Sleep is pregnant

If you caught a cat – it means fulfillment of desires. You will gain a patron and protector.

To dream of a cat – foreshadows failure, unless you can kill it or drive it out of sight. If the cat rushes at you, you will have enemies who will go to great lengths to blacken your reputation and deprive of property. But if you chase the cat, you will overcome huge obstacles, and your fate and reputation will be on the rise. If you get a skinny, miserable and dirty cat – wait for bad news: one of your friends is very sick, but if in a dream you manage to get rid of a cat, then your friend will recover. Hearing the screeching and meowing of cats means that your false friend is doing everything to harm you. To see in a dream that the cat scratched you means that the enemies will successfully deprive you of a part of the profit from the deal, on the realization of which you have spent a lot of time and effort. If a young woman sees in a dream that she is holding a cat or a kitten, then she will be involved in some unseemly deeds. To see a pure white cat in a dream means some kind of confusion, uncertainty that can cause grief and deprivation of a state. When a merchant sees a cat, he should work with maximum efficiency, as his competitors destroy his commercial ventures. He should do his best to succeed. To dream a cat and a snake, friendly to each other, means the beginning of a fierce struggle.

This means that you support the enemy in order to use it and to find out some secret that you think is relevant to you. Unsure of the truth of the information received from it, you will refuse it, because you are afraid that the details of your intimate life will be the subject of judgments.

If anyone sees that the cat has scratched him, it is to anxiety and illness. And to see marten has the same meaning.

These cute animals are not good dreams. They are the forerunners of deceit and betrayal. If a cat dreamed of a girl, it means her chosen one is sly and unreliable. A cat or a cat, dreamed of a young man, also will not bring him happiness. The girl he loves will be a real shrew in the future and will not bring him to good. It is bad when cats come to a merchant in a dream, which means that his servants are no good, they are deceitful and thievish. You can also use the combined dream book. A big family promises you a dream about a cat family. But your life at the same time will be empty and vain. A dream in which you kill a cat means that you will soon reveal the vile designs of your enemies.

Catching a mouse – foreshadows big profits, wealth.

Seeing is a failure, unless you can kill it or drive it out of sight; rushes at you – you will have enemies who will go to great lengths to blacken your reputation and deprive of property; get rid of it – overcoming huge obstacles, fate and reputation will be on the rise; skinny, pathetic and dirty cat – bad news – one of your friends is very sick, but if in a dream you manage to get rid of a cat, then your friend will recover; hear the screeching and meowing of cats – your false friend is doing everything to harm you; the cat scratched you – the enemies will successfully deprive you of a part of the profit from the deal, on the realization of which you spent a lot of time and effort; for a young woman – to hold a cat or a kitten in your arms – you will be involved in some unseemly deeds; to see a pure white cat – confusion, uncertainty, which can cause grief and deprivation of the state; for a trader to see a cat – you should work with maximum efficiency, as competitors destroy your commercial undertakings; seeing a cat and a snake friendly towards each other is the beginning of a fierce struggle, you support the enemy to use him and scout some secret that is relevant to you. See also Kitten, Snake, Panther, Dog.

Representative feline, adapting to the person for food and warmth. It means the unquestioning service of a man to a mother or another woman to the detriment of herself, and this woman considers her ideals to be exalted, usually carrying hidden aggression. It symbolizes the seeming security, success, softness, femininity, which are actually used by the machine for the vampirical capture and the realization of empty eroticism, the mental “absorption” of another and social aggression. A woman who sees herself as a cat, believes that she dominates, turning out to be in reality only a toy in the hands of either the environment developing the complexes in it, or the deviation monitor built inside her, which systematically reorients her for her own purposes. Such a woman always blames her own problems or other people for her problems and illnesses.

To tears, treason; black is an open enemy; white is a cunning enemy.

Deceit, treason, infidelity.

