The first days after cesarean section

Find out in advance how the recovery after cesarean.

If the baby is to be born using caesarean section, then the young mother will have to face some difficulties in the first few days after the operation. It is better to know what is to be a woman in this case, so that the recovery process is faster.

First day after cesarean

On the first day after cesarean section, the mother is in the intensive care unit (intensive care unit), where her condition is monitored around the clock. An ice pack is placed on the woman’s abdomen to reduce the uterus and stop the bleeding, and painkillers and medications to reduce the uterus are prescribed.

Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed, and physiological saline is injected into the blood to make up for blood loss. Especially important is the early attachment of the baby to the breast for a better reduction of the uterus and stimulation of lactation.

Also, the medical staff during the day will measure blood pressure, pulse, temperature, assess the degree of uterus contraction and the intensity of vaginal discharge, urination. The nurse will change the dressings in the postoperative suture area.

After applying epidural or spinal anesthesia, the woman should stay in bed for 3 to 12 hours. You need to get up gradually, without haste, without sudden movements and always in the presence of someone from the medical staff or relatives.

Dizziness is a common occurrence after surgery, so you need to move slowly.

After the operation they are allowed to drink mineral water without gas, you can add lemon juice to it. Considering the fact that droppers are usually placed after the operation, the mother will receive all the nutrients intravenously on the first day after cesarean.

Second day after cesarean

On the second day after cesarean, a woman is transferred from the intensive care unit to the postpartum ward. Usually, anesthesia is required for 2-3 days after cesarean, later it is gradually refused.

A diet after a cesarean section is similar to a diet after any abdominal surgery. Dense food is excluded. At this time it is necessary to spare the digestive tract organs as much as possible. The doctor may also prescribe drugs to restore the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is usually allowed to sit on the 2-3rd day after cesarean.

Third day after cesarean

On the third day after surgery, you need to expand your diet, while keeping in mind the diet for nursing mothers.

When it is possible to leave home, the attending physician decides. Usually, on the 5th day after cesarean, an ultrasound of the uterus is performed, and on the 6th day braces or stitches are removed. Usually, recovery after cesarean takes about 4-6 weeks.

Home after cesarean section follow these recommendations

– Try not to be nervous. Take time to relax.

– Do not lift things heavier than the weight of the child born.

– Support the stomach during sudden movements, such as coughing, blowing your nose, or laughing. You can use a special pillow to support the abdomen during breastfeeding.

– Drink plenty of water, tea or compote. The fluid will help restore the water balance after surgery and during breastfeeding.

– Keep a food diary and a medication diary prescribed by the doctor.

– Take a bath, you can swim only one and a half months after cesarean, so limit yourself with a shower.

– In case of any suspicion of infection, with severe pain in the abdomen, redness in the area of ​​the suture, immediately contact a doctor.

Feel free to ask the doctors questions! It is better to make sure once again that you were calmer.

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The first days after cesarean section

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The first days after cesarean section

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