Sore right side during pregnancy

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Pain in the right side during pregnancy: what does it mean?

Pain in the right side during pregnancy: if it hurts from above

If the pain in the abdomen of a pregnant woman is localized in the upper right, it is worth, first of all, paying attention to the condition and functioning of the liver, as well as the gallbladder and intestines. These symptoms may also indicate diaphragm problems. Check with your infectious diseases specialist for liver diseases or exacerbations of chronic diseases; perhaps he will prescribe some drugs that stimulate the work of this organ and reduce the workload caused by the pregnancy itself.

If the pain in the right side during pregnancy is stabbing or cutting, it can signal problems with the gallbladder or pancreas. If you do not take action in time, you may experience nausea, vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms. Pain in the right side of the top during pregnancy can also push your doctor to think about infection or stones in the gall, or if the pain gives back, it may be a sign of pathology of the right kidney.

If a pregnant woman has a right side ache from below.

If we are talking about early terms, pain in the right side during pregnancy, localized in the lower abdomen, can mean ectopic pregnancy. In the lower right abdomen segment is also the notorious appendix. For its inflammation, pregnancy is not a hindrance. In the same place, on the lower right, there is the ureter and fallopian tubes, which can interfere with both pregnancy and infection.

When appendicitis, the bottom of the right side hurts in one place, and the pain itself may not go up to 12 hours. If the pain in the right lower abdomen in a pregnant woman gradually or sharply increases, this can be a symptom of a cyst rupture or some complications caused by venereal or infectious diseases.

If during pregnancy hurt the right side from the back

If there is pain in the right side during pregnancy, localized from the back, you also need to pay attention to exactly where it hurts: from above or below. Pain from above is a symptom of diseases of the respiratory system. For example, pneumonia, pleurisy, pulmonary tuberculosis, and various tumors can cause pain.

Sore right side during pregnancy

If the pregnant woman has a sore right side of the back from the bottom, it can mean kidney problems, such as inflammation or stones. If the pain became unbearable and went for a walk on the back and lower abdomen, most likely, the pregnant woman began to go out, and this is a reason to immediately go to the hospital. Dull aching pain in the right side of the bottom during pregnancy can mean sluggish pyelonephritis, which also requires urgent treatment.

If the pain in the right side during pregnancy appears in the morning and goes away during the day, pay attention to the pose in which the pregnant woman sleeps, as well as the comfort of her mattress or bed. Any pain in the right side of a pregnant woman, if she does not go away or begins to be accompanied by other alarming symptoms, this is the reason to immediately contact the hospital.

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Sore right side during pregnancy

The state of pregnancy for a woman is rather unusual. During this period, she observes changes that occur inside her body, and which can cause discomfort or discomfort. But is it worth to see a doctor right away in such cases? We will now try to answer this question.

The growth and development of the child provokes the growth of the uterus, as a result of which the internal organs of the woman are displaced. This can cause abdominal pain or tingling. But, if these pains become periodic in nature or there is a sharp pain in the side, then this is a reason to immediately consult a doctor. Since there are many different organs in the stomach, the causes of pain can be completely different.

What hurts the right side during pregnancy?

First of all, it is necessary to know that the stomach is conditionally divided into four segments: upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left. Pain in each of the segments can signal the disease of an internal organ. To more accurately determine the cause of pain, you need to determine the exact location, frequency and nature of pain.

The causes of pain in the right side may be different and for this you first need to know which organs are in the corresponding segment of the abdomen. In the right upper abdomen are located: the gallbladder and liver, the right part of the diaphragm and part of the intestine. Disruption of the functioning of these organs can cause pain and discomfort. This includes the duodenum and biliary tract. If a sharp pain occurs closer to the heart, then appendicitis, torsion of the intestines or dysfunction of the right kidney may be the cause.

