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Chronic depression (dysthymia) is a protracted mental mild disorder in which the symptoms of depression manifest themselves for several years. Suffering from this disorder constantly feel unhappy, sadness deeply lodged in their hearts. The beginning of subdepression can be laid as early as adolescence, and during the whole life all signs of dysthymia can be present, without proper treatment provided in a timely manner. The disease is very widespread among women.

Causes of Chronic Depression

The causes are chemical changes in the brain precisely when serotonin levels fall. And if it is not enough, then it is unable to cope with emotions, stressful situations, chronic diseases. All this increases the chances of constantly being in a state of chronic depression (dysthymia). After three years of progression, this condition tends to transition to another pronounced depression.

Options for the possible course of dysthymia:

Dysthymia with major depressive episode.

Sugar in children symptoms

Dysthymia with recurrent major depressive episodes.

Dysthymia in the absence of a major depressive episode

There are combinations of dysthymia with disorders such as panic attack, somatic diseases or secondary dysthymia, generalized anxiety, conversion disorders, social phobia

Chronic depression signs

The presence of constant sadness and feelings such as emptiness, hopelessness, uselessness, helplessness, feelings of guilt; loss of interests and the ability to enjoy oneself, loss of energy and fatigue, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, pronounced slowness in mental and physical processes, obsessive thoughts about death

Chronic depression symptoms

The disease is diagnosed on the basis of symptoms such as frequent headaches and pains in the joints, problems with the digestive tract (overeating or refusing to eat, gastritis), sleep disorders combined with a loss of interest in social, professional life and activity. If a depressive mood does not leave you within two weeks, you should seek the help of specialists.

Chronic depression treatment

How to get out of depression if such a problem has already arisen? Increasing the content of serotonin – the hormone of happiness and seemingly anxiety about depression should go away, but it is not so easy. Start eating foods that contain sugar and you raise the level of serotonin in the brain, which will lead to dependence on sugary foods. The body will constantly require sweets and this path is dangerous fast addiction. The second way to produce serotonin using the amino acid tryptophan. For a normal state of health, two grams of tryptophan is enough per day. Most of it is contained in hard cheese (100 grams of cheese – 790 mg of tryptophan), followed by soy (per 100 grams – 714 mg) and melted cheese (100 grams – 500 mg of tryptophan). The following are products that are inferior in the amount of tryptophan per 100 grams of products. These are chicken eggs, lentils, lean meat, mushrooms, beans, fat cottage cheese, millet, buckwheat, liver, cantaloupe, bananas, dates, pumpkin, oranges, dark rice, seaweed, prunes, dried apricots. Be sure to include in the winter diet vitamins of group B and magnesium. From the above it follows that the mood can be synthesized and thereby affect the hormone serotonin, eating the right products.

If dysthymia attacked and you do not know how to get rid of this depression, then the doctor will appoint a medical treatment that will come to your aid, and rule out a possible recurrence of the disease. Using antidepressants (Celex, Paxil, Asendil, Marplan, Mirtazapin and others) for a long time (six months or more) and including psychotherapy in a complex (individual, family therapy and group therapy), a complete cure for this disease is possible.

Prevention of chronic disorder includes visits to sports halls, long walks in the fresh air, a balanced diet and daily care of yourself.

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