Tea and pregnant

Have you noticed how cleverly Queen Elizabeth II bypasses the expression “pregnant”, speaking of Megan Markle. As it turned out, this requires from her etiquette.

Kristina Desyatova · November 28, 2018


Elizabeth II did not immediately put up with the idea that her grandson, Prince Harry, was about to marry a lady of common origin. In addition, Megan Markle was already married and a divorced woman … However, now she managed not only to get used to this thought, but also became an almost perfect great-grandmother, who is constantly interested in the health of the future baby.

Tea and pregnant

It was then that journalists and noticed that she never uses the word “pregnant” in relation to Markle. And all because he considers it vulgar. Instead, the Queen of England prefers the phrase “a woman preparing to become a mother.” It is curious, but this is not the only word that was banned for members of the royal family.


But then everything is clear … This word even we often try to avoid, the residents of Buckingham Palace replace it with a more neutral lavatory – a lavatory. Interestingly, royal etiquette forbids even the use of other synonyms of the word – bathroom or ladies.

I apologize

Tea and pregnant

No matter how polite the aristocrats may seem, they never ask for forgiveness directly. If suddenly Prince Harry or Elizabeth II herself does not hear what you have said, they never use the phrase pardon or sorry, but directly ask: “What?” And really, why so many conventions?


And this is a seemingly completely harmless word … However, ladies from high society will never sit down to rest on a sofa, even if they fall from their feet. They sit down on the edge of the sofa or couch.


Well, now get ready to be surprised … I bet you never guessed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte do not call Prince William the Pope. They are taught from childhood to address their parents only this way: daddy (father) and mummy (mother).


There is one more restriction for children … Running out to play ball, they have no right to call the territory “inner courtyard”, and from early childhood they must say that they are going to spend time on the “open terrace”. Already presented the surprise of your child when you ask him to go ice skating … on the “terrace”?


No offense to Coco Chanel, who put only a drop of perfume on the night and went to bed, the members of the royal family forever struck out the word “spirits” from the lexicon. Ladies put “aroma” which is created by perfumers according to their special wishes.


Tea and pregnant

Do you know what compliment princes will ever make to their wives? They will not pronounce the word “chic”, and all because it is used only by people in lower classes. Knowing and even more so the residents of Buckingham Palace should say “great.”


Unlike the English working class, aristocrats never use the word “tea” in any other way than “hot drink”, while in England the word “tea” often means supper … But the royals prefer call a spade a spade.


Yes, on the royal table it is difficult to imagine hot dogs and a plate of chips … However, there is no word for “snacks and soft drinks” in everyday life. If, say, the Queen wishes for salad and olives, she will say: “Bring food and drinks.” It should be easier.

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