Stomach in the 5th week of pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy on the 5th week

This period is usually accompanied by all the first signs of a beginning pregnancy. It was at this period that the future mother realizes that menstruation did not come. In addition to the absence of menstruation, a woman may experience a number of changes in well-being associated with hormonal changes in the body.

Stomach in the 5th week of pregnancy

Signs include:

• Increased sensitivity to odors; • Drowsiness and fatigue.

Outwardly, no changes have been noticeable so far; however, by looking at her body, a woman can notice the beginning darkening nipple halo, increase in mammary glands. It may also start getting dark strip on the belly, coming down from the navel.

The remaining signs of pregnancy at week 5 are more related to the well-being of the woman.

Feelings of the mother on the 5th week

This week brings the woman a whole range of new sensations, but not all of them can be pleasant.

Emotions and behavior

In the emotional sphere, the first changes are observed. In addition to the excitement about the occurrence of pregnancy and anxiety for the unborn child, one can also note the increased anxiety and emotionality that will accompany the woman throughout the entire period of waiting for the baby. Changes in behavior are associated with changes in hormonal levels and with the restructuring of the body that has begun.

At week 5, the woman begins to experience mild ailment. From the usual rhythm of life comes faster fatigue. In the morning there are frequent ailments – headache, nausea, and even possibly vomiting. In general, in the first trimester, nausea can be provoked by anything: the taste of previously favorite foods and products, strong or strong odors, and sometimes even the appearance of some dishes or thoughts about them. In order to cope with nausea, a woman can temporarily abandon self-cooking. Let this responsibility be assumed by someone from the family: husband, mother or grandmother. This will make it easier to survive the first trimester.

Intimate life

For a period of 5 weeks, if all is well, there are no contraindications to having sex. However, any uncharacteristic discharge, pain, or a pulling sensation in the lower abdomen should be a signal to abandon sex and seek immediate medical attention. It is the early dates that are a dangerous time for spontaneous interruption.

  • The breasts of a woman begin to acquire increased sensitivity;
  • Now you need to more carefully choose a position for sleep and for sex;
  • Touching the breast and, especially, to the nipples is sometimes painful and unpleasant.

In order to avoid embarrassing situations, tell your man about these changes in your body.

Whim pregnant

At week 5, the woman is faced with the first manifestations of the so-called “whims of the pregnant.” it selective appetite, aversion to certain products, the emergence of unusual food preferences.

As a rule, many expectant mothers “pulls on salty“. Many women also note an irresistible desire to eat chocolate. Addiction to sweets is associated with increased fatigue, and a bar of chocolate provides the body with “fast” carbohydrates, which help to restore the balance of power to a woman in an interesting position.

Stomach in the 5th week of pregnancy

State of the mucous membranes

One of the most important changes in the early stages – increased secretion of the mucous membranes of the body. Almost everyone speaks of increased salivation, many note nasal congestion without viral infections.

Runny nose pregnant may begin as early as week 5 and continue the entire pregnancy. This inconvenience will have to be endured, because, as a vasoconstrictor, the future mother is not highly recommended, especially in the early stages.

This is what women say on the forums:

Looks like pregnant again! Monthly did not come, then laugh, then throws into tears. It remains to make the test, sent her husband to the pharmacy. Ran happy and proud. I hope that I will be able to please him

Hooray, two strips! How long have we been waiting for this! My mother-in-law yesterday noticed that I began to lean on salted cucumbers, she winked at me, they say, soon to wait for my grandson. I myself did not even pay attention. But I decided to do the test. How did my husband and I rejoiced at these long-awaited two stripes! Tomorrow I’ll run to the LCD to get registered, let the doctors observe that everything is in order.

I join the club pregnant! For several days she didn’t walk herself — her head aches, then she’s spinning, she wants to sleep all the time. At first I thought because of the heat. Then she decided to do a test. I bought 2 at once for reliability: on one the second strip is pale, and the other in the morning did – a bright strip, as expected! Immediately bought myself folic acid, next week I will choose my time, I will go to the doctor.

How I dreamed about the weather, so it goes! Now I have 5 weeks, my head is spinning a little, in the morning it gets nauseous, but not much. I will now combine the baby and pregnancy.

Yesterday, in the store, in front of a display with fruit, all saliva was consumed. I bought myself a kilo of cherries and ate at home alone! Then she came to herself and went to the pharmacy for a test. So take in your ranks, apparently, I have about 5 weeks.

What happens in the mother on the 5th week?

This is the very term when a future mother will find out about her new status. If the news brings positive emotions to a woman, then this best affects the development of the baby.

The first hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body: the corpus luteum of the ovary continues to produce estrogenic compounds and progesterone, due to which pregnancy is maintained and which contribute to the cessation of ovulation. Fetal shell highlights chorionic gonadotropin – This is a specific hormone that is produced in a woman’s body only during the child’s bearing, and it is his definition that is used to determine home pregnancy tests as well as laboratory tests to determine pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy

If there is the slightest danger or suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy, the gynecologist must prescribe a blood test for hCG. This analysis allows us to conclude with certainty whether the fetus is developing in the uterus or it has become entrenched in the fallopian tube. During the normal course of pregnancy, the content of hCG in the blood of a woman doubles daily., with ectopic – the level of its content is reduced.

Low levels of hCG – the reason for the appointment of a more serious examination, but not a reason for panic. A woman needs to remember how important her positive emotional attitude is for her unborn child.