If you dreamed a cat, then it can symbolize failure, if only you do not chase her away. If in a dream the cat attacks you, then in reality you are awaited by the machinations of enemies. However, if you still drove her, then you will be able to overcome all obstacles. Seeing a skinny dirty cat means you’ll hear bad news from missing loved ones. Somebody’s misfortune will happen. But if you drive the cat away, your friend will recover from a serious illness. Hearing the meowing of cats can warn you that the enemy is hiding under the guise of a friend. If in a dream the cat scratched you, then your competitors will succeed in depriving you of the income that you so expected. A dream in which a young woman holds a kitten in her arms means that she risks falling into an unpleasant story because of the misbehavior of other people. To dream a snow-white cat – to trouble, which you initially can not pay attention, but which will then be much more serious. If you are engaged in trade, the dream about a cat calls you to harnessed to work with tripled force, as competitors are trying to survive you.

Cat means petty thief. If anyone dreams that he is fighting with a cat or has killed her, then he will catch and put the thief in jail. Eating cat meat in a dream or getting a cat’s skin means returning a stolen item.

If in a dream you were scratched by a cat, then this portends a disease.

to tears, treason; black is an open enemy; white is a cunning friend.

A cat in a dream – a petty trouble in the service or problems with his wife.

Black cat is a danger.

Try not to risk unnecessarily if the black cat dreamed you on the night from Monday to Tuesday.

If you see such a dream in the night from Friday to Saturday, – fate is favorable to you, soon you will receive an unexpectedly large amount of money.

A black or white cat crossing the road foreshadows the near collapse of plans and hopes.

But do not believe in sleep if you see a bow or collar on an animal. This is an empty dream, a snag dream.

A cat lying quietly on the rug – you can relax, your detractors hid for a while.

A cat jumping out of the bushes, grinning, attacking, do not expect anything good.

By the way, a black cat (not a cat) was considered one of the most important elements of the rite of black magic. One has only to recall Baba Yaga with its stupa and black cat …

Often, magical rites were not performed precisely because of the lack of a necessary attribute, like this animal. It was believed that the witch herself can turn into a black cat.

The black cat is one of the faces of werewolves.

Many ancient legends tell how the hero escaped danger, having guessed the cunning sorcerer or witch. For example, there was such a legend. The witch decided to wipe out the hero, but to find out what he was doing, she turned into a cat.

The hero, having solved the trick of the sorceress, chopped off the cat’s right paw.

Sleep is pregnant

The next day, the villagers saw a local witch without a hand.

Seeing a cat is a nuisance.

To offend a cat is to suffer the pangs of conscience.

Cats are always exalted, then brutally destroyed, attributing to them, in that and in another case, supernatural force.

From there went stupid superstitions, like the “black cat”. And cats all tolerate and love their owners, especially children. Remember this! “A kind word and a cat is nice.”

If you dreamed of a dark cat, then very soon you will be invited to relax in a sanatorium. To do this, carry some cat hair with you.

If you dreamed of a bright cat, soon you will have to make a choice between career and moral principles. To avoid this, light a candle at night, sprinkle it with coffee and go to bed.

Deception, betrayal, betrayal in love.

Meeting with the witch, what a dream, yet in reality.

12 house horoscope.

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Dreams come true by day:

If the dream dreamed of the 28th – an empty dream, does not matter.

If you dreamed of cats on the night from Sunday to Monday – the dream will come true for those who were born that day.

If you see a cat in a dream on Monday night, the dream can be fulfilled in 7-10 days.

If the dream with cats was on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday – the dream predicts

If cats dreamed in the night from Wednesday to Thursday – the dream will not come true

Dreams of cats on Thursday night to Friday – sleep predicts

If cats dreamed in the night from Friday to Saturday – the dream comes true, but not always

Sleep is pregnant

If cats dreamed on the night from Saturday to Sunday – the dream that was seen on this (this) day, do not tell anyone. If the child tells you your dream, keep it a secret from everyone.

