Stevia during pregnancy

Stevia is made from the medicinal plant of the same name, which has many beneficial properties and is considered the sweetest plant in the world. It contains a unique molecular component, called stevioside, which gives the plant extraordinary sweetness.

Stevia is also commonly called honey grass. All this time, the medicinal herb has been used to normalize the indicators of glucose in human blood and prevent diabetes. Today, stevia has gained not only popularity, but also widespread use in the food industry.

Features of sweetener Stevia

Stevia is fifteen times sweeter than regular refined sugar, and the extract itself, which contains stevioside, can exceed the sweetness level by 100-300 times. This feature is used by science to create a natural sweetener.

Stevia during pregnancy

However, not only this makes the natural sweetener ideal for diabetics. Most sugar substitutes, made from natural and synthetic ingredients, have significant drawbacks.

  • The main disadvantage of many sweeteners is the high calorie content of the product, which is harmful to health. Stevia, with stevioside as part, is considered a non-nutritive sugar substitute.
  • Many synthetic low-calorie sweeteners have an unpleasant feature. Changing the metabolism of sugar in the blood, there is a significant increase in body weight. The natural substitute Stevia does not have similar disadvantages, unlike its counterparts. Studies have shown that stevioside does not affect glucose metabolism, but even, on the contrary, reduces the levels of sugar in human blood.

The sweetener in some cases has a pronounced taste of medicinal herbs. However, today there are sweeteners that use stevioside extract.

Stevioside has no taste, is widely used in the food industry, is available as a food supplement and is referred to as E960. In the pharmacy, a similar sweetener can be purchased in the form of small brown tablets.

The benefits and harm of sweetener Stevia

Natural substitute Stevia is today widely used in most countries and has excellent reviews. The sweetener has become particularly popular in Japan, where Stevia has been used for more than thirty years, and during all this time, no side effects have been identified. Scientists from the solar country have shown that a sugar substitute does not harm human health. At the same time, Stevia is used here not only as an additive to food, but instead of sugar added to diet drinks.

Meanwhile, in such countries, the USA, Canada and the EU do not officially recognize the sweetener as a sweetener. Here Stevia is sold as dietary supplements. In the food industry, the sweetener is not used, despite the fact that it does not harm human health. The main reason for this is the lack of research that confirms the safety of Stevia as a natural sweetener. At the same time, these countries are primarily interested in selling synthetic low-calorie substitutes, around which, despite the proven harm of these products, big money is spinning.

The Japanese, in turn, proved by their research that Stevia does not harm human health. Experts say that today there are few sweeteners with similar low rates of toxicity. Stevioside extract has numerous toxicity tests, and all studies have shown no adverse effects on the body. According to reviews, the drug does not harm the digestive system, does not increase body weight, does not change cells and chromosomes.

In this regard, it is possible to identify the main advantages of the impact on human health:

  • Stevia as a sweetener helps reduce calorie foods and painlessly reduces body weight. Stevioside extract reduces appetite and creates a sweet taste to dishes. This is a huge plus for those who decide to lose weight. The extract is also used in the treatment of obesity.
  • The sweetener does not affect blood sugar levels, so it can be used by people with diabetes.
  • Unlike regular raffinate, a natural sweetener eliminates candidates. Sugar, in turn, on the contrary, serves as a source of nutrition for candidal parasites.
  • Stevia and stevioside improve the immune system.
  • Sweetener favorably affects the condition of the skin, moisturizing and rejuvenating it.
  • Natural sweetener supports normal blood pressure and reduces it if necessary.

Stevioside has antibacterial functions, therefore it can be used for treating small wounds in the form of burns, scratches and bruises. It contributes to the rapid healing of wounds, rapid blood clotting and getting rid of the infection. Often, the extract stevioside used in the treatment of acne, fungal infections. Stevioside helps babies to get rid of pain when their first teeth erupt, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Stevia is used to prevent colds, strengthens the immune system, is an excellent tool for the treatment of sick teeth. Stevioside extract is used to prepare Stevia tincture, which is mixed with antiseptic calendula decoction and horseradish tincture in accordance with 1 to 1. Rinse your mouth with the medicine you get to get rid of pain and possible suppuration.

In addition to stevia, in addition to the extract, stevioside also contains beneficial minerals, antioxidants, vitamins A, E and C, and essential oils.

With long-term intake of dietary supplements, vitamin complexes, significant consumption of fruits and vegetables, hypervitaminosis or an excess of vitamins in the body can be observed. If a rash develops on the skin, flaking begins, you should consult a doctor.

Sometimes stevia may not be tolerated by some people due to the individual characteristics of the organism. Including the sweetener is not recommended to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And yet, there is simply the most genuine and natural herb stevia, which is considered the best sugar substitute.

Healthy people do not need to use stevia as a basic food supplement. Due to the abundance of sweet in the body, insulin is released. If this condition is maintained continuously, the sensitivity to an increase in sugar in the body may decrease. The main thing in this case is to adhere to the norm and not to overdo the sugar substitute.

Stevia during pregnancy

Use of Stevia in Food

Natural sweetener has positive feedback and is widely used in the preparation of beverages and fruit salads, where you need to sweeten the taste. Stevia is added to the jam instead of sugar, used in bakery products during baking.

In some cases, stevioside may be bitter. This reason is primarily associated with an excess of Stevia, which is added to the product. To get rid of the bitter taste, you need to use a smaller amount of sweetener in cooking. Also, some species of stevia plants have a bitter taste.

To reduce body weight, drinks are used with the addition of stevioside extract, which are drunk on the eve of lunch and dinner in order to reduce appetite and eat less food. Also, drinks with sweetener can be consumed after a meal, half an hour after a meal.

With weight loss, many use the following recipe. In the morning, you need to drink a serving of mate tea with the addition of stevia on an empty stomach, after which you cannot eat for about four hours. During lunch and dinner, it is necessary to use extremely healthy and natural food without flavors, preservatives and white flour.

Stevia and diabetes

Ten years ago, the sweetener Stevia was found to be safe for human health, and health care allowed the use of a sweetener for food. Stevioside extract was also recommended as a sugar substitute for people with type 2 diabetes. Including the sweetener is very useful for hypertensive patients.

Studies have shown that stevia improves insulin exposure, affects lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. In this regard, the sweetener is an excellent option for sugar replacement for diabetics, as well as the sweetener parade fit.

When using Stevia, it is important to ensure that the product purchased does not contain sugar or fructose. Bread units should be used to accurately calculate the required dose of sweet. It must be remembered that even a natural sugar substitute with an excess of and improper use can harm human health and increase the blood glucose indicator.

Stevia during pregnancy

Acquisition of sweetener

You can buy a natural substitute for Stevia today at any pharmacy or online store. The sweetener is sold as stevioside in powder, liquid, or dried leaves of a medicinal plant.

White powder is added to tea and other types of liquids. However, some disadvantage is a long dissolution in water, so you need to constantly stir the drink.

The sweetener in the form of a liquid is convenient to use when cooking dishes, preparations, desserts. To accurately determine the required amount of Stevia and not to be mistaken in proportions, you must use the instructions on the packaging from the manufacturer. Usually on the sweetener indicates the ratio of stevia and a spoonful of regular sugar.

When purchasing Stevia, it is important to ensure that the product does not contain any additional additives that may be harmful to health.

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