Fetal development on the 5th week

This week for the embryo is a new stage in development. It is from week 5 that doctors begin to call it an embryo. In the structure of the embryo significant changes occur: in form now it looks more like a cylinder 1.5-2.5 mm long.

Your future baby will have the beginnings of internal organs:

  • airways are laid,
  • the formation of the nervous system begins in its embryonic state – the neural tube.

On this term woman need to take folic acid for the proper formation of the nervous system.

  • The most interesting thing that happens in this period with the embryo – bookmark gonoblasts. These are the cells from which eggs and spermatozoa will later be formed.

Ultrasound, embryo photos and photos of the abdomen of a woman

It looks like the embryo at the 5th week

Video: What happens on the 5th week of baby waiting?

Video: Ultrasound, 5 weeks from conception

Recommendations and tips for the future mother

As a rule, at 5 weeks a woman already knows that she is pregnant. She was already worried about not having menstruation in time and, most likely, did a home test. Making sure there are two strips on the test, the woman decided to save the child.

What you need to pay attention now?

  1. 5 week need to visit female consultation, where the doctor after the examination will be able to confirm your assumptions, put you on record, prescribe a number of necessary tests, and prescribe vitamins for pregnant women.
  2. With a trip to the antenatal clinic you can not delay, especially if at your work harmful working conditions. The doctor will give a certificate according to which the future mother must be transferred to another place of work with lightweight labor.
  3. Before you go to the doctor, collect all health information from your husband and his relatives. Your gynecologist will ask about your childhood diseases (especially rubella), about the current state of health of your child’s father.
  4. Due to the changed taste preferences, the expectant mother should forget about all sorts of diets and eat according to your appetite. In case of nausea in the morning it is recommended to eat food without getting out of bed. In general, it is better to eat more often, but in small portions. This will help not to overload the stomach and avoid unpleasant sensations.
  5. In case of early toxicosis in no case do not self-medicate, and tell your doctor about your problems.
  6. The first trimester is dangerous for miscarriage. Be attentive to the slightest changes in well-being., to the appearance of pulling sensations or pain in the lower abdomen, to smearing of the genital tract.
  7. Observe the daily regimen, rest more
  8. As soon as you find out about your pregnancy, give up tobacco and alcohol. Bad habits have a detrimental effect on the formation of the nervous system and internal organs of the child, which occurs in the first trimester. Try to be as small as possible in the rooms where you smoke.

5 week of pregnancy: symptoms, ultrasound, photo

The fifth week of pregnancy is already an unequivocally accomplished miracle, a fact confirmed by all analyzes and tests for pregnancy, no doubt. However, it is worth scaring young mothers right away so that they do not relax – this week the risk of miscarriage is greater than ever, so those who suffer from an excess of male hormones, have abdominal pain or who have brown discharges at 5 weeks of gestation should definitely consult a doctor for advice on conservation. The fifth obstetric week of pregnancy is a very exciting and important period.

Fetal size at 5 weeks gestation and its development

The size of the fetus at 5 weeks of gestation already reaches seven millimeters, the weight of the embryo is as much as 5 grams, and it already has amniotic fluid in which it safely “freezes”, twisting into a ball. Very important processes take place, the future organs, the nervous system of the child, the facial features, as well as future sexual characteristics are formed. The extremities are only outlined so far, but the tiny heart is already tapping the first rhythm.

Ultrasound in the 5th week of pregnancy

This is the last week in which ultrasound is still early to do, but most often women do not even warn the doctor about their situation, wanting to get the results of the study right now. And, of course, ultrasound shows. Pregnancy 5 weeks on the monitor is already perfectly visible. But who has turned out, a boy or a girl, until the doctor says, the primary sexual signs of the future baby are still not clearly visible.

5 obstetric week of pregnancy – we get registered

It is imperative to come to the antenatal clinic, identify all the problems that may interfere with the normal course of pregnancy, in order to prevent spontaneous interruption, pass the necessary tests and get all the advice and advice on diet, walks, sleep and even intimate life with a spouse. All this is very important and needs to be done.

Pregnancy 5 weeks – symptoms

The fifth week of pregnancy usually loves to annoy toxicosis. The body is diligently protected from malnutrition, demanding foods that fight nausea and calmly digest. Therefore, traditionally pulls to eat something sour or salty. Odors are very annoying, including perfectly normal and familiar ones. The most paradoxical sensation of this period is the intolerance of toothpaste, brushing your teeth is the number one problem. Tastes change a lot, you want completely unusual foods, and even the funniest combinations of potatoes with jam or herrings with chocolate that you love to joke about. But by the ladies themselves there is no time for jokes – they are tormented by heartburn, constipation and the constant desire to run off in a small way.

Fifth week of pregnancy – feelings

In the same period, hormonal changes begin: the chest grows and aches, it makes your head spin, you feel like drinking and crying for every reason. All this is completely normal. But if the 5th week of pregnancy hurts the stomach, and the pain has a pulling character, and, even more so, is accompanied by discharge or blood, you should immediately go to the doctor! This may indicate uterine tone and the risk of miscarriage. However, timely medical care quickly resolves this issue.

5 week of pregnancy – features of mom’s life

If there is a certain concern for the fate of the baby, then in the fifth week of pregnancy, you can temporarily remove the spouse from the body (he will understand), and limit oral sex.

Secondly, despite all the toxic and “perverted” actions of the stomach, one should maximally bring his diet to the system of proper nutrition, take vitamins and visit the doctor on schedule, since the baby is now very actively developing. And no, that is, absolutely no alcohol!

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