Stomach in the first weeks of pregnancy


1 week of pregnancy is 1 month and 1 trimester

What’s happening

1 week of gestation is special and truly imperceptible, this is due to various facts. Most women in this week of pregnancy are interested in the question of how to determine whether she is pregnant or not. And if you are just interested in the answer, here it is: it is almost impossible to determine a pregnancy at 1 week. And that’s why:

Firstly, it is very difficult to understand and remember on which day sexual intercourse was a result, the result of which was fertilization. Secondly, the meeting of the egg and sperm does not occur immediately after intercourse, but over the next three days. Also, changes in the body of a woman, which will help determine the presence of pregnancy, do not occur instantaneously.

Worldwide, doctors begin to count the gestation period from the first day of the last menstrual cycle, it is called obstetric. There is still an embryonic. Obstetric gestational age is the one that the doctor will deliver to you after the ultrasound, and the fetal period is the real age of the fetus. On average, the error between these two periods is 12-14 days.

In order not to be confused, do not worry about the difference in days. If you are pregnant, now counting weeks, months and trimesters will occur by obstetric terms.

The first signs of pregnancy at 1 week

As such, there are no particular signs of pregnancy this week. It is at this moment that the female nervous system undergoes some changes, changes its hormones, pursuing only one goal – the preparation of one egg for fertilization.

Some girls are interested in what symptoms and signs of pregnancy can occur at 1 week after conception – that is, at the earliest moments of the formation of the fetus. Information on these signs can be found in article 3 of the week of pregnancy: signs and symptoms

If you want to try to determine for yourself whether you are pregnant at such an early period, we recommend reading the detailed articles:

Feelings of a woman

Sensations associated with pregnancy, a woman is now impossible, since 1 week is a period of menstruation. If a woman really wants to become a mother or vice versa – she is afraid of becoming pregnant with panic, then she begins to look for feelings and the first signs of pregnancy in herself. Since fertilization has not yet occurred, the most common processes in the body can be symptoms of the first week of pregnancy, and a woman, in general, should not worry about it. If you still have doubts, a trip to the doctor will help confirm the presence or absence of pregnancy.

Previously, our grandmothers used folk methods to determine pregnancy. For example, you can try to find out if you are pregnant with soda. If you are interested in how to determine pregnancy in the early stages, paying attention to excretions or urine, we recommend reading the article: How to determine pregnancy with traditional methods.

What does a pregnancy test at week 1 show?

Nothing. At 1 week of pregnancy itself is not yet, so the test can not show it. If we mean the first week of the delay of menstruation and the test showed a positive result, then everything is correct, only at this stage the doctor will most likely set a different period.

Stomach in the first weeks of pregnancy

It is believed that 1 week gestation period coincides with the onset of the menstrual cycle, therefore, blood discharge is now absolutely normal. However, if menstruation does not pass as usual or something is alarming you, be sure to consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of any disease.

Belly 1 week

Of course, no sensations in the stomach from pregnancy at this time can be felt, since the very conception has not yet occurred. However, the pain that usually accompanies menstruation is quite possible. Each woman has a different one: someone pulls a stomach, someone has a pain in the lower abdomen or aching lower back.

Photo of the tummy at 1 week

Uterus 1 week

During menstruation, the uterus actively disposes of the old inner layer. Women always need to remember that during this period, the cervix is ​​particularly susceptible to infection, so you need to carefully monitor hygiene. When the period ends, a new layer will form in the uterus, in which the future embryo will form.

At the very beginning of the menstrual cycle, many women experience chest discomfort. The chest swells, becomes heavier and even hurts. These changes are completely normal and familiar. By the end of menstruation, the chest comes to its former shape and does not cause discomfort.

What happens to the fetus at 1 week?

According to the obstetric term, the embryo is not yet at 1 week of pregnancy, menstruation is going on, and fertilization will only occur in the following days.

If you are wondering what happens to the fetus from an actual point of view, then 1 week (fetal) pregnancy begins after conception (occurs approximately three days after intercourse), which results in the formation of a future embryo. The first one and a half days after the successful merger of the sperm and the egg, the fetus is just a single-cell zygote. After that, the stage of crushing zygote cells begins, which lasts about three days. Now the future embryo is sent to the uterus, where it must cling tightly, because it is here in the next months that a little man will be formed from it. In fact, specialists at this stage do not consider that a zygote is a fetus and especially a child, but many women belong to the very first nascent cells as a full-fledged organism.

