Stomatitis remedy for children

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Solcoseryl instructions

The drug solcoseryl is a deproteinized, chemically and biologically standardized hemodialysate, obtained from the blood of dairy calves using the ultrafiltration method. Drug substance is a combination of a variety of low molecular weight components of the cell mass, including glycoproteins, nucleotides, nucleosides, amino acids, oligopeptides, electrolytes, trace elements, intermediate products of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. This drug activates tissue metabolism, stimulates the processes of cellular nutrition and recovery. Solcoseryl provides more active transport of oxygen, glucose and other nutrients to the tissues in conditions of oxygen starvation, stimulates the synthesis of intracellular ATP, promotes the growth and reproduction of reversibly damaged cells (which is especially significant in conditions of hypoxia), accelerating wound healing. The drug triggers the formation of new blood vessels, promotes the restoration of blood vessels in ischemic tissues and the growth of fresh granulation tissue, creates favorable conditions for the synthesis of the main structural protein of the body – collagen, accelerates the growth of the epithelium on the wound surface, resulting in closure of the wound. Solcoseryl is also endowed with cytoprotective and membrane stabilizing effects.

Stomatitis remedy for children

The drug is available immediately in five dosage forms: a solution for intravenous and intramuscular administration, eye gel, paste for topical use, gel and ointment for external use. The protective effect of the eye gel is to stimulate re-epithelialization of the cornea after various damaging effects on it: it can be chemical burns (for example, alkali), mechanical injuries, inflammatory processes. In addition to the active substance, carmellose sodium is included in the composition of this dosage form, which ensures even and long-lasting coverage of the cornea, thanks to which the affected tissue site is continuously saturated with the preparation.

Ocular gel is the only one of the dosage forms of solcoseryl, which has a restriction to use in cases of occupation of potentially hazardous activities (driving a car, working in production): in such cases, after applying the gel on the cornea, it is necessary to suspend its activity for 20-30 minutes.

Stomatitis remedy for children

An additional component of the dental adhesive paste of solcoseryl is polidocanol 600, a local anesthetic that acts at the level of the peripheral nerve endings, causing their temporary blocking. This substance has a fast and long-term local anesthetic effect. After applying the dental paste on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, the pain is relieved after 2-5 minutes, while this effect persists for 3-5 hours. Dental paste solkoserila forms a protective therapeutic layer on the affected area of ​​the oral mucosa and effectively protects it from all sorts of damage. Meanwhile, this dosage form has a number of restrictions to use: for example, it is not recommended to lay it in the cavity formed after the removal of wisdom teeth, molars and resection of the tooth tip (in the latter case, if stitches are attached after the edges of the hole). The composition of the paste does not include antibacterial components, therefore, in case of infection of the oral mucosa, prior to the use of solcoseryl, it is necessary to carry out a preventive drug “cleansing” in order to eliminate the infectious agent and relieve inflammatory symptoms.

Solcoseryl topical gel is easily washed off the wound surfaces,

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