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Pepelitsa, Krasnodar | September 24, 2010 22:20

and I had a dream … a terrible dream … there was nothing terrible in it, but I saw fear in the eyes of my cats, fear that fell on me in a shadow … in a dream it was so … it rained, it rained, it rained and thunder (in general, I love rain I left the house and opposite me was a net fencing me from my neighbors, suddenly, under my feet, my cats began to meow — in general MY 3, and one niece living with us … so I noticed that all cats were here, except for my most beloved, baby! I heard thunder and saw the white light from the lightning, and then the cats started to look for something with their eyes together and suddenly the red cat stood up, lifted up his head and yelled, and the others looked at me in fear, and I could see in their eyes that they were very afraid rains they also love (floating cats) and tears on their

Autumn, Minsk | December 02, 2010 12:49

but today I don’t understand what I dreamed about … I’ve been walking through my locality … there’s not enough boards in one of the fences, there’s a hole through which a dog can easily pass, and I know that it’s in this yard. I see her, she goes to meet me, but I’m not afraid of her, or not (I didn’t understand), I step back, thinking that now the chain is over (I need to go further), but it does not end , and the dog goes and goes to me, did not seem to have bitten, it just ended up having a chain, and I went on. Then I see a hole in the asphalt, a small dimple, which I did not immediately notice as I passed. I turn around, there is a gray fluff scattered, feline (when the cat sheds) and in this fluff I notice a cat. I went over, I looked from the front – with her all the rules, I went to the right, and in her there was a hole, you can see the spine … and the traces of the knocked-down car, but she is fine, she went somewhere and returned to the same place and returned. I vomited … I went on. And after going back home, I ran into a cat again, there were no obvious signs that she was beaten or moved, but I saw that there was blood on her, she started rubbing about my leg, and I understand that in new jeans I try make it “missed.” As a result, I look down, but she nevertheless smeared them for me … and I woke up … well, yes … I did not think about anything like that for the night … Reply

Igorgu, Cheboksary | March 17, 2012 00:26

I had a dream: I was in some room in the company of women there was a cat with a kitten I took a kitten and the cat clung to my hand; I fell on my back and she turned into a pretty girl and said I would bite you in response I say let me bite later I smoothed her while she was sitting on me; she was wagging her booty, as everyone disagreed (then it was not clear how I ended up in the war) in an abandoned room, either I was looking for something, or I don’t know what I was doing, but in the courtyard I shot a minametta ) during the shooting, one mine flew out of the mine the whole pipe and fell beside, in the end, everyone lay down on the ground and I, too, lay down in the building

Kristina, Pine Forest | June 17, 2010 11:49

I dreamed of my cat and a cat striped as in Whiskas and a black cat with white spots … My cat disappeared half a year ago … The dream was like this- I was standing near my door and the cat was hanging around and then I didn’t understand why they both started claws on my back, shoulders, arms … but I fold them …

I run into the door and try to close the door, but it’s kind of a curve with a hole, they again rush at me … then I start to say with them that everything is good, I’m angry, they calm down and support … A little later my two dogs appear … (one the dog is alive avcharka and the second red-haired mongrel is long gone maybe dead) they also begin to snap at me … a dream like something changes, I’m already sitting in a room there my mother is 2 padrugs and everyone is like a twin next to me, but my twin is not … I ask is there a twin? you can call govat … O_O vobschem summoned)))) you govorat good and evil double … it was scary, prisol twins such as I sat talking to her. ))) here is such a little foolish mysterious dream =) PLEASE HELP YOU VERY AFRAID DREAMS WITH ANIMALS WHAT DOES DREAM MEAN? (((Thank you in advance! Reply

Polina | March 17th, 2017 09:56

A month ago, I moved to a new apartment (the house is old, Stalin’s). And now I dream of a dream that I light an apartment but instead cause some kind of dishonesty. After that, I hear the front door burst out and the lock flies off, I walked over and tried to make it, but nothing came of it. I stand, I try to understand, and here the cat (completely unfamiliar) with its paw pushes the door, walks into the apartment, starts crawling over me and sits on my shoulder. And then he mentally tells me (as if I read his thoughts): “Calm down, I will protect you.” At the same moment another cat comes in the door of almost the same color and looks very similar. They look at each other and I hear his thoughts again: “Go away, this is my territory” – the cat sitting on me says to the cat standing near the door. He turns around and leaves. Spread it please, thank you very much in advance !!))

just | December 15, 2013 03:46

And once I dreamed a lot of cats, they just ran around me and did not do anything to me, I read that it wasn’t a good dream, and I was just sick with a child for 2 weeks, the child became very sick. And then I went to work and I was fired, it turned out that I just got a new job, after 3 months there had to be certification, and I just went to the hospital. I come out, they told me, we will not renew the contract with you and that’s it. No reason was given that I did not work well, for example.

