Small breasted actresses

Top Russian porn actresses are incredibly popular, both on foreign resources and in Russia. Moreover, all the girls have natural, beautiful breasts, and some of them have incredible sizes. And of course with video, photo and short biography.

Russian porn actress Mandy Dee

Mandy Dee’s real name is Dasha Makarova, born in St. Petersburg in a family of hairdressers. Even in childhood I learned how to make hairstyles and induce beauty. Over time, you could even become a stylist. But, in order to achieve success in this profession, it would take a lot of time and face some difficulties, because the competition is big and merciless. Could be, and could just spend time in vain.

Here is another thing, work associated with appearance. Here she is all right, those who can compete with her can be counted on the fingers. Who can match the blue-eyed blonde with a natural breast of the 4th size. She noticed wonderful things as a teenager. As the male half of humanity literally falls to its feet, it is worth only blinking an eye, even if just a speck flew. Therefore, immediately after school, Dasha tried herself as a model. But it turned out that for such work she is too sexy. Then she became a nude model, and then a porn actress under the pseudonym Mandy Dee.

Somehow she was asked what the porn industry likes and what doesn’t. She replied that she liked the process of filming, the very preparation and embodiment in the image. And do not like it when they end up on the hair and eyes. Not a single woman likes this, she told me frankly, inducing beauty for hours to splash her with sperm and spoil everything.

Russian porn actress Gina Gershon

Gina Gershon has a real name – Valentina Lashkeeva, from a family, to say the least, not rich. She was born and lived up to her age in the Kemerovo region. And yet, living among the endless depresukhs and drunkenness of a semi-criminal town. Living in everything that the provincial towns of Siberia are so famous for. Valya, in fact, grew up very stunning and intelligent girl.

She easily entered one of the most prestigious universities in Western Siberia. But she could not finish it, or rather she was not given. Because, she began to work as a model for erotic webchat. And the leadership of the Tomsk University, having learned about it, decided that among pompous and highly moral personalities like them, she had no place. And Valya Lashkeev was kicked out without the right to reinstatement. It is noteworthy that she lost her virginity at the age of 19 in the first year. That is, a prestigious University with such important uncles and aunties fucked it twice, and then threw it out on the penultimate course.

And yet, amazing Gina Gershon, in spite of all the misfortunes did not become the same as most of the locals. She still does not use alcohol and drugs. It takes care of our smaller friends and is a vegetarian. She now lives in Hungary, where she mastered English and French. What she dreamed of since childhood. So, this was the dream of a little girl, the owner of a rich inner world – just to become a host, but …

Her personal page

Russian porn actress Foxy Di

Real name Foxy Di – Ekaterina Ivanova, was born in St. Petersburg. To date, it is only known about her that she broke into the porn industry like a hurricane. After several non-professional commercials, she almost immediately began to act in professional films for adults in the most famous studios.

Career began with 19 years. And despite the obvious success in the porn industry, for some reason she still lives in St. Petersburg. And according to rumors, has already received the education of an accountant. Also, often she puts high-quality beautiful photos into her Vkontakte account –

Russian porn actress Cherry Jul

Cherry Jul’s real name is Yulia, last name unknown, presumably from Moscow. In the first porn film starred at the age of 20 years. The girl has a very charismatic appearance. Blonde with blue eyes and regular features, more like a glamorous model. Therefore, it was her, and noted the popular magazine in the West “Complex”. Putting it in the list of the most beautiful women in Russia, next to the group “Tatu” and Anfisa Chekhova.

The last time Cherry Jule was spotted was filmed in 2010. She was probably married now and tied up. But nevertheless, she has a website

Russian porn actress Marina Visconti

The actress has gorgeous shapes – a booty ass and a chest of the 6th size. And of course, acting talent – to show emotions on the set of porn and enjoy what is happening, as she does, only a good actress can. Well, or she just likes everything.

Russian porn actress Natalia Illarionova

Nothing is known about her at all, but nevertheless, this young Russian porn actress is very popular with porn lovers. All her videos on all resources are included in the tops of the views. And all by the fact that Natasha Illarionov is not like a model, but is like a regular neighbor with sexy forms, whom you would blow at the first opportunity.

Small breasted actresses

Russian porn actress Koni Demiko

The real name of Koni Demiko is Daria Pautova. Removed very rarely, because, does not want to delve into this profession. Also, the owner of a beautiful natural breast. She has a large number of fans, and her videos and photos, always falls into the lists of Russian porn actresses that are most popular.

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