Third week of pregnancy symptoms

It is the third week of pregnancy that is the turning point, since, after its expiration, it is safe to say whether a pregnancy has occurred or not.

In the event that the answer is positive and the conception has occurred, the fertilized egg takes about a week to reach its destination – the uterus. There, it is safely fixed on one of the walls and becomes an embryo. She did not stop active division immediately after fertilization and at the time of implantation it can have up to several hundred cells, while the total egg size at 3 weeks of gestation remains the same as at conception.

Its dimensions are extremely small, only 2-3 mcg, with a length of up to

At the same time, we should not forget that all these three weeks from the moment of conception the zygote grew and developed, which means that at conception, two carriers of chromosomes were just two cells.

Third week of pregnancy

By the beginning of the third week, the zygote reaches the uterus, is fixed on the wall and turns into a blastocyst – this is actually pregnancy. This formation is the future embryo, which never stops developing and growing. In the process of growth, a cavity is formed inside the blastocyst, in which the embryonic disk is formed. The end of the third week – the embryonic disk rolls up into a cylinder along the edges of which the head and tail of the embryo are formed.

Yes, in the third week of pregnancy the embryo is extremely small, but right now the laying of the internal organs is taking place. Modern medicine is charged for establishing the fact of pregnancy at the shortest possible period, since the formation of organs and systems from the third week of pregnancy means that not all future mothers are generally aware of pregnancy and will continue to poison themselves with alcohol, nicotine, stress and physical exertion, which leads to birth children with defects, since these cells were formed in the third week of pregnancy and it is impossible to fix it. Identify the symptoms of pregnancy and give yourself a report in time is a great way to give birth to a healthy baby.

Also, do not forget that the embryo is considered your body, or rather the immune system of the enemy, because until the hormonal alteration occurs, do not load the body with any stimuli.

Symptoms of the beginning of pregnancy – the third week

Due to the fact that the period of 3 weeks of pregnancy, which we consider in the material n7e, always shows the delay of menstruation, many people learn about the fact of pregnancy much later, calming themselves and writing off the delay for inflammation and other problems. The most important symptom that can warn about pregnancy in advance is pain, similar to menstrual pain, manifested in the process of attaching zygotes to the inner wall of the uterus. The pain is noticeably weaker than the menstrual, but still resembling, pulling and pushing spasmodic nature, which do not cause inconvenience, but at the same time make themselves felt. In addition, a number of signs that directly or indirectly talk about pregnancy are derived:

Third week of pregnancy symptoms

  • Nausea is an optional manifestation, but against the background of its absence, it can be previously concluded that a new life appears in the body – pregnancy;
  • A change in culinary tastes is the most frequent manifestation, while the woman does not give herself this account;
  • Smell intolerance is the brightest manifestation of pregnancy in the third week. Especially for the smells of fish, fresh meat and the like;
  • Fatigue, weakness, weakness – the reason for this is the changed priority in the blood circulation. With the appearance of the embryo, the blood circulation is transferred to the organs of the small pelvis, respectively, part of the blood flows from the brain;
  • Frequent urination – many women in the third week of pregnancy confuse this symptom with cystitis or a female cold. In fact, the reason is the change of blood circulation and the renewal of the kidneys;
  • The engorgement of the nipples of the breast and their soreness are for many a sign of the onset of menstruation and these symptoms go unheeded. If a woman knows her cycle well enough for her, these will be the first bells for recording to a gynecologist;
  • Implant bleeding is the symptoms of pregnancy in the third week, which many women consider to have started a little earlier than the period they were laid. In fact, it is all unnecessary from the process of planting zygotes in the uterus, during implantation, it literally gnaws the epithelium, emptying blood vessels to join them. Such spotting in the 3rd week of pregnancy deceives women, especially those who do not want a baby. It is because of this symptom of pregnancy that it is believed that menstruation can go through the fetus for some time.

The last statement is impossible, since menstruation is a consequence of the destruction of the non-fertilized egg and the withdrawal of the products of preparation for conception. Since the third week of pregnancy is going on, the hormonal balance has already been rearranged to maintain the embryo, and not to produce new eggs. If they do not mature, then ovulation does not occur and the subsequent destruction of the non-fertilized egg and menstruation. The hue of the implant discharge can vary from pinkish to brown. The implantation period is about 40 hours, so for two days all the daub should stop and this also serves as a signal that it’s time to sign up for the obstetrician for the third week of pregnancy is over.

Sex in the third week of pregnancy

An excellent signal for those who are watching themselves or half (meaning responsible future fathers) that a pregnancy has begun is a dramatic and dramatic change in female libido. In some cases, a sharp increase in desire is noticed, on the other hand, the complete absence of it. Here hormones are guilty and only they. If the desire has increased – enjoy the moment, because the sensations in the third week of pregnancy, thanks to hormonal changes will be brighter. If a woman has completely lost interest, do not take it personally.

Feelings of the third week of pregnancy

Many women categorically declare that they fully feel their pregnancy from the very first days. According to medical research, the likelihood of such a feeling. It is not a special difference between whether the expectant mother kept a diary of the cycle, prepared or not to conceive.

