era in the context of the life and work of a film crew. Cast: Yevgeny Tsyganov, Alexander Yatsenko, Mikhail Efremov, Anna Chipovskaya. Viktor Khrustalev – a young Soviet cameraman with a sad stain in the biography. He was involved in an accident that cost the life of his talented fellow screenwriter. Subjecting to the pressure of the leadership, Victor removes a light and cheerful melodrama about the collective farmers, in order to subsequently receive permission to set the script for the deceased friend. He meets with Yegor – an aspiring director who can make a great movie. But before that, Victor arranges for Egor to work on a comedy film set. Heroes will pass through various tests, including the test of friendship and honesty, but the most important issue will be forgiveness. Forgiveness not only your neighbor, but yourself. Nostalgic series thaw “Thaw” can be viewed online on our website.

The series Thaw is available for free on the site. Enjoy watching!

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Do you know that

  • The idea of ​​creating this series came up with Valery Todorovsky after meeting Matthew Weiner, the creator of the cult American TV series Mad Men (2007-2015). When Todorovsky found out that Weiner created this series in honor of his father, he decided to do the same.
  • This is the first television series for Valery Todorovsky as a director. Prior to that, he shot only full-length films, and only produced serials.
  • The script of this series was created within one and a half years, and it was shot in just three months.
  • Live shooting of the series took place in Minsk, as there the easiest way to recreate the Soviet era.
  • After the release of the series on the screens of his often criticized because of the many scenes with smoking and drinking alcohol.

Valeria is pregnant

Errors in the series

  • The color of the skirt of the heroine Inga in the third series is changing rapidly: in the morning it is striped, in the afternoon it becomes monotonous in the metro, and in the evening at the exhibition it becomes striped again.
  • In the second series, coming to a friend in the evening in sneakers, Egor is already at home on his bed in his shoes that night.
  • In the first series, shooting a train hero from the pit would hardly have been possible: first, the movie camera is not connected to the battery, and second, the distance at which the shooting takes place does not allow seeing the whole party – the focal length of the lens is 75 mm.

The main action of the film takes place during the “thaw” – in 1961, at the studio “Mosfilm”. The film tells about the everyday life of young, fun and talented people working in the movies.

Viktor Khrustalev, a young cameraman, a lover of women, participates in a three-day drinking bout with his fellow screenwriter, Kostya Parshin. After some time, he becomes aware of the death of his friend, who either committed suicide or accidentally fell out of the window. The internal affairs bodies became interested in Khrustalev’s involvement in the death of Parshin.

Valeria is pregnant

Victor is left with a script written by Kostya. The script seems to Khrustalev talented written, and he lights up the idea to make a film on it called “The Girl and the Brigadier”. At the funeral of a friend, he meets a young director Yegor Myachin, and they agree to work together on the film.

Khrustalev starts an affair with beginning actress Mariana, he also often sees his ex-wife Inga on Mosfilm. The Arts Council is quite skeptical about the film, but after a long meeting the project is still approved.

As it turned out, Yegor Myachin is also in love with Maryan. He invites her to the main role in the film, which becomes a surprise for Khrustalev, and he swears because of her with Ballin. The investigation takes Viktor into custody as the main suspect in the murder of Kostya Parshin, but Inge manages to release her ex-husband. Victor moves closer to Inga, returns to her and his daughter.

Yegor Myachin, refusing to make a film, still secretly manages the shooting process. A fight breaks out between Khrustalev and the investigator in his case. The film is categorically refused to be released, including because of the conflict of Victor with the investigation, as they say in the group. The newspaper comes out feuilleton of Viktor Khrustalev. Victor’s daughter is insulted at school because of her father, and she runs away from home.

Soon it turns out that Mariana is pregnant. Egor and Mariana together, but Egor does not want to know from whom the child. Director Fedor Alekseevich was offered to continue shooting in Italy. The film gets excellent marks, the film crew celebrates success. Egor and Mariana marry. Yegor is offered a new production, but without the participation of Khrustalev. Victor leaves and calls Maryana with him.

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