And then one more time the cats dreamed, and at work about me after that, various rumors began to circulate. Someone imagined that I was pregnant. It was very funny to hear this.)))) So I believe since then that dreams about cats to trouble or gossip. Reply

Pavel, Chelyabinsk | September 17, 2010 15:16

zoo animals in small cells these cells in other cells like cat nesting dolls and kittens crushing each other out of the cells not all one woman I beat her with me guys unfamiliar we ran

another guy makes an injection to himself, we roll down a hill, I rolled, but I take off over everything and see this slide and the guy, he shouts his cry is not pryryvny

other guys obaltyvayut girls peredomnoy take away the girl a beautiful tram styazhkin stanvl him something is passed to him through the hatch on the side of the steam waiting for the guy

unpleasant touched me with a package I made a remark he turned around and took note of it went out with the people from the tram went trams we came back we opened the door

I go further I see a chain tram Ev go to them

Kitten, Bor | July 15, 2012 22:52

I dreamed that I was standing on the road and the front desk

The cat lay down, and then I turned around and saw another one. And 2 times I dreamed that I was standing in the same place, there were already 7 cats in my washhouse, from

they were kittens. Then I went off the road and saw 3 live kittens in a box. I wanted to help them, but when

i came they were dead. A little time passed in my dream and I left the house, and on my way dad was walking

and in the box he kept 2 kittens, but these were already different. He said choose one of them. I chose

and put him to her kitten and cat.

Perhaps it is good, but one kitten stayed

alive not counting mine, and in fact if the kitten had a dream,

it means deception … Reply

Catty, Kharkov | April 17, 2012 19:59

And I dreamed that I lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor. There, my black cat and supposedly 2 kittens that we picked up and feed. My cat accepted them, but someone let a gray, white and red-haired, up-and-coming red cat into the house. My cat pounced on it and opened the window to throw it out, but the stray cat twisted out and threw my window. I saw that she fell, but then she fell on her paws on the ground. And after not keeping the balance, the stray cat fell out, but to the death. Mine somehow crawled to the window, but I was scared to close all the windows and was afraid to let it in. There were thoughts that she would throw me out. But then I thought it was my favorite cat, I let her in. She jumped into my arms and hugged my neck. What is it for? Reply

Vladislav, Odessa | January 25, 2013 03:52

but I generally, in short, am sitting with some person in the basement from which you can see everything on the street and hear everything (before we ran away from the Germans for a long time) so, this little kitten took a friend with me, saying very beautiful , and then the Germans are just walking alongside, with them a boy of a German officer, well, I think right now the cat will start meowing, give us up, the German boy will want this cat for himself and send a soldier to the basement, and then already a skullcap, I take this cat and turn him off neck in 2 and a half turns, it was pitiful, but reasonable, but the most interesting thing was how I felt how are the cervical vertebrae collapsed and how blood flowed from the cat’s mouth, and I held my head tight, so that he did not yell, in general, an interesting dream)

Yury, Kostroma | June 27, 2013 08:48

A familiar woman comes, brings a felt boot and asks what can be done. And the felt boot is all in holes, so I tell her to throw it out and buy a new one. The woman begins to scream about the imminent winter, I say that the summer has just begun and a lot of time. The aunt snorts, the face becomes angry, turns and leaves. On the threshold her daughter comes up with a black cat in her arms, they are talking about something; daughter throws a cat, grabs my cat and runs off with mom. I Approach and see that the cat is still alive, I get angry and start calling the cat. My other cats run up to me, I stroke them and calm down. I take into my arms a beloved white kitten, stroking it, it is so gentle. And this alarm clock breaks everything. WHAT IS IT ALL? Reply

