Staphylococcus in children under one year

The main functions of the Hotline are:– receiving and reviewing phone calls; – providing reference and advisory assistance to citizens; – taking measures on the facts of dissatisfaction with the availability and quality of medical care, solving problems of the citizens who applied;

Rules of the Hotline:* Monday Friday

ON ALL ISSUES RELATED TO THE CONSIDERATION OF THE APPEAL OF THE CITIZENS contact office number 220, 2nd floor of polyclinic №1 (office) Phone 94-52-97

Dear patients! For an electronic appointment with a doctor via the website

http: //

Registration is required on the public services portal, as well as ATTACHMENT to the medical organization.

To attach to polyclinics (adult and children’s) and antenatal clinics, you must contact the registry of the selected institution.

Staphylococcus in children under one year

You should have a passport, OMS and SNILS policy.

Citizens wishing to become blood donors , invited to a medical examination every tuesday wednesday thursday from

Dear donors! Blood donation is done every MONDAY.

For donors with negative rhesus belonging with

For donors with positive rhesus belonging with

Additional information by phone 94 – 54 – 64.

Dear residents of the city! You can use the service – RECEPTION OF ANALYSIS AT HOME (capillary blood from a finger). The cost of departure of the laboratory is 844 rubles.

For registration services call 94-54-16 or to the clinical diagnostic laboratory – st. Geological prospectors 7, stationary 3 floor.


Dear townspeople, remember antibodies to HIV appear not immediately after infection, but with some delay. Therefore, a situation is possible when the infection has already occurred, and the HIV test still shows nothing. This period is called "PERIOD WINDOWS".

During this “window period”, an antibody test can show a negative result, but if you are infected, you will be able to transmit the virus to others. If you were at risk of infection, and even donated blood for HIV several months ago, think about retesting for HIV .A referral for analysis will be given to you:



– HIV / AIDS CONSULTATIVE DIAGNOSTIC CABINET (therapeutic building of the hospital complex, 3rd floor)

– at your REGIONAL TREATMENT at your place of residence

. All studies are FREE and optional ANONYMOUS .

In the perinatal center (Noyabrsk) began work "Hot line" around the clock.

TEL 8-800-200-72-83.

You can get advice on issues of interest, including on issues of medical care.

Dear New Urengoyans!

From July 15, you can make an appointment with a doctor by voice service. “Unified electronic registry”.

To do this, you will need to call a single free phone number.


and answer the voice robot questions.

He will ask for your name, age, medical facility and specialization of the doctor you want to go to, and other data. The system will accept your request, and so that you do not miss your reception, it will remind you in advance the date and time of recording by sending a voice message to your phone.

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