If the pregnant woman has a pain in the right side of the lower side, then a bladder disease, a malfunction of the right kidney, uterine appendages, an inguinal hernia, or appendicitis may be the cause. The right side below also hurts during ectopic pregnancy. This is manifested in early pregnancy. But, even knowing all this, if the stomach hurts in the right side, you should not make the diagnosis yourself.

What to do if your right side hurts during pregnancy?

With moderate pain you can not worry. During a scheduled visit to an obstetrician-gynecologist or to a therapist, you need to talk about what is bothering you. But, if you suffer from severe pain, you are in a fever, sick, and there is an emetic urge, then you must immediately call an ambulance. It is advisable not to take any painkillers yourself, because they can brighten up the clinical picture of the disease, and it will be more difficult for a specialist to determine the cause of the pain.

Often, pregnant women hurt the right side and lower back. This happens naturally. Due to the fact that hormonal changes occur in the body, muscles, ligaments and joints relax. A woman is gaining weight, her posture is changing, as a result of which the load on her spine increases. In pregnant women, back pain is most common. Pregnant women especially suffer from it, because for subjective reasons they have to spend a lot of time in one position: stand or sit. Relaxing exercises, such as walking, stretching, can help relieve back pain. You can do the massage, but it should be easy, it is rather a back stroke. Aromatherapy has a positive effect, it will help to relax.

If a woman is pregnant and has a pain in her right side, you should, if possible, take a horizontal position, relax to eliminate the tone of the abdominal muscles. At the doctor’s office you need to ask all your questions. Including interested in what to do if your right side hurts. After all, it depends on you how the pregnancy and the health of your child will flow.

Pain in the right side during pregnancy: possible causes

During pregnancy, the female body adapts to new conditions: right up to the birth, the uterus increases in size, so painful sensations periodically occur, which are a natural reaction to the processes taking place. At the same time, other pains can be a symptom of dangerous conditions and need urgent diagnosis. How to learn to distinguish serious pain in the right side from temporary discomfort during pregnancy?

Why do pains occur?

The pain that appears in the right side is mainly associated with disorders in the liver, one of the kidneys, gallbladder, diaphragm, intestine, appendix, fallopian tube, ureter, ovary or pancreas, and these organs can be sore for reasons not related to pregnancy. It is in this state that chronic diseases often remind of themselves or new problems arise.

Types and causes of pain

Short, lasting up to half an hour, dull pain of “whining character” in the right side, may not represent a danger, it is connected with the fact that the baby has taken a bad position. The pain usually goes away if you lie down on your back or on your left side in order to make the child turn, or take a painkiller pill, for example, “No-sil”.

A sharp and aching pain in the side on the right, extending to the lower back, often arising after eating, not passing more than 30 minutes, indicates dysfunction of the intestine or pancreas, especially when accompanied by nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Its cause may be the compression of these organs by the uterus, including when the stomach is full, or a malfunction of the digestive system. A simple way to get rid of these pains can be dieting. In more difficult cases, the doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs.

Spontaneous, long-lasting and weak pains in the right upper quadrant, during which heartburn appears, are often associated with the work of the liver, often disturbing pregnant women, especially in the I and III trimesters. If you do not overeat and drink more, and also exclude fatty foods, salt and spices, pain will bother you less. With prolonged seizures, you need to consult a doctor, since this kind of pain is a symptom of cholestasis and liver failure (acute fatty degeneration of the liver).

Similar pains, still felt under the right scapula, may be associated with bile stasis in the gallbladder, which is also indicated by belching and bitter taste in the mouth. The pain may increase if the fetus moves. If you do not follow a special diet and do not use choleretic drugs, there is a risk of developing a disease that complicates the course of pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman has a right side ache from above, periodically “shoots” in the lower back, and the pain subsides, then again the problem with the kidney most likely increases. Without diets and sparing medicines prescribed by a doctor, not to do.

Sudden, sharp and stabbing pain, localized to the right (side or lower abdomen), may be an attack of appendicitis, in this case, urgent hospitalization is required.

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