Tricks that kids can do

Any child at least once in his life dreamed of becoming a real magician. And even more, he wanted to learn how to solve mysterious stunts. We will consider some of the most popular magic tricks and reveal the secrets of their execution.

Magic wand

To perform the focus, it is necessary to glue the stick that you need to decorate from a paper sheet. Fill it with confetti on one side and serpentine on the other. The child in front of the audience wraps the wand in a sheet of newspaper and shake it. As a result, confetti will pour out of the paper. Then you should turn the sheet, and get the serpentine. At the end of the newspaper crumpled with a stick.

Guess the number

The kid should ask a friend to figure out the number from 1 to 5. Then he needs to ask about the number. A friend will say that, for example, he conceived the top three. The wizard must come close to the cabinet, in the folds of which lies a sheet with the inscription three.

The secret is simple: pre-prepared cards with written numbers should be hidden in different pieces of furniture.

Depending on what number of friends will call, the conjurer will get a corresponding card from the piano or nightstand. It is only important to remember what will be hidden where. Such a trick will perfectly develop the child’s memory and make his friends believe that the kid can read minds.

Apple and orange

The child needs to show the audience an orange and cover it with a colored handkerchief. Having pronounced “cracks-fex-pex” (“crimped-crackle-bums” should also work), you have to pull off a handkerchief. An apple will lie on the palm.

The secret of the trick is that the peel should be removed from the orange and the apple placed in its skin. When the focus is in full swing, the baby will need to tightly squeeze the apple in the orange peel and show it to everyone around.

The scarf is pulled together with the skin, and an apple lies on the palm. It’s simple. Only manual dexterity will be needed.

Tricks that kids can do

Such a trick will have a great effect on the development of motor skills of your young wizard.

Tennis ball

The child must show everyone the tennis ball and hold it in the handle. Then, a handkerchief is pushed into a fist. When the fingers open, only the ball remains, but there is no handkerchief.

The secret of the focus is simple: a notch is made in the tennis ball in advance. When demonstrating a ball, it must be shown to the audience in such a way that no one would guess that there is a hole in it. When the ball is clamped in the handle, the hole should be on top. As you understand, when pushing a handkerchief into your hand, the cloth is placed in the ball itself. By the way, the kid can show everyone the ball without a handkerchief, and then from a squeezed hand with a ball, deftly get a rag.

Vertical egg

This is a fairly simple trick, which is that the child can argue with friends that he can put the egg vertically.

To solve this problem, you need to make a hole in the egg and remove through it the white and yolk.

Then the baby will just need to spin the egg, it will start spinning and stand upright: here’s fun and surprise among friends!

Where does the water come from?

The magician must demonstrate to all the empty vase and the same empty hands. When he runs the handle in a vase, he can throw out the water.

Tricks that kids can do

For the trick you need:

It is necessary to take water in a rubber bulb with a pipe and hide the “nipple system” under the jacket in the sleeve. Then the child will only need to press his hand to the barrel and lightly press on the pear, the water will pour into the container.

As you can see, this seemingly impossible miracle is a very simple secret. Such simple tricks are intended, of course, for older children, because very small ones, probably, will not be able to unnoticeably press a pear. In conclusion, we say: any tricks are a little bit of magic. The child always wants to feel like a wizard. Now the outlets offer a lot of all sorts of gadgets that the young magician might need. To buy or make such things yourself – decide for yourself. Focus can really captivate the child, and it may be interesting to him only for a couple of weeks.

But, one way or another, you will be using tricks to develop the creative abilities of your young volgebnik, and this is extremely useful for the proper development of the kids.

Tricks that kids can do

Enjoy your time and have more magic!

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