Fear Kostroma | March 14, 2015 12:17

I dreamed that my cat threw herself under the train, I saw it

I cried and ran

I wanted to leave her on the line

because I was scared

and then took her in hand

on it is not a big white but deep wound

and I felt that she was breathing and alive

I ran to my friend

and there was hydrogen peroxide to ask for and all garbage

I worked everything and somewhere for an hour all the post that healed

and then at the end of sleep

she is good with rock

if it matters then my cat

white is not a lot of tigrist and red is not much and there is a black stain too

Please tell me what it means and I worry about the cat very much! Reply

Alyonych *, Vladivostok | April 17, 2012 06:32

In the morning I dreamed that I was with some people (friends and acquaintances) in a strange place that looked like a big bus, put cats in the dark in bed! I covered them with blankets and all sorts of rags, she opened up, I covered them again! I took care of them, stroked, almost kissed (I just love cats). Then I immediately see my friends (including my boyfriend), there were only four of them, She stood in a circle, pressed close to each other, whispered … And I I stood and looked at them, I felt uneasy, I was afraid that they were plotting against me and dispersed them … I started to scream … And then again I saw cats sleeping … weird … Already, somehow I didn’t feel at ease! Reply

Alena | January 14, 2014 2:49 PM

Tell me, I had a very strange dream, as if my friends and I had trained cats. We were all indoors and I and my cat sued the ingredients for a snack, and my kitty was scared (she forgot to clarify that she smelled a dead man, this was her training) rushing to the entire utility room jumping on me, hiding and trembling like dogs trembling, here I am as if she found what she was looking for and brought her out of this room, and we all ate, fed the cats and went to bed. I was in a two-tier bed and in the door of the door I saw a girl with green skin, and the cat began to shiver meow and shiver.

Help to understand what it is. Reply

Olegj, Ekaterinburg | September 01, 2011 07:10

I dreamed of the following, I try to kill a white cat because I don’t remember exactly offended my daughter (my daughter lives with my mother now is not with me) and the cat seems familiar in a dream, so I hit her with a large knife and hit, no blood, only wool her skin comes out, I hit and hit, and my daughter says that my dad is enough (well, have pity) I stop and try to catch him (I think there would be a white fluffy cat), and at the end of my dream I’ll catch him with caution that he would want to scratch me I’m so with him, but I don’t scratch him, but I just press his hand to the floor. Why would it … yesterday I saw my horoscope and it said that today my dream will be prophetic))))

Volkova, Balti | August 24, 2013 09:18

and I thought I was walking with my

Zhanna, Yaroslavl | March 14, 2014 12:22

I had a dream like this: one other cat gave birth to 10 beautiful kittens, another cat from behind attacked me and scratched me, I chased this cat away, I also wanted to scratch it, I threw this cat out. After this dream at my workplace, my colleague, secretly told me about a lot of nasty things about me to be fired, and told me, I am a very bad person, there may be problems because of me. The boss listened to all this, and brought the two of us together, asked me if she really had all this, and fired me, but on the contrary, this employee. Then this employee wrote me for a long time, cursed me and threatened me. Reply

Anastasia, Ufa | January 26, 2011 18:23

I dreamed that 2 cats sat under my table at home. One of them is mine, and I found the other on the street and took it home. Both cats were gray and pedigree. They always looked at each other evil, but they didn’t fight, they simply didn’t come up to

Mom says that these are two of my friends who can’t decide which of them will be friends with me. In fact, I have such friends, I know both of them for a long time, but I have been friends with one for more than a year, but we are not close friends, and since the second since September of this year, we communicate well with her. Maybe this is true, do not tell? Reply

Gioconda, Rostov-on-Don | November 29, 2010 2:35 pm

Good day! I dreamed that I was in some unfamiliar room in it, besides the furniture, a cage and in a cage a very bright and red-blue parrot macaw was sitting with my back to me. I walk out of this room for a while, and when I return, I see that several more macaw parrots and one cockatoo are sitting in a cage. All bright and sitting still and silent. There is also a large bird of lilac color similar to a cross between an ostrich and a crane. This bird starts to follow me around this room and poke his muzzle in his hands, like a dog, as if asking me to stroke it. Then I woke up. Please help me understand what this dream means. Reply