When a woman finds out about early pregnancy, her fetus is a group of cells, he is already firmly attached to the walls of the uterus and began to actively multiply and grow.

Video about the first week of pregnancy

HCG 1 week

It is absolutely useless to carry out this test to determine pregnancy at 1 week. The level of the hormone HCG now reaches values ​​from 0 to 5 mU / ml, such indicators are typical for a woman who does not expect a child. As soon as the embryo enters the uterus, its outer membrane begins the production of this hormone. Only having passed the analysis for hCG 3 weeks after the start of menstruation, you can surely be convinced of your pregnancy, as well as learn about it even at the earliest time.

1 week of pregnancy ultrasound

If you are not on the examination, then an ultrasound scan on this period is not necessary, since it will not be able to show pregnancy. However, if you are interested in artificial insemination, an ultrasound scan will help determine the state of the egg.

Photo ultrasound on week 1:

Tips for the future mom

If you want to get pregnant, you probably know that you must completely give up smoking and alcohol. In order to avoid unexpected diseases, before planning a pregnancy, it is better to do a full examination of the body and heal. Pay special attention to the teeth, if there are problems, they are also better to solve before pregnancy. Start a calendar and track your menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Try not to get cold. Limit visits to crowded places such as shopping and public transportation. Take care that the virus does not reach you in the clinic or even at home. It is necessary to be afraid of infectious diseases, most of all rubella, isolate yourself from sick people. Before undergoing the x-ray, especially if it touches the abdominal cavity, tell the doctors that you are planning a pregnancy. Keep calm, do not be stressed and overworked at work, sleep well. Tell your relatives about your intention and ask for good attitude towards you.


This topic is particularly acute in modern society, many strongly oppose abortion. To date, abortion is permitted in the Russian Federation. In the early stages of up to 12 weeks for the abortion is enough desire of the most pregnant. If it is necessary to terminate a pregnancy in your life, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor, only after an examination will they tell you how to terminate a pregnancy at 1 week with minimal risks and health consequences. There are different methods, but if the period is 1 week of pregnancy after a delay in menstruation, medical abortion is the most benign option for a woman. Do not try to have an abortion at home or in informal settings. The consequences of such steps can be tragic.

Answers to frequently asked questions in 1 week of pregnancy

Is temperature change a symptom of pregnancy?

When the basal body temperature rises to 37 – this is a symptom of a happened pregnancy, if the period is 1 week after a monthly delay. However, this is one of many symptoms, and you shouldn’t pay much attention to it.

1 obstetric week of pregnancy coincides with the beginning of the menstrual cycle, during which a slight change in body temperature is absolutely normal and, in this case, an elevated temperature is not a symptom of pregnancy.

How long is the first trimester of pregnancy?

1 trimester of pregnancy lasts up to 14 weeks. The whole pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters.

How does the cervix change in the first weeks of pregnancy?

At the onset of fertilization, the cervix changes, it becomes softer and more tender, changes its position, dropping below. Due to the strong blood flow, the color of the cervix becomes darker.

1 week after conception – what kind of obstetric week?

1 week from conception is 3 obstetric weeks. 1 week of delay is 5 obstetric week.

Stomach in the first weeks of pregnancy

What do pains signal on 1 week of pregnancy?

At 1 obstetric week of pain – this is absolutely normal. This so-called menstrual pain. If the pain is very strong, you can drink painkillers.

However, if by 1 week you understand a week after a delay of menstruation or a week after conception, then the pulling pain in the lower abdomen, practically the same as during menstruation, may indicate an early miscarriage. If you already know that you are pregnant and feel abdominal pain, be sure to consult a doctor. This may help prevent miscarriage and preserve the fetus.

Can a miscarriage happen for a period of 1 week?

Unfortunately, miscarriage at an early date is possible, and its probability is very high. This may be due to the fact that the fertilized egg could not get into the uterus or securely attach there. The causes of miscarriage in the early stages can be different, such as gene changes that lead to pathologies, and any disease. That is why if you are planning a pregnancy is very important to undergo a full examination.

What does a miscarriage look like in 1 week?

At such an early date, a miscarriage looks like droplets or small blood clots, almost the same as during menstruation.

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