It is also worth noting that there are no obvious signs (measurable) in women foreseeing the fact of pregnancy. They either just feel it, sometimes earlier than before the onset of 3 weeks of pregnancy or not.

Many people talk about the feelings of pregnancy, but in fact they simply impose stereotypes on themselves, imparted by television and the press. When most of the above symptoms collectively refer only to pregnancy. On the one hand, it is right for a woman to accept the responsibility of motherhood, as early as possible.

Test in the third week of pregnancy

Despite the rapid growth of the level of the hormone HCG in the body, it will not be enough for a qualitative definition as a symptom of pregnancy in the third week. Hypersensitive tests can give a result with a weak staining of the second strip, but these data are not very reliable and, most often are a manifestation of a period later than 3 weeks of gestation.

The way to determine exactly at 3 weeks gestation on the level of hCG is a blood test for the content of the hormone. If you can’t set the exact date, hand it in at a delay of 2–3 days.

At the same time, in the urine its content in the first weeks is not very pronounced. For a guaranteed result of determining the fact of pregnancy in the third week, do not do a pregnancy test, but a laboratory blood test.

Three weeks pregnancy tests

Every year, clinics and private offices come up with and prescribe an increasing number of tests for women in labor. In just 5 years, the number of such tests has grown almost threefold. However, there are those who need to pass, at least in order to be aware of the course of pregnancy. If a preliminary analysis of hCG in the third week of your pregnancy gave a positive result, re-taking it again in a couple of weeks will allow you to more accurately determine the timing and condition of the embryo.

In addition to the hormone hCG, the corpus luteum does not stop synthesizing progesterone, preparing the uterus for implantation of the embryo, and at the same time calming the expectant mother at the level of the nervous system.

Ultrasound – the traditional method of determining the fact of pregnancy, determining the sex of the child, the presence of twins or triplets, possible visible pathologies, and so on. A very important aspect of ultrasound on a relatively short period, starting from the 3rd week of pregnancy is the determination of ectopic pregnancy, when the zygote is fixed or stuck in the fallopian tube. Further development of the embryo outside the uterus will not only destroy him, but also quite possibly the future mother too.

Transvaginal ultrasound if the symptoms of pregnancy at week 3 are also confirmed will allow to assess the muscle tone of the uterus and in the case of violations in time to correct it in the right direction.

Breakdown of pregnancy. Symptoms of this in week 3

It happens that the blastocyst can not lock onto the wall of the uterus. In that case, after a while she dies and goes out with blood. From this period, the new menstrual cycle begins its report, and pregnancy terminates in the third week. Discharge abundant, sometimes with barely visible germ cells.

During the period of implantation of the blastocyst, as it was written above, light spotting may appear, taken by the woman as menstruation. If the discharge becomes thicker and more abundant, you should immediately visit a doctor to determine the condition of the embryo and help it overcome the crisis if necessary.

The problem of miscarriages lies in the male cell, which is foreign to the female body. However, nature has prepared for this case protection, because the birth of a child is the main task of a woman. The blastocyst is protected by the mechanism of production of a special protein, which belongs to the group of immunosuppressive, lowering immunity. From the beginning of her journey through the fallopian tubes at the 3rd week of pregnancy, she has been depressing the immunity of a woman so as not to die. It is worth noting that pregnancy is not always preserved. In many cases, the third week of pregnancy becomes a turning point in the development of a pregnancy or its termination.

Alcohol in the third, important week of pregnancy

This is the most dangerous enemy of pregnancy in the third week. Now there is a kind of natural selection. Alcohol inhibits protein, muffling immunity in the third week of pregnancy.

Third week of pregnancy symptoms

A weakened or, so to speak, defective germ will not withstand the alcoholic impact and will die, while a healthier and stronger germ will survive.

So that you do not take this as advice on the forced termination of pregnancy at week 3, it is worth noting that alcohol is completely alien to the human body. If nicotine is produced by a special gland for the decomposition of amino acids, then alcohol is 100% poison.

Agree, it would be foolish to poison the child at the time of the formation of tissues and organs with 100% poison and then wait for the birth of a full-fledged baby.

There is a very popular opinion that pathologies of newborns manifest themselves if at the time of sexual intercourse parents were under alcohol – this is not so. Sperm cells and even more so the egg ready for fertilization is not in any way in contact with alcohol that has entered the bloodstream. But at the moment when the embryo at the 3rd week of pregnancy travels through the pelvis, which is actively washed with blood in a preferential manner – alcohol can cause many problems, even in the future.

Colds and pregnancy 3 weeks

If up to 3 weeks the pregnancy was in question, then after overcoming the 3 week barrier and confirming the fact of pregnancy it is worthwhile to attend to the future baby’s health, and therefore to its own.

Third week of pregnancy symptoms

Limit physical and mental stress, stay in the cold, or, conversely in the heat, do not eat cold drinks. 3 week of pregnancy is a turning point when the embryo connects to your bloodstream, because everything that affects you, whether it is good or bad, also affects it.

In this material, we have dismantled the main symptoms of pregnancy, as well as what happens in the female body at 3 weeks of pregnancy, what happens to the zygote, and then the blastocyst at 3 weeks of pregnancy, in order to fully understand all the processes.

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