Universal Children’s Day

Children are small creatures that can transform our existence and fill it with all the colors and rainbows. Many parents say with confidence that it was with the advent of the child that their lives radically changed. And to whom, if not them, we must dedicate the best holidays in the world.

The geography of the celebration, or where it did not stick?

November 20 is celebrated annually on World Children’s Day – a tradition that has existed for many years in 129 UN member states.

Universal Children's Day

Unusual facts about children around the world

World Children’s Day (November 20) was created specifically for us to once again think about the smallest and most valuable creatures in our lives. After all, children are very vulnerable.

  1. November 20 – World Children’s Day

In fact, it was thanks to this holiday that global issues relating to the life of a child began to be solved all over the world. Organizations are being monitored for dysfunctional families. After all "scary" statistics, in most of these cells of society, kids do not live to be five years old.

In the health sector, we have achieved great results: saving those children who were previously considered incurable. In terms of public policy, children are not afraid to express their opinions and make an important decision on their own. Throughout the year, but especially on November 20 (Universal Children’s Day), a lot of work is being done for kids all over the planet. The United Nations Foundation has established a Children’s Fund, whose activities are related to the health of the children. Even pregnant women are helped, because already in the womb of the expectant mother it is so important to preserve the health of the child.

The history of this event

By whom and when was the World Children’s Day invented – the holiday of November 20? What are his goals? The main task was one – to protect and ensure the best life for every child, regardless of its location on our huge planet. That is why in 1954 all the countries that were part of the UN received an order from the General Assembly, which consisted of the following: by 1956, it was required to prepare a project to introduce the holiday dedicated to Children’s Day.

Universal Children's Day

  • child’s survival in this world: this means physical health and his moral state;
  • child development: their access to preschool institutions, schools, sports facilities and

    At the international level, on November 20 (World Children’s Day) it is customary to celebrate the holiday called Universal Children’s Day. But each country is allowed to choose its own national version. By the way, the date of such a significant event was not immediately determined. But after some time the question was raised at the UN meeting. This was done after signing some important documents:

  • 1959 – Declaration of the Rights of the Child;
  • 1989 – Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Holiday traditions

November 20 – World Children’s Day is the best reason for doing good things, such as charity, for example. By the way, various famous people and organizations are engaged in this holiday.

Congratulations and gifts

You, as parents, can arrange for children magic, as they say, and in gray days. And on November 20 (Universal Children’s Day) do something special for them every year. Decorate the house with balloons, bake a cake and spend the evening with your family. The main thing is not expensive gifts and poems of his own, but attention, love and care.

Universal Children's Day

Any holiday for the child will be more beautiful if it is held close to friends and relatives. Try this day to fill your home with warmth and comfort, to invite grandparents, set the table and constantly be near the child. It is from such a celebration that he will have the most vivid and pleasant memories.

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