The child has a sore throat

The accumulated mucus in the throat is not expectorated for one simple reason. The fact is that it is formed at the expense of special cells of the respiratory tract to provide protective properties against a variety of stimuli. In the inflammatory process, sputum is formed in large quantities in the larynx, trachea and bronchi, or mucus is formed if inflammation passes into the nasal cavity, pharynx and pharynx. The bronchi, in turn, reject phlegm, which then moves upward.

In the end, the mucous mass lingers in the larynx, so the patient is able to swallow or spit it. As a rule, mucus and sputum easily go away, but in case of a serious condition some difficulties may arise.

Why is there thick mucus in the throat

Mucus is produced due to the action on the respiratory organs of substances such as allergens, dust and toxic gases. All this is irritating to their mucosa. Usually, a viscous fluid accumulates due to the inflammatory process at various levels and its amount depends on the type of inflammation and the place of its localization. For example, it can be formed in small quantities with normal rhinitis, and with bronchitis to reach large volumes.

There are reasons leading to increased viscosity of mucus (sputum) and its retention in the throat itself. Mucous secretions thicken due to:

  • insufficient amount of water in the body;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • drying of the mucous membrane;
  • poor ciliary epithelium activity during the inflammatory process.

Sputum may be viscous due to its chemical and bacteriological composition. Thick sputum also stagnates in the throat, as it moves with difficulty by airway.

A similar situation may occur due to insufficient water in the human body, with a feverish state or during a period of loss of moisture during perspiration. Moreover, if the patient inhales the warm air, a rapid loss of water is provided by the lungs. For example, in the autumn season, the accumulation of slimy lumps in the throat causes anxiety every morning.

Thick mucus is a sign of the development of asthma. With the accumulation of mucus in the throat, you can talk about such ailments as:

  • abnormal physiological structure of the nasal cavity;
  • allergic reaction;
  • throat, digestive system disease;
  • bad habits (smoking);
  • rhinitis, inflammation of the sinuses;
  • pharyngitis and laryngitis at any stage;
  • acute respiratory viral infection, influenza;
  • bronchitis and pneumonia;
  • swelling of the lungs;
  • swelling of the respiratory system.

In frequent cases, the accumulation of mucus in the throat may be accompanied by sore, coughing and a lump sensation.

How to improve the properties of sputum

With the presence of mucus in the throat, which is not expectorated, the main goal of effective therapy is to dilute it. Due to the fact that most of the liquid in it will increase, sputum can move away faster.

To this end, it is necessary to increase the amount of fluid consumed. In order to fulfill his physical needs, a person should drink at least 30 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight. You can drink mineral water, herbal teas, compotes and fruit drinks.

You also need to prevent the drying out of mucus in the nasal cavity, as well as in the lower respiratory tract. In this case, you need to reduce the room air temperature to 22 ° C and less. For greater effect, local inhalation procedures are made with a solution of soda, rinsing with herbal infusions. To prevent drying of the nasal cavity, you should bury moisturizing drops. If the body temperature reaches above 38 ° C, you need to take paracetamol-based antipyretic drugs. In addition, it is recommended to follow a diet with the inclusion in the diet of fruits and vegetables and reduction of dairy products. It is not recommended to take hot and spicy foods.

There is a list of medications, due to which the sputum is diluted and well-salted. They have a variety of effects:

  • resorptive;
  • reflex;
  • mucolytic.

The child has a sore throat

Such drugs increase the effectiveness of the functioning of the epithelium and stimulate the ability of the bronchi to contract. With a shortage of water in the body, all the listed drugs do not work. The main thing is that viscous mucus in the throat does not mean the presence of diseases of the trachea and bronchi, therefore there is no point in using expectorant drugs.

What does cough and mucus in the throat

Cough is an immune reflex of the human body. Cough is a spasmodic contraction of individual parts of the respiratory system, which is accompanied by a quick exhalation. When coughing, a person can get rid of excess substance in the airways.

Phlegm in the larynx irritates the mucous membrane and causes coughing. In many cases, when secretions are secreted in significant quantities during illness, mucus begins to concentrate in the throat at the end of sleep and is the cause of cough in the morning. That sputum that is viscous becomes the basis of spastic cough. If mucus is released when you cough, this is considered a good sign.

Treatment in the presence of mucus in the throat

Since mucus in the throat is not considered a separate disease, but a sign of other diseases, the therapy of this disease will depend on the cause of it:

  1. In case of respiratory diseases, treatment consists in rinsing the throat, using drugs with antibacterial, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effects. In this case, the doctor may prescribe mucolytics that can thin the sputum. When sinusitis requires the use of vasoconstrictor drops.
  2. With allergies, therapy consists of taking antihistamines. Together with signs of an allergic reaction, a large amount of mucus is released.
  3. In a situation where mucus is released due to the anatomical structure of the respiratory organs, surgical treatment should be used.

Treatment can be carried out at home. To do this, gargle and eat aloe gruel. It should take a leaf of aloe, finely chop it and add 1

Propolis helps many people. Before use, it should be turned into a powder and add it to a glass of cold water. After the wax comes up, and the propolis remains on the bottom, you need to take the contents on the bottom and add alcohol. The infusion should be prepared in a dark place, then after a week it should be drained and mixed with peach oil. Further, the tool is suitable for lubrication of the nose, mouth and throat.

When a large amount of mucus accumulates in the throat, the use of corticosteroid preparations in the form of drops or spray is an effective remedy for the occurrence of such a problem. The result of the medication is variable, and after they are taken, fast sputum can resume. Corticosteroids are intended only to block the signs of the disease, but they are not able to cure the ailment that provoked the appearance of mucus.

Help with coughing

Suppose a dry cough prevails in a disease, in which viscous mucus does not move away. This cough must be treated without fail, as it can cause pain.

The main task for effective treatment is to ensure that the cough moves to another phase, it becomes wet, light and painless. All of the above methods of sputum treatment are used for this purpose.

Anti-cough preparations with a specific effect are not recommended for use with active mucus secretion, as their use can provoke a complication.

In case of a sore throat, it is recommended to visit an experienced doctor first, since the development of a serious disease can be the cause of the resulting lump of mucus. To make a diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe to undergo a medical examination and pass the necessary tests.

It is better to spend your time on identifying the cause of the disease and further determine the correct method of therapy than to harm yourself by treating a completely different ailment.

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