Alexandra, Moscow | November 19, 2012 14:53

I have all the dreams

KRISTINA | 02 February 2015 09:27

Good day! Help please understand the dream! I dreamed that I was lying on the bed, talking on the phone, I want to turn on the bill, but I can’t, I talk about it on the phone, then the cat jumps onto the bed, according to my feelings, because I don’t see it in the dark, it starts to run around I am in a circle, but does not touch, and purr, I was first scared of an unexpected jump on the bed, and secondly in the dark I couldn’t make out what it was, I can’t see it, I’m trying to scream in order to drive it away, but only a moan escapes I woke up! I woke up with a feeling of fear! Thanks in advance for your reply! Reply

Ksenia, Udomlya | December 31, 2015 08:53

I dreamed that I came to visit my dad, sat down at the table and a cat jumped up at me from the table, then she looked at me, I thought what a nice cat and interesting (she had different eyes: one was exactly blue, and the other like green) she clung to my hand as if a knife had been thrust into me, but she soon uncoupled, after a while the same thing happened, but my dad sat next to me and asked to unhook the cat from me, but he said, this cat is wild, and I I can not and do not want to unhook"I do not remember the sequel, but I definitely could not leave. What is it for? Reply

Siegfried, Yekaterinburg | 09 February 2012 21:14

I dreamed that I was running away from people who wanted to slaughter me, and, running into the darkness, I saw kittens that ran with me!

They couldn’t catch up, but when the darkness dissipated, dangerous people came across to me everywhere, attacking with knives, taking a knife away from one, I began to wave, cut their faces, and with my last strength, mowed and cut,

Nadjil, Khabarovsk | July 21, 2014 04:40

I dreamed that I was standing at the bus stop and there were several cats there. The old woman gives me a white and blue cat. The cat is beautiful though, but I understand that it is old and does not see well. She took me in as if she was afraid of something. I give her back to the old woman and she told her so with a cat’s sentence, mommy. and next to him was a man and she, daddy. then she is given a pigeon egg. She cleans it and the caskets fall into my hands. They are so hot that I can not hold them and immediately recline. Then I, daddy, says that she does not feel anything with her paws. Reply

Yana, Simferopol | December 18, 2013 09:22

And I dreamed of someone else’s cat beating my cat on the roof, and I ran to the roof with a strong desire to beat the cat. When I climbed onto the roof, I managed to hit him a couple of times and then he began to run quickly and I did not have time for him. I only remember that I was very annoyed by his meowing and the fact that I could not catch up with him) and yet, he was constantly changing in my subconscious, it seemed to me that this is an adult cat, then a kitten. And it did not surprise me at all. As a result, he ran away and I woke up very irritable. A day before bedtime I got sick with angina (Reply

Elvina, Kazan | 05 May 2013 13:56

Help, please, advice! I dreamed that I had a cat in my arms and I was talking to a psychologist about the problem associated with the guy who suggested I meet, (but I have a problem) and I am afraid, for this reason he will no longer have a hunt. I did not wait for a response from her, woke up. I’m scared of a cat here. It seems that this guy I do not need to start something to tell (do not understand). I’m afraid to disgrace him. Well, tell me what to do. This is the only person that I like and all friends and girlfriends have long been married with children. Reply

Tatyana, Novokuibyshevsk | June 18, 2014 00:25

I often have dreams where a beloved cat dies or is mortally wounded …

Today I dreamed that she was taken for a walk by a white cat with felted hair, and when he came back I saw my cat … she was covered in blood, dragged her right back leg, had a bloody wound in her leg, left ear was torn and a lot of blood was on her, and she had me by 70%

Tell me, what is it about? Reply

Lenok, Chelyabinsk | March 24, 2012 20:27

I dreamed of my beloved cat (which is no longer 22 years old). I dreamed alive, affectionate, I never got away with my hands, I bent myself. Despite the fact that she (in a dream) had to live somewhere on the street for more than 20 years, she was not at all offended by us, she was very glad to meet us. Naturally, we took her home.

