The dog bit the child what to do with the dog

Dog bites vary in severity.

With a superficial bite, the animal damages the skin with its teeth, resulting in a superficial wound.

A torn bite is often accompanied by severe blood loss and is therefore the most dangerous for a person’s life.

What to do if the dog bit?

Causes of aggressiveness of the animal

Any dog ​​can bite, regardless of breed and size. No one is immune from being bitten even by their “pet.” Dogs are able to bite during the game. The most dangerous dogs are for children.

Hunger, illness, poor host attitude, education of anger – all this sooner or later causes aggressive behavior. Particularly evil are stray dogs that gather in flocks. They attack for no apparent reason, aiming at the ankles, hips, palms, person. Children bite in the face and forearm.

What to do if a dog is bitten – first aid

1. The first thing to do after a bite is to wash the site of damage with soap and water. Better with the economic. That it contains alkali in its composition, which has a destructive effect on viruses and bacteria. Use warm water.

2. After washing, the wound must be treated with iodine, brilliant green, solution of potassium permanganate – any of the available means will do. In extreme cases, the wound can be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide.

3. After the performed manipulations, treat the skin with an antibiotic ointment, for example, Sintomycin.

4. Cover the wound with a gauze bandage, but do not tape it tightly.

These steps are effective pre-medical care. In the case of a bite, you should consult a doctor who will professionally evaluate the patient’s condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

It is advisable to provide the doctor with information about the health of the dog, about what vaccinations were given to the animal. If the stray dog ​​has bitten, then a laboratory study will be conducted to identify signs of infection with rabies and tetanus.

What to do if bitten by a mad dog

Rabies is a viral disease that causes the Neuroryctes rabid microvirus. The virus enters the bloodstream, spreads along the nerve endings, affects the nervous system. Transmitted through the saliva or bite of an infected animal.

How to determine that in front of you a mad dog? First of all, a sick animal is too calm or, conversely, too violent. Secondly, it is unable to drink (due to cramps in the throat). Thirdly, it is heavily flowing saliva. Fourthly, the dog does not bark, but only howls or whines plaintively.

How to determine whether you are infected with rabies, if bitten by a dog? For the disease are characterized by such signs:

• swelling and redness of the wound in the period from 1 to 3 days after the bite

• itching at the injury site

• fever, fever

• in severe cases, photophobia, photophobia, hydrophobia

• inability to swallow saliva

• last stage – paralysis and death

After being bitten by a rabid dog, it is necessary to wash the wound with soap and water, treat it with an antiseptic, apply a bandage and immediately go to a doctor’s appointment. Rabies vaccine is effective only in the first 3 days after the bite.

Attention! Rabies is not treated, only the vaccine given in time will help avoid dire consequences.

During the period when you are given injections: for 1, 3, 7, 14, 30 days after the bite, as well as six months after it you cannot drink alcoholic beverages, otherwise the healing effect will be reduced to “no.”

Rabies is extremely dangerous. Symptoms of the disease may not appear immediately, but within a year. After the bite of a sick animal, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment.

What to do if the dog bites the child

The main task of the parents in case the child is bitten by a dog is to try to remain calm and begin to act clearly and systematically.

1. Immediately wash the wound with warm soapy water.

2. Treat it in a circle with green paint or iodine.

3. Seek help from a doctor in the emergency room.

In the hospital, the doctor needs to tell about what happened, to restore a picture of events in order to foresee possible complications. If the pet has bitten – provide information about his health and vaccinations.

The dog bit the child what to do with the dog

As a rule, in a hospital the wound is washed, disinfected, and a sterile dressing is applied. In the case of a life threatening surgery. If dirt has gotten into the wound, a serum from tetanus is injected into the child. A rabies vaccination is given when a stray animal is bitten or when the doctor considers the vaccination to be justified.

