Till how many years children go to the circus for free

This article is written for those who do not represent a boring life on the couch, open to everything new and unusual. If you live in Rostov-on-Don or come to this wonderful city on business, you want to spend the weekend unusually, you have a direct road to one of the largest zoos in the country.

Zoos in Rostov (and not only) – this is a great place to have fun, especially if there are children in your family. Communicating with animals will not only teach the children sympathy, but also allow you to learn a lot.

Zoo “Rostov-on-Don”

If you decide to visit zoos in Rostov, first of all, you should start with the oldest and largest. He is called “Rostov-on-Don”. Its territory is simply huge, the area of ​​the Rostov zoo is about 100 hectares. More than 5 thousand animals live here. Only about 400 species, many of which are listed in the Red Books of IUCN, Russia and the Rostov region. Well, why not live zoology lesson?

Here you can see old lindens, patriarchal oaks, huge pines and poplars. Some trees are over 150 years old. The whole territory of the zoo is a beautiful park with shady avenues, artificial ponds and benches for guests to relax. There is an equipped playground, cafes and snack bars. With the permission of the administration of the zoo, you can also have a small picnic on the green lawn, taking a blanket and some food for a walk.

Here you can meet Asian elephants, lions, tigers and giraffes, polar bears, llamas and camels. The pride of the zoo is the pygmy hippopotamus and rare animals of the Caucasus: the bezoar goat and the Dagestan tour. Cheerful monkeys are constantly cheering the visitors.

There is a very unexpected animal in the zoo, but not alive. Everyone is waiting for a huge statue of diplodok – a huge dinosaur. A rare guest left here without a photo with a prehistoric monster.

Also in the zoo is a section of the aquarium, where visitors can admire a huge number of fish: from the inhabitants of the Don region to the rarest specimens of underwater skates. Crocodiles, snakes, iguanas, turtles and other exotic animals are eagerly awaiting guests in a large terrarium.

On the territory of the zoo, if you wish, you can order a thematic tour. Themes can be different, you can listen to the peculiarities of the flights of various birds or learn about the animal world of the native land. Most often, such excursions are ordered for students or schoolchildren, but if you join the route already paid by someone, no one will object.

In order not to get lost in the vast territory, you should immediately go to the donkeys. The fact is that near the aviary with these cute eared horses there is a huge map of the whole zoo. It can be photographed on a mobile phone and used as a guide.

Where is and how to get?

Mode of operation of the zoo in Rostov: daily, seven days a week, from 8:00 to 20:00. True, ticket offices sell tickets only until 18:00. It should still come early, because for a couple of hours it is simply impossible to get around all this magnificence.

Till how many years children go to the circus for free

Ticket prices here are ridiculous: 100 rubles worth a children’s ticket and 200 p. adult. Children under 5 years old can chat with animals for free.

Zoo "Rostov-on-Don" located at: st. Zoological, 3. Minibus number 56 and 6 pass by, as well as bus number 6.

By the way, there is a free zoological circle at the zoo. Children are allowed to classes from 10 to 16 years. An experienced teacher will acquaint children with zoology, zoogeography, ecology, will arrange a fascinating excursion and will allow to communicate with animals more closely.

Zoo “Fairy Forest”

If you decide to visit the Rostov zoo, Rostov-on-Don is not the only place to go. The younger your children are, the more they like the so-called touching zoo. It is named so, because part of the animals in it can be stroked and held in their hands. Of course, you can touch and stroke only safe animals that cannot hurt, bite or even offend you or your child. For only 50 rubles at the entrance you can buy a basket with fresh vegetables and feed the pet zoo. A special “thank you” silk tongues will tell you a goat and a little pony.

For the convenience of visitors, all animals are divided into two rooms: “Jungle” and “Village”. In the first you are waiting for exotic animals, and in the second mainly pets: rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, piglets, goats and others. You can meet here and exotic animals. You are waiting for a flying fox, Nile crocodile, iguana, anaconda and monitor lizard.

Zoo address in Rostov: Komarov Boulevard, 23, on the territory of the aquapark “Octopus”. You can find out all the information you are interested in by calling 8 (928) 770–24–24 or online.

By the way, tickets ticket price: 150 p. children and 200r. adult. Children under 3 years old attend free. For collective hikes there is a discount system.

Touching zoo

If you decide to visit all the zoos in Rostov, do not forget to look at the touching zoo on the Theater. Here you will find an eared owl and a rainbow boa, a calf and a raccoon, a fox and a green iguana, as well as spotted eublephar, Madagascar felzuma, corn snake, chickens, mumps, goats and rabbits, pheasants, guinea fowl, and African hedgehogs. No one will be indifferent to the needle mice and the imperial scorpion. Many animals in the zoo can be fed, touched, ironed and even held in their hands.

In addition, in the touching zoo on the Theater every month a new program of events. Here you are waiting for pig Peppa, Iron Man, a master class in drawing clay or glass painting and much more. You can find out the program of events for the current month on the zoo website.

The touching zoo in Rostov, a photo of the little animals living here, is presented above, located at: Theater Square, house 1. Here you are happy to see from 10:00 to 20:00, without interruption and weekends.

Ticket price – 180 rubles for all but children under 3 years old. For them, the visit is free.

As you can see, zoos in Rostov are quite diverse. Here everyone will find something new and interesting for himself and will be able to spend the weekend fun and varied.

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