Sore throat lozenges for kids

The first remedy that is used when a sore throat is lollipops, tablets and lozenges that need to be absorbed. They are able to arrest the pain syndrome, reduce inflammation in the mucous membrane of the throat, eliminate paroxysms of dry cough caused by irritation of receptors on the mucous membrane of the throat. But the pharmaceutical industry produces so much. How to know which absorbable pills really help with sore throat?

Below we consider which lozenges, lozenges or lozenges there are, which ones are most effective, which ones can be attributed to the most affordable price segment. We also describe what means it is possible to use in pregnant women, and which – in children.

Who will help the means in the form of candies and sucking pills

Lollipops for throat or other forms of drug release, involving resorption, are prescribed for:

  • sore throat;
  • the feeling of tickling, soreness in the throat;
  • dry hacking cough when smoking or ORVI;
  • painful swallowing;
  • combined sore throat with cough;
  • halitosis;
  • hoarse voice;
  • gum pain;
  • in preparation for invasive interventions on the oral organs (for example, before installing dental implants).

But pay attention, a condition when a sore throat and pain to swallow can be a manifestation of not only a viral infection. This is how lacunar tonsillitis, caused by streptococcus (more rarely – staphylococcus), and cellulitis of fatty tissue around the tonsils manifests. These diseases are treated with the mandatory prescription of systemic antibiotics, otherwise life-threatening complications may develop. In this case, lollipops alone (even with an antibiotic) are not enough. Therefore, if looking into the sore throat, you see white dots on the tonsils (purulent bloom), or looking in the mirror you can see that the neck has swollen, you should not go to the pharmacy, but urgently go to the hospital where the ENT doctors are taken around the clock.

Types of candy from sore throat

For relief of sore throat, depending on the main active ingredients, can be used:

  1. Natural candy. They may contain extracts of chamomile, sage, licorice, ginger; they can include lemon and honey. They have an anti-inflammatory effect due to their components. In addition, they enhance salivation. Saliva together with the components of the product lubricates, moisturizes the throat, reduces dryness in it. Such drugs can be used during pregnancy, unless otherwise indicated in the instructions.
  2. Preparations for resorption with antiseptics. This is the most common group of drugs aimed at the destruction of a large number of microorganisms (including viruses) that caused inflammation and sore throat.
  3. Antibiotic lozenges. They can destroy only bacteria that are sensitive to them, localized in the oral cavity. Do not act on viruses or fungal flora. They cause an imbalance between the beneficial and harmful microflora in the oral cavity, so their appointment should be justified, which can only be done by a doctor.
  4. Immunomodulatory resorption preparations. Manufacturers indicate that such drugs normalize both local and systemic immunity.
  5. Homeopathic Pills for Sore Throat. They have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect; they do not act on microbes.
  6. Combined funds. The composition of such candies or lozenges includes several different components: usually it is an anti-inflammatory agent of natural or synthetic origin, an anti-edematous component, an antiseptic.
  7. Homemade lollipops -see how to make throat lozenges at home

The main majority of such drugs for resorption have, basically, only a local effect, almost without being absorbed into the blood. Declare that the active substance is absorbed into the blood only by the manufacturers “Falimint”, “Septolete Total”.

Candy with natural ingredients

Dr. Tayss’s “Sage” Candy (Orange, Lemon, Melissa Tastes)

Analogs: Candy “Salvia” (produced by Verbena), Tablets “Salvia” 600 mg / tab. for resorption, Sage lozenges Ingredients: sage extract Contraindications: sage intolerance How to drink: 1-2 tons each in 2-3 hours. Price: Vervain lozenges – 60 g / 60 r, Candy lozenges

Bobs (orange-lemon, fir + menthol, wild berries, sage + lime, raspberry tea, propolis + mint, honey plus lemon)

Formula: various phytocomponents Contraindications: hypersensitivity to any of the components (AKP) How to take: max – 10 ice / dn Price: 32 g – 90 p

Broncho Veda

The basis: a combination of herbal extracts Contraindications: AKP How to use: 1 ice each. 3-4 r / d Price: 12 ice./110-150 rub

Licorice candy

Formula: Extract of licorice root Contraindicated: intolerance to licorice, sugar substitutes or lactitol Dosing: 5-6 ice. * 4-5 times / day Price: 45-65 r

“Doctor Mom” ​​- lozenges

Ingredients: licorice, emblica, ginger, menthol, flavoring additives. You can not: with the AKP Accept: 1 pastes. after 2 hours, no more than 10 ice./24h. Price: 120 r

Sore throat lozenges for kids

Dr. Theiss lozenges

Ingredients: cranberry juice with ascorbic acid, eucalyptus and peppermint oil + menthol; sage + honey; Other combinations: Contraindications: with AKP. All, except for “Echinacea with fir”, are not used in case of diabetes mellitus Reception: 3-5 ice./day. Course: up to 14 days Price: 50 g / 120 r

Linkas Lawr

Contents: many phytocomponents Contraindications: AKP, diabetes mellitus How to take: 1 pastes. every 2-3 hours, max – 8 pastes / day Price: 16 pastes / 90 r

Ingredients: eucalyptus oil, glucose syrup, menthol. This is a dietary supplement, not a drug. Contraindications: AKP How to drink: 1 ice. after 2 h, max – 10 ice / dn. Price: 1 pack / 50 r

Karmolis (with sugar and without, honey, children’s: cherry / honey)

Ingredients: a combination of essential oils Contraindications: AKP. For sugar lozenges – diabetes mellitus Dosage regimen: 1 ice. in 2 hours, max – 10 ice / day Price: 75 g / 230-320 r

Isla Moos and Isla Mint

Ingredients: extract of tsetraria (Iceland moss) Contraindications: AKP. With diabetes – with caution: 1 paste. = 0.035 grain units How to dose: max 12 ice / dn Price: Isla Moos 30 tab. / 370 r, Isla Mint 30 tab. / 350 p

Ingredients: a combination of herbs (liquorice, acacia, ginger, turmeric, emblica, basil roots and seeds; others) Contraindications: AKP How to drink: 1-2 * 3 p / d Price: 170 p / 16 ice.


Similar: Pectusin, Eucalyptus-M Ingredients: eucalyptus extract It is impossible if: AKP, atrophy of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract Dosage regimen: after the first dose, wait 6-8 hours. If the lips are not swollen, it is not more difficult to breathe through the nose or mouth, a rhinitis has not appeared, the treatment can be continued according to the following scheme: 1 tab. Max 5 times / day Price: 20 tablets – 100-120 r, Pectusin 10 tab – 30 r, Eucalyptus M 20 tab – 170 p

Strength 4 herbs

Ingredients: extracts of licorice, oregano, linden, thyme Contraindications: AKP How to drink: adults daily – up to 30 g lollipops Price: 50 g paste / 60 r

Tonsilgon H

Ingredients: dandelion grass, oak bark, chamomile flowers, yarrow grass, horsetail grass, Althea roots Contraindications: intolerance to the drug components, lactose or fructose, lactase deficiency, sucrase-isomaltase, malabsorption of glucose / galactose How to drink: in the acute period – 2 tabs . 5-6 p / dn, then – 2 tab. 3 p / d Price: 50 t. / 340 p

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