The child does not poop

My nephew is already four years old. He is already an adult independent boy. To the pot has long been accustomed, goes to the garden (long). For the past month, he began to crap in his pants, and he does it quietly and does not tell anyone, he can walk with poop for a long time and not complain. Sister frantic, swears, and he continues in the same vein. They calmly wash, he carefully listens to her, and then everything is new.

The child does not poop

Why? What is the formation of personality? Did you have this? My children did not have, I do not know what to advise her, except for maintaining calm.

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This behavior is associated with some very strong psychological discomfort (a friend divorced her husband and a child, who also began to crap in his pants for 4 years – this was how he experienced stress). Perhaps he has problems in the garden, or something else. In any case, this is not normal and the formation of the personality is completely irrelevant.

I agree with the previous comment – most likely, the incontinence of feces is caused by stress. Maybe something in the family or kindergarten happened, which greatly influenced the child. Sometimes this happens in overly suspicious children who suffer for a long time, shy, and suppress urges. As a result, the sensitivity of the receptors decreases, feces involuntarily. It is better, of course, to consult a doctor.

The child does not poop

Only fear, fear and stress. Indeed, or something in the family, or, most likely, in the kindergarten — can ridicule or even the inattention of the teacher to him, severity or injustice to him. I, for example, have a 3-year-old son who goes to the pot at home, and on the street, playing, suffers and does not ask, just not to be distracted. It still seems to me that the baby receives so much attention from her mother, even if she screams, but there is attention!

In a baby, this is due to some kind of fear, stress, and feelings. Analyze the situation in your family (the situation of your sister) – is everything all right, have there been any recent incidents that could somehow frighten the child, give him discomfort, and so on. Just because a child would not crap, because it is not very pleasant for him to walk with dirty panties – that is all at the level of psychology. I would advise you to consult a neurologist for a consultation, so that he establishes the cause and suggests how to proceed, because by washing away and the fact that the sister is frantic about the situation.

Most likely it is psychological, but perhaps it is not connected with any stress, but with the crisis of four-year plans. At this age, children very often commit acts to check the limits of what is permitted, or mischievous. My neighbor also did this at that age, then everything went away. I do not claim that the rights to 100%, shared only the information known to me. Perhaps a visit to the psychologist is still not hurt.

Most likely, this is due to fear, but what caused his fear, you have to find out. Many are afraid of caregivers or nannies in the garden, and maybe they didn’t say something or did something wrong. One thing is clear, this cannot be reconciled.

Yes, this is true, (my child says so, I am afraid to ask to go to the toilet, and with all the caregivers), but what to do? How to deal with these fears?

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