Temperature 38 in a child

can there be a temperature of 38 in the child’s teeth? and how many days? The child is naughty for the last two days, this morning the temperature, they knocked down a little in the morning, now she has risen again ((the gum touches, naughty and sleeps badly all the time ((I think it’s on the teeth or. Can the ambulance cause? except T there is nothing else. thanks

Maybe a virus, and maybe on the teeth

we once had a temperature above 38 for 3 or 4 days during this time 2 times caused the pediatrician, but the snot did not appear, because there was no virus, but after a couple of days, after the temperature had subsided, 3 molars erupted

where do you all find the diagnosis ’teeth’? when teeth get out, immunity goes down, viruses and bacteria cling.

Our temperature at the teeth rose to 40 and this was a couple of times a month while the tooth penetrated to the top. Plus snot brook and bronchitis and needless to say bad sleep and constant whims! Therefore, do not wind yourself, the temperature is not terrible – the usual reaction to teeth, you just need to wait and soon you will have a beautiful clove and the baby will smile again!

pediatricians do not like to agree with it, but it is. my both children had it that way. Only there is a tooth — even 39.2 was! crawled out and everything goes away. and so constantly! both

and the doctor of the child emergency room agreed that the teeth could give such a temperature.

Temperature 38 in a child

39.2 – temperature, ambulance doctor- children’s lor (in the main specialty), very well wore and nose and throat. I did not see any pathology on the part of ENT organs. secret: “teeth cut the gum, pressure on the gums, inflammation. ’. they say, will cut through, fall itself! And there is!

Even pediatricians will not be able to accurately respond to the virus on the first or second day of the virus or on the teeth if nothing else exists (neither snot, nor cough, nor wheezing.)

Temperature 38 in a child

we, as I wrote, kept T above 38, didn’t swim, I didn’t believe it was on my teeth,

Thanks girls for the answers! caused an ambulance, let them look .. child 1 year and 1 month. the doctor on the phone screamed that she hadn’t called in the morning before

Temperature 38 in a child

That’s right, look at the throat and mouth, listen, feel, if nothing is like that, then maybe they give teeth

IMHO, the virus. We are up to 38.5 – 39 trying to drink, not to shoot down (if the child feels good in general). After 38.5, paracetamol can be given in syrup (but I would remove the child’s diapers at this temperature – the temperature drops a bit, and it would give an opportunity to temperature. A high temperature perfectly kills viruses). In any case, if paracetamol helps, then 99% is a virus (paracetamol has only antipyretic and analgesic effect, and does not alleviate inflammation at all). If paracetamol did not help, I would give ibuprofen (nurofen) and call the doctor. If ibuprofen does not help, then the ambulance is urgent.

But all this is only if the temperature is well tolerated by the child and there are no other threatening symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, rash).

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