The child is shaking his chin

After the birth of a baby in any family comes a relatively happy period. Parents rejoice and are touched by each movement of a crumb. However, at some point, the mother begins to notice that the baby behaves, at least, strangely and thinks about how much the behavior of the newborn is normal. One of such provoking factors is that periodically the chin is trembling in a newborn. This fact makes the frightened parent look for answers on the Internet.

Usually babies are born with great stress, because the warmth and tranquility in my mother’s tummy suddenly gives way to a cold noisy space, to which you still have to get used to. In addition, newborn babies do not have immunity, all systems in the body are still very immature, and in general, babies need time to make the body adapt to the external environment as much as possible.

Such addiction is accompanied by a host of adverse symptoms, including chin tremor. It occurs because the newborn cannot yet control muscular functions, as adults do; the infant’s nervous system is not mature enough.

The child is shaking his chin

Of course, over time, the child develops, and all the oddities gradually evaporate.

Remember, a trembling chin in a baby under the age of 3 months is considered to be a completely normal manifestation, and there is no reason for extensive panic.

Chin tremor – physiology?

In most cases, yes. All newborns go through this period, because development is impossible without strengthening the muscles, which is exactly what happens. However, another important factor, in addition to muscle weakness, affects the shaking of the chin; it is an insufficient maturity of the endocrine system.

It is responsible for the hormonal balance in the body, controls all the hormone emissions that occur by various glands, which are located everywhere. When the chin is shaking, the adrenal glands, which produce norepinephrine in excess, are to blame. This hormone usually “floats” in the blood when the newborn is in an overly excited state. That is a child:

  • crying;
  • screams;
  • actively moving;
  • rejoices loudly.

It is worth remembering that this is normal for a baby, and there can be no reason for panic.

When should guard

There are situations when a shaking chin becomes a wake-up call for parents. In such cases, immediately contact your local pediatrician, and even better – to a neurologist. What are these situations?

  • The baby shakes his chin even after 3 months of age.
  • The child has a strong tremor.
  • The chin shakes regardless of the condition of the infant.

Why should be guarded? The fact is that any of the above symptoms indicate disturbances in the work of either the nervous or endocrine systems. This is a pathology in a tiny organism, and time here plays against you. Virtually any disturbance in the body can be stopped if the disease has not yet begun to seriously progress, so you should not think long and consult with “experienced” relatives or girlfriends.

Sometimes the root causes of such symptoms lie in unsuccessful births. For example:

  • cerebral hypoxia;
  • high water flow;
  • disorders associated with the placenta;
  • fast or, on the contrary, sluggish childbirth;
  • cord entanglement.

However, these causes will not cause serious harm to the baby, the chin tremor will disappear over time. Much worse if the problem is purely neurological, because such pathologies are not treated as easily as colds.

Preventive measures If the newborn is not yet a month old, not to mention three, and his chin is shaken from time to time – no need to worry and panic. However, it should not be completely “hammered” to this problem.

There is a whole range of preventive measures, the observance of which can significantly reduce or even help to remove such an unpleasant symptom. You can perform the following procedures for the baby:

  • herbal bathing;
  • chin massage.

And you can safely combine them. However, it is worth remembering that herbal baths can cause an allergic reaction in an infant, therefore, you need to ensure their safety for your crumbs. It is desirable to perform facial massage with light movements that will give the child joyful sensations.

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