Why does a dog attack children? First of all, because of fear. Children perceive dogs as toys: hug them, pull by the tail. Meanwhile, this animal, with its instincts, fears, emotions. Even the most “domestic” dog with the existing (as it seems to her) threat is capable of attacking a child.

In addition, the animal is irritated when it hurts. If he is hurt, then no doubt it will show aggression.

The dog is able to be jealous. If she sees an opponent in the face of a child, this can cause irritation and, as a result, a bite.

Parents in any emergency situation must be kept calm and, if possible, take all measures to secure their child.

What to do if dog bitten – home remedies

In some cases, it is not possible to seek help from a hospital. For quick wound healing, use home remedies:

1. Combine the turmeric powder and some honey, apply the composition to the washed and disinfected wound. Turmeric has antiseptic properties, and honey soothes well.

2. Take Vitamin C every day until the wound heals.

3. Prepare a healing ointment: chop the walnut kernels (3 pcs.), Add a small amount of salt and onion gruel. Mix everything, apply the composition to the wound and do not bandage it. The healing mixture is a real antidote.

4. Crush the onion, add a spoonful of honey and a small spoonful of vinegar to the gruel. Mix everything and put the mixture on a sore point.

5. What should I do if I have been bitten by a dog? Make butter from burdock root. 75 g of fresh raw materials pour any of the available oils: sunflower or olive (1 cup). Allow the healing mixture to infuse for at least a day, then boil over low heat and, having strained, pour it into clean dishes. Ointment perfectly copes with any wounds. Keep it in the refrigerator, use 2 times a day to lubricate damaged areas.

6. Pick fresh celandine leaves and attach to the wound.

7. Boil a sheet of eucalyptus (50 g) in half a liter of boiling water. 3-5 minutes is enough. Cool the composition, strain and add a couple of tablespoons of honey. An ointment for healing wounds from a dog bite is ready!

8. Combine the strongest anti-inflammatory agent – garlic with a small amount of honey and attach to the wound. Garlic pre-chop into mush.

In no case can not use these methods of treatment, if the wound is deep. In severe cases, you need to calm down, try to stop the bleeding on your own (this will help to apply a tourniquet or a tight bandage) and immediately call an ambulance.

The effects of a dog bite

In most cases, the bite of an animal has negative consequences for human health:

The dog bit the child what to do with the dog

1. the presence of the wound itself

3. rabies virus

4. infection with harmful microorganisms, infections

5. severe stress for the nervous system

How to protect yourself?

In order to prevent the attack of the dog, you must do everything in your power to reduce the aggression of the animal. You can not flap your arms, scream, look into your eyes, smile.

If the dog is far away – try to hide from it as soon as possible. It is important not to show that you are afraid. Although, of course, in this situation it is difficult to do.

Try to manage your fear, do not give in to instincts. There have been cases when, in response to the aggression of a dog, a man with all his appearance showed counter-malice, and the animal, frightened, would leave.

It is common for women to wave a bag, trying to defend themselves against a dog attack. This is not recommended. Mongols are afraid of stone, sticks. You can shout, call for help from people, but not with a screech, but with a low voice. The main thing is not to reveal your fear, get together and act on the situation.

To stop the raging dog will help a handful of sand or earth thrown into the face, an open umbrella, a confident cry: “No!”

If you do not panic, the chance to remain without a bite increases many times. The dog feels the fear of the scent. Rate the situation. If you manage to cope with animal power – show it, no – try to “take” caress. In any case, keep calm and sobriety of mind, do not let fear paralyze you.

How to prevent a dog bite

1. Do not touch an unfamiliar dog.

2. Do not interfere in fighting animals.

3. Do not disturb the dog while it is eating.

4. Do not approach the mother dog when she is guarding the puppies.

5. Do not leave a small child alone with an animal.

6. Learn to recognize signs of aggression and teach this to your children.

If you or your relatives have been the victim of a dog attack, quickly and calmly perform the necessary manipulations and contact your doctor for help. Only timely measures taken will help to avoid negative consequences in the future.

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