The probability of having twins

The birth of a child is happiness, and the birth of twins is a double joy. But at the same time as an increase in positive emotions among parents and their relatives, this event sometimes brings with it an increase in problems: both material and housing. Therefore, many couples, planning a pregnancy, try to figure out what they are likely to give birth to twins.

In order to calculate this probability, it is necessary to know what determines the birth of twins.

Causes of birth twins

Physiologically, there are two reasons for the birth of twins:

  • as a result of the division of one fertilized egg into two zygotes containing a complete set of genes for the formation of a full-fledged embryo. In this case, twins are born – children with the same genetics and appearance;
  • simultaneous fertilization of two eggs. This leads to the birth of twins: it can be same-sex children or sexable children (“royal twins”).

What is the probability of becoming pregnant with twins?

It used to be that twins could only be born to couples in whose family there was a multiple pregnancy. But scientists have found that there are still factors that increase the likelihood of having twins in any family.

The probability of having twins

  1. Treatment for infertility – women are prescribed medications and procedures to stimulate the work of the ovaries, which lead to the maturation of two eggs at the same time.
  2. Receiving oral hormonal contraceptive drugs – after the end of contraceptive use, the body tries to catch up with the period of forced “rest”, therefore the cases of maturation of several eggs increases immediately.
  3. The age of a woman – after 35 years of age, ovulation increases, which increases the probability of conceiving twins.
  4. Food – the use of products that increase sexual activity or strengthen the work of the follicles (for example: ground potatoes).
  5. Artificial insemination – when performing the procedure of PPI, a woman receives several fertilized eggs. With a favorable outcome of the procedure,

    Signs of the birth of twins

The probability of having twins

In the early stages of pregnancy (up to 8 weeks), only increased toxicosis and fatigue can be a sign that a twin is conceived. Already for a period of 8-10 weeks, visiting an experienced gynecologist, you can determine the presence of multiple pregnancy. Also added another sign – a quick set of pregnant women weight and growth of the abdomen. Already at 12 weeks, on the first scheduled ultrasound, a specialist will accurately determine the number of fetuses in the womb.

Wanting to calculate the probability of conceiving twins, you need to know that it is practically impossible in a natural way, since everything depends only on Mother Nature. If you really want to give birth to twins and twins, then you will need to contact the specialists for the procedure of artificial insemination with two embryos or stimulation of the ovaries to cause the production of two eggs at once.

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