I woke up all in tears, with pain, that she wandered somewhere all this time – how could we

Horshik, Volgograd | July 12, 2011 15:51

I dreamed that I was going with an unfamiliar boyfriend in the forest and he said I had to find a cat. We start looking and I see a white but dirty fluffy cat. Everyone sees that I have found him and look at us, but it seems to me that he is so good, then I feel a piercing pain that he clutched at my back and screams a terrible moan. I could not unhook it,

sorry | 02 April 2017 04:59

Sorry, this is a commentary on the interpretation. to classify a cat as something bad, almost demonic, this is nonsense since the times of the Inquisition. Of course, anyone who is afraid of open-haired cats or himself unaware (poor, poor people), this interpretation may be suitable. but for me personally, it does not fit at all, since the cat carries only positive meaning. people who once wrote these interpretations obviously lived either at least until the Renaissance, or who did not get along with cats. too fanatical churches are also an option.

Thank you for listening. Reply

Tatyana, Zaporozhye | April 28, 2010 12:58

Good day. Can you help me understand the dream … The cats dreamed … The cat and the Cat, the cat was so clean and clean … pestered the cat, and she seemed to be lambing, I looked at the side wasps and thought that I would have to clean up after her … and then I saw kittens alive, I did not hear meows. Just saw the picture … but so briefly. And then I dreamed of a good friend, we communicate in nete. So his photo was a dream. What does this mean? Thank you in advance. Before that, the day was a conflict at work with the director unpleasant. Reply

Alenka, Moldova | May 11, 2012 16:01

I saw a cat in a dream she lived with us in

Oksana, Moscow | October 24, 2010 23:09

I was bitten and scratched about six cats and cats, there were monkeys with them and there was one baboon. They climbed into the house through the balcony and windows. I fought with them and chased them away, threw out and held the windows. They left scars on me, most of my body, scratches 2 cm deep. Biting and stinging hurt. I threw them out, one turned the neck. Awful sleep And then I calmed down and they froze, like in the movie matrix. Sit and I understand that they communicate with each other mentally, they left, after that. Reply

owl, Vladimir | June 19, 2010 01:32

In the dream, I first saw one cat, then another, they were very shabby and fluffy, of different shades. I called them, but they did not fit. I thought how could I catch them, because without them it was very bad and depressing and there was some sort of anxiety, but when I caught them, I had peace and joy in my soul, I really did not want to let them go, I was very strong She pressed herself to her, but in spite of this they did not even scratch me.

Evgenia, Vladivostok | May 12, 2013 11:35

I had the same dream for two nights in a row, I don’t remember the whole dream … but I remember the episode very clearly – the cat is in front of me (they are different in both dreams) in the first dream I know that this is my enemy, for fear of further unpleasant events I cut off her head either with a knife or with an ax and wake up with a frantic heartbeat and fear in my soul … in the second dream I just tear it all into small pieces and wake up with horror and cold sweat too. Help please understand what it all means. Reply

Inessa, 1984 | May 17, 2010 12:39

In the dream, I first saw one cat, then another, they were very shabby and fluffy, of different shades. I called them, but they did not fit. I thought how could I catch them, because without them it was very bad and depressing and there was some sort of anxiety, but when I caught them, I had peace and joy in my soul, I really did not want to let them go, I was very strong She pressed herself to her, but in spite of this they did not even scratch me. Reply

Heishell, Korsakov | May 23, 2011 16:36

I dreamed that I was a big black cat / cat with a long soft coat. Ran on a gloomy gray beach. 2 beautiful girls and 2 nice guys followed me. The four of them all ran after me and as soon as we were hiding from prying eyes, they began to stroke me on the back as if they were stroking a cat for the first and last time in their lives. They often looked around, making sure that no one saw them with me.

Hope, Stavropol | September 26, 2011 21:50

i dreamed of a cat then she swelled before my eyes

Diana, Moscow | September 21, 2011 18:40

I dreamed that I was walking with a girlfriend and a stroller and a black cat walking past us, she was limping on her hind paw … my friend tells me to see what happens to her and I say that I and my nephew don’t want to dirty my hands (though I love cats very much and it was the black ones) I overcame myself and went to the cat and sat down and the cat had hair curlers on the breast, I told my friend about a gift and woke up what this dream doesn’t know … Reply

Yamato, Ukraine, Odessa | September 05, 2010 10:07

I dreamed the sun in the form of a cat muzzle. Then I called the cat, turning to the sun. She flew to me from the sky as some kind of deity, and asked me why I disturbed her. I started asking her for something. The cat first got angry, then calmed down and turned into a woman in an ancient Egyptian dress. She took off gave me a gold bar and flew back to the sky.

