Streptoderma in children ointment treatment

Streptoderma is a contagious infection of the upper layers of the skin that is provoked by streptococci. Most often it affects children, especially boys. This disease covers the skin with pink-colored rashes. They peel off and sometimes hurt. Also, voids filled with fluid appear. Without applying the treatment, it will take two weeks, if you apply the ointment – a few days. So what kind of ointment to use for the treatment of streptoderma?

Why streptoderma need to be treated with ointment

The main safe medications that quickly and effectively heal any skin disease, including streptoderma, are ointments and balms. They localize streptococci at the site of infection, accelerate regeneration, and prevent the disease from spreading from the problem area throughout the body.

Many drugs for streptoderma contain penicillin, which can be poorly absorbed by the body if applied inside.

What kind of ointment to use, for the treatment of streptoderma, should be decided by a dermatologist. He prescribes anti-inflammatory and antibiotic ointment for streptoderma. Water treatments at the time of treatment can not hold, as they interfere with the action of the ointment and the infection is actively spread throughout the body. On other methods of treatment of streptoderma, read here.

Ointments for Streptoderma in Children and Adults

Zinc ointment when streptoderma appointed dermatologists to combat streptococcus, which does not tolerate zinc. This ointment makes the skin softer, moisturizes it and gives a long healing effect. The ointment is applied with a thin layer on clean skin 5-6 times a day. Strengthen the effect in the treatment of streptoderma, will help zinc ointment with chloramphenicol. There are no contraindications.

Streptoderma in children ointment treatment

Baneocin – combined antimicrobial ointment for streptoderma with two

Pyolysin – a good combination remedy, destroys microbes, relieves inflammation and accelerates the healing of affected skin. Apply several times a day to sore spots. There are no contraindications.

Tetracycline ointment with streptoderma is a good broad-spectrum antibiotic against bacteria. Apply a small layer on the skin of the problem 2 times a day or under a bandage for 24 hours. The treatment is long, up to two weeks.

Gentaxan – complex antimicrobial drug. The ointment is applied to the problem area, a sterile dressing is applied on top for several hours. There may be several dermatological side effects.

Baktroban – active broad-spectrum antibiotic. Interferes with development and reproduction of microbes. Antibacterial ointment for streptoderma is evenly applied with a cotton swab over the problem area, then a sterile dressing should be applied to the treated skin. Small side reactions are acceptable.

Salicylic ointment removes inflammatory processes, disinfects problem areas. It is applied several times a day. There are no contraindications.

Streptoderma in children ointment treatment

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Ointment Fuziderm with streptoderma refers to local antimicrobial agents, for external use only. Apply a small layer on the damaged skin fragments for 8-12 hours. Average duration of use is 7 days.

Ichthyol ointment for streptoderma is a local antiseptic, disinfects and quickly removes infection from the skin surface. Treats itchy skin and softens keratinized skin, nourishes the skin, speeds up skin regeneration and stops excessive peeling. Analgesic properties appear within a couple of hours after application.

Ointment Levomekol with streptoderma discharge for complex effects. This ointment increases the level of local immunity, speeds up the healing of wounds, reduces inflammation. The drug is applied to a sterile cloth, which gently impose on the sore spot. The treatment is long, until complete recovery.

Hyoxyson – ointment for streptoderma for combined effects. Antibiotic, detrimental effect on various infections, eliminates inflammatory processes, and also prevents the occurrence and development of secondary infection. It is smeared with a neat layer on a wound, from above it is covered with a bandage for several hours.

Sulfuric ointment with streptoderma has an antimicrobial effect. Apply on the affected areas of the skin for 5 days. Only after this course of treatment can a patient undergo water procedures and change bed linen. Nystatin ointment is an antibiotic that has antifungal properties.

Vishnevsky ointment with streptoderma is a broad spectrum antiseptic. The drug is widely used to eliminate inflammation and rashes. Restores skin with various injuries and damages. It is used as prescribed by a doctor. Possible side effects.

Methyluracil ointment when streptoderma has the properties of an anabolic agent, accelerates cellular recovery, quickly heals wounds, strengthens the immune system, relieves inflammation. The ointment is applied externally, smeared lightly on the skin of the problem every day until complete recovery.

Treatment and prevention of streptoderma

Treatment and prevention of streptoderma most often local – the use of ointments directly on the foci of infection. This and certain antibiotics, antiseptic ointment for streptoderma, anti-inflammatory drugs, immune-strengthening vitamins. Treatment of streptoderma in children and adults with ointments is controlled by a doctor, so you cannot self-medicate and violate the doctor’s prescriptions.

Bed rest, isolation from the carriers of the infection, immunity strengthening and the use of drugs are the key to a speedy and complete recovery. How to treat streptoderma in adults and children at home folk remedies read here.

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