The smartest children of Russia

Such praise is certainly pleasant, but rarely anyone thinks what this concept really means. Now in society it is customary to determine the most intelligent person according to different criteria.

So what abilities or talents should a person have in order to have the right to be called the most intelligent? They may be the one who settled in life, or a generator of ideas or a professional in his field, or a scholar in all. In a word, he who is able to quickly learn and demonstrate his talent.

However, the very concept of “smart” can be interpreted in completely different ways. Without a doubt, the most intelligent people on the planet are united by one quality – these are powerful intellectual abilities, which are an order of magnitude higher than that of an average person.

The smartest children of Russia

How is the level of human intelligence

As a rule, several people are involved in the great discoveries and inventions. All of them at different times make their own, definite contribution to the future innovation. The creation of an IQ test was no exception. But they didn’t create it to reveal the most intelligent person.

Evaluative intellectual tests came up with English psychologist Hans Eysenck. Some of them are used now. But the French psychologist and lawyer Alfred Binet in 1905 proposed the use of tests in order to assess the level of mental abilities in children. Well, the term “intelligence factor” appeared in 1912, it was already put into circulation by the German psychologist and philosopher William Stern. The test was improved, and it could be used for adults.

The term IQ and test were first used in practice in 1916. It has become popular and its relevance is not lost in our time. On its basis determine the most intelligent person. But not all scientists are inclined to believe in the infallibility of test results, since a unique person can offer completely non-trivial solutions to test problems.

As a result, the test is able to check how much a person can cope with such tasks, but absolutely can not give an accurate description of all abilities. And even a high IQ certainly will not make a person a genius. The best minds of the planet have achieved success only through constant labor and thanks to their abilities.

The level of intelligence of ordinary people and prominent personalities

Statistics says: in half of people the IQ indicator is 90–110 units, 2.5 percent it is less than 70 units, the same factor has a factor of 125-135 units and only 0.5 percent indicator exceeds 135 units, which indicates their genius.

For example, the Nobel Prize winners have an IQ of about 155-165 units. But there are people who have the same high IQ, but they do not stand out from the crowd, that is, they have not found use for their talents.

The smartest children of Russia

Marilyn Vos Savant is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, with an IQ of 228 units. The test was taken by a 10-year-old girl born in 1946. The result is still unattainable, as a result, Vos Savant is still called the most intelligent man in the world.

Marilyn believes that only math and nuclear physics are subjects that are associated with fairly high intellectual activity. It is worth noting that her husband, Robert Jarvik, has an IQ of 180. This is a famous biologist, he invented an artificial heart. Marilyn believes that intelligence can be increased by 20 percent through proper nutrition, and it can be inherited.

It is worth adding that the previous record holder of the Guinness Book of Records had an IQ level of 210 units. The Korean Kim Ung-Yong, born in 1963, clearly expressed abilities in childhood. At the age of three he read in his native language, as well as in Japanese, German and English. Then he expressed a desire to become president when he grows up.

The smartest in Russia

Russians also have someone to be proud of. The notorious Grigory Perelman was born in Leningrad in 1966. The scientist was the first to prove the Poincaré theorem. An outstanding mathematician is the smartest person in Russia and in the whole world. In 2006, the Russian citizen was awarded the Fields Medal, but the scientist refused it. And in 2010, Perelman Clay Mathematical Institute was awarded a prize of one million dollars for solving the Millennium Problem. The Petersburger also refused money.

Grigory Perelman began to show interest and ability to exact science while he was still at school. In the 5th grade, the future scientist began to study at the math center for gifted children. And in 1982, he, together with a team of Soviet schoolchildren, received a gold medal in Budapest at the International Mathematical Olympiad. But Perelman graduated from school not with a gold medal. He received the only four in physical education, simply did not pass the standards of the TRP. After he went to the faculty of the Leningrad State University and studied as “excellent”. Then he entered graduate school, defended his thesis and began working as a senior researcher at the institute. After several years of work in the United States, Perelman returned to his native St. Petersburg at POMO, in 2005 he quit and stopped showing an interest in a scientific career. Now she lives in Kupchino with her mother in a one-room apartment and prefers not to communicate with anyone, in a word, leads a reclusive life.

Another of the most intelligent people in Russia is considered by many to be Anatoly Wasserman from Odessa. He was famous for his incredible victories on television. And in the popular program “His game” he was recognized as the best player of the decade. Erudition, a sharp mind and extensive knowledge, coupled with modesty – a distinctive feature of Wasserman.

Anatoly Wasserman graduated from the Odessa Institute of Refrigeration Technology. He became a thermal engineer and went to work as a programmer at the Kholodmash research and production association in the research sector. Later he worked as a programmer for a long time at the Research and Development Institute Pishhepromavtomatika. And in 1991 he became a journalist, wrote for computer magazines, and later began working as a political consultant with Nurali Latypov.

On the screen for the first time he was seen in 1989 in the club “What? Where? When? ”, Then appeared in the Brain-Ring. And in his game he won five competitions in a row in 2001 and 2002 and in 2004 he was recognized as the best player of the decade.

It is worth noting that almost all geniuses and outstanding people lead a rather modest lifestyle. They are not whimsical in everyday life and do not require special treatment. They themselves do not consider themselves to be special and, especially, geniuses. It is said that their abilities are a natural gift that they could dispose of. Subscribe to our channel in

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