Anyone tell me what that means? Reply

Kiti, Artem | August 07, 2010 02:14

I dreamed of three cages and there were cats, cats and small kittens and all black and black and white, then I dream about what I watch the next day and in two cages cats, cats and kittens died, and in one remained only kittens and I decided to distribute all the kittens (there were about 50 pieces) to friends and acquaintances, namely three to leave

Liudochka, Gaisin | July 15, 2011 11:25

And I dreamed a dream from Thursday to Friday that my cat (she is home and does not go outside) as it turned out to be near the road. When I ran after her, I went down and saw people who said she was dead. I was shocked and fell off my feet. I could not even say a word and I did not have enough breath. Even when I woke up I was completely shocked and did not gasp for breath … What could this mean? Reply

Svetishna, Rostov-on-Don | April 18, 2012 16:41

I had such a terrible dream, as if I were walking along the road, and there were a lot of cats around, almost all black, and it felt as if they were witches, I was afraid that they would rush at me, and I, walking along the road, crossed the road and said: “Chur me”, but the cats still began to rush at me, and I so cruelly grabbed them by the skin and threw them away … I woke up in a terrible sweat!

Stasya | June 08, 2010 04:16

I dreamed today that I was with my boyfriend at home (he has 4 cats). I went into the senki and saw 2x of his cats and two aliens — one skinny shabby, and the other a fat one. When I started to drive away the thin cat, he grabbed me and did not let go, I started to scream and the boy’s cats came running and began to protect me from him … He ran away, I did not drive away the fat one

What does this mean?) Reply

Tsa-tsa, Khabarovsk | July 02, 2013 23:25

Hello! Tell me please, I have been dreaming for 2 days in a row that the kitten of which was hit by a car, I calmed him to save, but he died. And then I dreamed that my cat got sick, I gave my sister her hands and sent me to the pharmacy, she tried to run away from me all the time, but I didn’t let her go when I got close to my house, to the door of the apartment, I let her go. What does this mean? Reply

Svetishna, Rostov-on-Don | April 18, 2012 16:53

I had such a terrible dream, as if I were walking along the road, and there were a lot of cats around, almost all black, and it felt as if they were witches, I was afraid that they would rush at me, and I, walking along the road, crossed the road and said: “Chur me”, but the cats still began to rush at me, and I so cruelly grabbed them by the skin and threw them away … I woke up in a terrible sweat! Reply

Mila, Donskoy | July 23, 2013 20:29

I dreamed of a familiar place where I usually walk. There was a bench at that place, and there was a black cat on the bench. When I walked past this place, the cat attacked me. She started scratching me, I had a lot of blood on my face. Then I threw the cat aside and hit her in the face. This cat in a dream seemed to me like a demon. I remembered this dream for a long time. Reply

Evgenia | 04 August 2010 14:57

I dreamed of a kitten who was stabbed by my

Please tell me what it means. I woke up three times in a cold sweat! Reply

Muminat, Murmansk | March 13, 2013 00:54

Hello, I would like to know about a dream I dreamed that I opened the front door and 4 large cats run around and somewhere 5 or 6 kittens I caught them and drove everyone outside the apartment but they tried to enter I drove them away I woke up and could not fall asleep for a long time through which time I finally fell asleep and again I saw the same dream for which this dream would like to know in advance thanks

Juliy, Revda | 04 April 2012 09:24

I dreamed a lot of cats or cats, in my opinion there were 10 of them, with different colors: red, white, brindle, black, all sorts of tricolor, as if I brought them all home from the street and sheltered at home, and then they started to throw at me , bite, scratch, in the end, I started throwing them back out onto the street one at a time … catching and throwing out … what does it mean. Reply

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